Reader’s letters - Tuesday September 23, 2014

Princess Royal at the official opening of a new housing development in Whittle-le-Woods (see letter)
Princess Royal at the official opening of a new housing development in Whittle-le-Woods (see letter)
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England needs a new deal

Are we the English mugs? No wonder the Scots have decided to remain in the UK.

We English subsidise each Scot to value of £1,600 per year. The Scots receive free prescriptions, free university education, an enhanced road building program God knows what else paid for by us the English.

That must be stopped immediately, but in fairness we must give them the right to raise their own income tax. Then they can spend what they gather.

With an ageing and ailing population that will be a massive reality check to their financial system.

Another thing what gives a failed Labour ex Prime Minister Gordon Brown an ex Labour Government minister Alistair Darling the right to think they can determine the economic and regional policy of the British Government, no doubt that policy was written on the back of a subsidised fag packet.

Bernard Darbyshire, via e-mail

Divide and rule politics at work

Whilst the Scottish referendum has been the touch paper that fired the ‘English votes for English people’ cannon I fear, listening to David Cameron outside number 10 on Friday, that he has already set his sights on using England as a means of slowing down, even watering down, many of the promises he made to the people of Scotland.

Already the Tories appear to be exploiting their position by suggesting that Labour in particular are anti-English because they gain from Scottish votes and prefer the status quo.

Clearly, this business isn’t over and whilst the union has had a narrow escape there is still constitutional chaos in the air and we who live in England must guard against being used as brakeman in a continuing battle between Scotland and Westminster. The imbalance is what probably aggravated most - 58m people held silent by circa 3.5m endowed with the authority to save or destroy the UK - doesn’t seem fair and it certainly doesn’t seem right - but that’s Westminster for you - divide and conquer.

Joseph Dawson, Chorley

Royal approval for noisy start

We live in Whittle-le-Woods next to the controversial Redrow homes development, which started in February 2014. Workmen for the site start work between 7am and 8am, six days a week.

The hundreds of residents living here have to put up with their noise everyday, thus we all look forward to a Sunday when peace is restored.

However, this wasn’t the case two Sundays ago as workmen for Redrow Homes were on site, working and making noise from 8.30am.

When my husband went over to speak with them and to point out that they were breaking the terms of their planning agreement and to stop the noise, they replied: “Well, Princess Anne is coming to open this site this week”.

I am appalled and would guess Princess Anne would not have agreed to the disruption of residents on their one and only day of peace. I would be interested to hear what Redrow Homes have to say about this.

Lorraine Kearney, via email

Poor service for rip off fares

I must write about Northern Rail’s fare increases –it’s the great train robbery!

I was at Oxford Road and Piccadilly in Manchester last Tuesday at 5.50pm and 10.30pm and there was terrible overcrowding.

Why should I pay good money to travel on trains like this?

I speak as an ex-rail man of 40 years who worked on the locos at Crewe.

M Armstrong, Blackpool

Fight for fairer deal over pay

There’s an overwhelming consensus forming that the time is now right for a much bigger increase in the minimum wage.

It’s not only workers and their families who need it, getting money back into people’s pockets will give businesses the customers they need for sustained growth.

We’re calling on everyone who is feeling the squeeze to join our Britain Needs a Pay Rise national march and rally in London on October 18.

We will be demanding an increase to the minimum wage and a fairer share in the growing economy for workers who have suffered the biggest fall in real wages since the 1920s.

Derek Barton, Preston andSouth Ribble Trades Council

Time to put the electorate first

I was pleased to read that Nigel Evans will be fighting for the Ribble Valley seat at the next General Election and wish him every success (LEP September 10).

At the same time it was a little disconcerting to learn that the address he made to the selection committee he classified as “one of the best speeches I have made in my career.”

He has every reason to be pleased that whatever he said at the meeting won the day for him, but I would suggest that what he said was not so much a speech as a fight to save his political career.

I look forward to his return to Westminster as our representative and to hearing him delivering his very best speeches in the interests of Ribble Valley residents and their future wellbeing.

Gordon Garment, Chipping

Time for D-Day on TV show

The X Factor should be called The Y Factor – as in ‘why is this dead horse repeatedly flogged?’

Why, in 25 minutes, do we see only three acts with much of the rest of the time taken up with the judges talking, laughing and doing very little else?

I can only assume the format is now intended to pad out the series in the hope of finding some genuine talent.

This show panders to those who like to laugh at other people’s attempts to entertain us, but not in the way they intended, and to those who think they have talent but are sadly misguided. Please give it a decent burial.

Malcolm Nicholson, address supplied