Reader’s letters - Wednesday 01 January 2014

Gunner Lee Rigby, who was murdered by extremists, but one reader is unhappy at the publicity his killers have received
Gunner Lee Rigby, who was murdered by extremists, but one reader is unhappy at the publicity his killers have received
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Killers should be ignored

It is impossible to understand the logic of the prolonged and frequently showing of graphic news pictures of the barbaric murder of fusilier Lee Rigby by extremists, Adebolajo and 

From the start it was obvious these two vicious cowards were determined to get maximum publicity for their outrageous radical views.

Most people will be appalled that, time and time again, they were subjected to revolting bloody scenes. At the same time sickened these depraved men were given over-the-top publicity; to keep repeating their fanatical views.

More air time was devoted, to the two extremists than they could dreamed was possible. Views which went virtually unchallenged by most of the, sensation seeking and irresponsible British national media.

This dreadful state of affairs is not unusual, by any means. UK young Al Qaeda terrorist overseas are interviewed in a subservient manner.

When their propaganda seeking videos are shown, they are allowed to express their extremist views. A great deal of anger has been rightly directed at UK extremist Muslim preachers being allowed to spread their poison.

Why does so much of our TV encourage these dangerous, peddlers of hatred to broadcast their extreme views, to a wide audience, which must include many disaffected youths.

In most of our media it is rare when logical, ethical and strong rebuttal is allowed when these extremists’ flawed ideology is given screen time.

There isn’t frequent analysis and debate about grave injustices practiced in many Arab and far East countries, were groups like Al Qaeda are influential. For example -

1) The widespread sectarian slaughter, in several countries, of thousands of innocent Muslims by radical Muslims,

2) The widespread cruelty and gross discrimination by many Muslim men against 
women and girls.

3) The cowardly use of 
children as suicide bombers.

4) The frequent injustice and cruelty of Sharia law practiced, in many countries, by radical preachers who, most often, 
victimise women.

5) Many death sentence 
fatwas are ordered, on the least grave pretext, compared to the tiny number issued against radical, violent Muslims who order the many of above widespread miscarriages of justice

6) That none of this cruelty and slaughter has anything to do the central, widely accepted teachings, of Mohamed, written in the Koran.

During the last world war democracy, freedom and justice were also under intense attack.

It was then unthinkable 
Britain would have given 
extensive media time, for UK defectors who supported the Gestapo cause.

Therefore, when are we all 
going to demand our media 
severely curtails giving publicity to vicious extremists, who threaten our cherished values and often the lives of innocent people here and thousands in Muslim country’s abroad.

Peter Ward JP, MBE, Preston

Onesies are not a new fashion

Firstly, could I thank the Post for the letters I have sent in and been printed. Readers would have noticed the letter contents have a nostalgic theme. They also contain some facts, and also, I hope, a little humour.

My last letter (LEP, December 24) mentioned the fact 50 years ago Leyland Motors paid its employees a Christmas bonus. I explained the bonus would be worth approximately one week’s wage, not I hasten to add, four weeks as printed.

I’ll bet many people unwrapping their Christmas presents would have found a ‘onesie’, known now as a leisure suit. We wore a similar garment many years ago. They were known as overalls/boiler suits.

Errol H Simister, Bamber Bridge

Storm planning deserves praise

It is not very often I praise Lancaster City Council – but as a result of recent events, when the sea levels had risen beyond expectations, causing enormous damage to the environment – Lancaster City Council has shown considerable foresight and forward planning, and I must give credit, where credit is due.

What may I ask has Lancaster City Council done to deserve such gratitude from such a lowly minion as I?

Please let me explain. When the sea defences where constructed along Morecambe Promenade after the high tide in January 1983 the residents (et al) were thankful.

When the River Lune defences were constructed along St George’s Quay a few years ago, there were condescending comments that it was a complete waste of time and money.Humbug I say.

I lavish such praises on Lancaster City Council, especially the planning department, for twisting the arms of the bean counters in the Palace of Westminster for allocating funds for such defences, hip, hip hurrah.

Splice the main brace.

But those in Dalton Square should not take too much comfort from such praises.

People such as I have long memories, such as the ‘Blobby affair’, and who gave permission for the demolition of Grand Hotel/Dorchester Hotel.

And furthermore who, may I ask, gave planning permission to build such carbuncles on these sites?

Finally some person in the planning department (et al) deserves a gong in the New Year’s Honours List, or at least a Gold Blue Peter badge.

Norman Tomlinson, Lancaster

Bite back at our politicians

While watching Sky News recently, there was an advert which said: “Adopt a lion – or a tiger– and make your home


Blimey, I’d love to do this. Can you imagine just what fun you could have with a pet tiger, or lion in your home?

Especially when those very intrusive councillors or MPs come round to your home canvassing for your votes?

Just set the lovely animal loose upon them – then stand there and “roar” with absolute laughter!

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool