Reader’s letters - Tuesday September 30, 2014

Shutters up at Preston's historic Royal Garrison pub but did it have a secret tunnel (see letter)
Shutters up at Preston's historic Royal Garrison pub but did it have a secret tunnel (see letter)
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Time for a police overhaul

Mick Gradwell’s article on the excessive number of police forces was a breath of fresh air (LEP September 25).

He is correct there are too many police forces, and as he states, the much needed consolidation of the 43 chief constables and police commissionaires fiefdoms has to be addressed and addressed quickly.

With ever reducing police budgets, quiet rightly so, the reduction of front line services can be protected by the savings achieved by the reorganisation of police force boundaries.

Thieves don’t respect boundaries so why should the police force?

I think Mick has proposed an over centralisation, having just one national police force, but a regional approach will still improve efficiency and still keep a close affinity with the people. Perhaps the joining together of Cumbria, Lancashire, Liverpool and Manchester would be a starting point.

Why stop at the police? The same principle can be applied to the fire service and the ambulance service.

Not just the boundaries of the three services need to rationalised but also the command and control systems of all three could be combined, after all if there is a major incident all three are usually involved, surely if there was only one control centre not only would there be financial but also operational efficiencies.

Will the consolidation happen? I doubt it if the reorganisation is left to the existing leaders of the three public services. After all, as the saying goes: “Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas”

What is required are outsiders, with a strong background in business reorganisation, who are not tainted with the “Spanish practices” which are inherently imbedded within the three organisations.

It’s not rocket science it’s just good business practice, get on with it.

Bernard Darbyshire, via e-mail

Madness of the PC brigade

I was interested in the letter from Mr MacFadyen regarding political correctness (letters September 26).

Mr MacFadyen seems to be a champion of political correctness so I thought he might be pleased if I provided a couple of examples.

A 10-year-old boy was allowed to drown in a pond despite the presence of two Police Community Support Officers.

They did not attempt a rescue because, said a police spokesman, they were “not trained to deal with such an incident”. PCSO training does include “race and diversity” and “health, safety and welfare”.

But not anything that might actually enable them to perform any kind of useful public service, apparently.

Example two, a woman was stunned when her job advert for ‘reliable’ and ‘hard-working’ applicants was rejected by the job centre as it could be offensive to unreliable and lazy people.

Oh, for the halcyon days of yore.

Political correctness has not gone mad, it has been insane since its conception.

Mr G Marlow via e-mail

Secret tunnel to the bar room

Just read the article in the Post about the fate of the Garrison, the old pub with long attachment to the military. Seems it’s now probably becoming two houses.

Now, is my mind elsewhere (usually is) or not many years ago, didn’t workmen discover a tunnel beneath the road linking the Garrison with the Barracks across the road?

I seem to recall that it was rumoured some enterprising squaddies had done the ‘Great Escape’ from the barracks to the pub.

Is this true or have I had another funny dream? I’m sure someone like the knowledgeable pub historian Stephen Halliwell will know.

Allan Fazackerley, Penwortham

Rallying cry for old school pals

Preston-based Park School Old Girls’ Association is holding this year’s reunion on Friday October 10 at The Barton Grange Hotel (7pm for 7.30pm).

The evening will be an informal buffet supper. We are also having a coffee morning on October 11 at Barton Grange from 10.30am until 12pm, when husbands, partners and friends are also welcome to join us. If any Park School Old Girl would like to attend any occasion please get in touch with me or phone Eileen Rawsthorne 01772 823327.

Lynne Cowperthwaite nee Lavender, 67 Dukes Meadow,

Ingol, Preston, PR2 7AT (Tel. 01772 732200) email

Lynne Cowperthwaite Honorary Secretary Park School Old Girls’ Association

Comedy is past its sell by date

In response to Darryl Ashton’s letter about bringing back the funnies of old (letters September 26), I am old enough to remember sitcoms of the 60s and 70s like On The Buses and Love Thy Neighbour and, as a proud

PC-minded liberal leftie, regard his assessment as a compliment.

Pardon me for mentioning it, does it give insecure people like you satisfaction in belittling the colour of a person’s skin or leering at women as some sort of sex object or door mat disguised as humour?

On The Buses itself is stale, witless and has the script writing prowess of an intelligent 10-year-old.

The modern humour of

today is much more open minded, sharp and to the point. Give me 90s Only Fools and Horses any time or Not Going Out and keep your outdated standards of the past where they belong.

Steve Ormerod, Preston

Owners need council to help

The comments regarding dog fouling and proposed fines are directed at the wrong people.

I am a dog owner and pick up the faeces but where do I dispose of them? Where are the dog bins or waste bins in the greater Preston area?

South Ribble provide bins as do other councils but Preston “can’t afford” them. It is a health hazard to carry the poo home in bags. Blame Preston Council for dog fouling not the owners.

Where does council tax go

besides council salaries?

D Rawsthorne, Preston