Reader’s letters - Tuesday, September 15

An artist's impression of how the Sir Richard Arkwright statue might look
An artist's impression of how the Sir Richard Arkwright statue might look
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All funds go towards appeal

Regarding the web comment about the Arkwright Statue from Mr Fletcher Rd (LEP website September 4), in which he says: “Who are these geezers and can we trust them?”

I would like to point out that I am the chairman and CEO of a publicly quoted company.

I am a fiercely proud Prestonian, having been born a few hundred yards from Arkwright House. Likewise my joint fund raiser Tony Slater.

How you could question the credentials of Tony Slater, who has raised more than £500,000 for local charities and is regularly in the columns of the LEP reporting his various fundraising activities is beyond me.

We don’t hide behind an anonymous name. Our names are firmly fixed to the mast.

There are two types of people in the world, those who can and those who can’t. Those who can do and those who can’t criticise. After seeing various rants of Mr Fletcher Rd, he is firmly in the can’t camp.

For the record we are a registered charity and trust, registered with the Charity Commission. All funds are deposited in the Furness Building Society, Lune Street, two of the trustees are former mayors Neil Cartwright and Gerry Malloy, with a further trustee in Edgar Wallace, a local businessman and philanthropist.

If Mr Fletcher Rd has the courage to raise his head above the parapet, we would be more than pleased to accompany him to inspect the accounts. We would be delighted, but we don’t hold out much hope.

We will continue with our efforts and being ‘Proud Prestonians’ it will only spur us on. If Mr Fletcher Rd has any further doubts as to my credibility, I auctioned my most prized possession, a Sir Tom Finney International Cap, and contributed the full amount into the Trust (as reported in the LEP).

I would also like to point out that both myself and Tony Slater are running this appeal and not taking one penny in expenses, not even telephone calls that we make, and of course our time, which is considerable. One hundred per cent of funds raised will go direct to the appeal.

Wilf Boardman via email

Lack of loyalty from ‘Blairites’

One of the main criticisms of the ‘Blairite’ members of the Labour Shadow Cabinet towards Jeremy Corbyn was his disloyal voting record when the previous Labour Government was in office. This, despite most people accepting his opposition was always based on principled grounds.

Following his overwhelming electoral success for the Labour leadership, what does it tell us of their loyalty, with their immediate refusal to work with him, even before he sets out his intended programme of opposition to the present Tory Government?

Another big criticism of Jeremy is that if elected as Prime Minister, he would print money to advance his policies.

I thought that is what the current Government has been doing over the past five years.

Or does the term quantitative easing when spoken by George Osbourne take on an entirely different meaning?

Denis Lee, Ashton

Four have left us with Tories

Corbyn, McCluskey, Salmond and Sturgeon should all leave this great country and move in with that tax exile Connery.

All these have managed to achieve is the prospect of perpetual and permanent Tory governments. Thanks a lot.

I was born in 1961. Eleven out of my first 18 years had a Labour government. The next 18, we had a Tory government, followed by 13 years of Labour. During those 13 years, Corbyn would have been better on the opposition bencher because he was so disloyal to that Labour government.

Graham Nelson, Preston

Bring positivity to PNE games

First things first, I do think PNE will survive their long awaited comeback season in the championship, but I thought Simon G’s team selection for the Rams game bordered on negativity.

Johnson was outstanding by the way.

We had two quality players on the bench and, when introduced, Doyle and May looked good, not sure about the right back.

If they are played as starters in the coming weeks, the table climb will begin. Keane is learning and is a bench candidate.

The team has had an if and but start, against some of the better teams, but I do wish the manager at this level would be more positive in the coming weeks.

Wembley was marvellous, let’s get some positivity in the coming weeks. Then, the so far worried fans, will bring back some smiling faces to Deepdale.

Brian Lockley, Fulwood Green

Generosity of North End fans

I am writing to thank all those who donated to the charity Cardiac Risk in the Young at PNE’s game on Saturday, September


We are always amazed at the generosity of the PNE fans.

We raised £651.

This will help fund the forthcoming CRY Cardiac Screening event for 14 to 35 year olds, which will take place at Preston North End on Wednesday, October 21.

Further information about screening and the charity CRY can be found at www.c-r-y.org.uk

Ruth Lowe via email

Let’s help the Syrian refugees

Whilst sat in my warm house with my family, I cannot stop thinking about the poor father, whose wife and two young sons did not make it to safety. This is a call to all politicians to pressure the government to take more Syrian refugees into the UK. Let’s do all we can as a nation.

Jo Kendall via email

Cash thief who handed in bag

I would like to thank the person who handed my handbag in after I left it on the trolley in Asda on Friday, August 28. I hope the money taken is spent wisely and you manage to sleep at night.