Reader’s letters - Tuesday October 21, 2014

Smallholder: Maurice Dainty has been issued with a noise abatement notice regarding his guinea fowl
Smallholder: Maurice Dainty has been issued with a noise abatement notice regarding his guinea fowl
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Crying fowl at bird noise

I read with interest of the dispute over Guinea Fowl at Scorton (LEP October 11). I remember vividly our next door but one neighbour buying two which he kept in a cabin for three days so they would get used to the different environment.

When he let them out, they flew straight across to our neighbour on the other side and sat on the fence between us making the most horrific noise morning and night. What it must be like living next to 34 I shudder to think.

These were lured into a sack and removed to less populated spot and a blessed peace reigned.

My husband says they often kept a couple on farms as they warned of any intruders. I should think they would do a marvellous job.

Mrs Joy Carter, St Michaels

Noise is part of country living

I read with disappointment of the council’s bullying tactics regarding the small holding and the noise issue – threatening Mr and Mrs Dainty (who have had a small holding for 15 years without issue) with fines of up to £5,000 or taking it further to High Court.

This is a product of people moving from town to the country and not liking the noises associated with it.

I personally have felt the brunt of this over a cockerel even when living next to a farm (if the cockerel had lived on the farm nothing could have been done – yet 20m away I had to get rid). I am originally from a town but prefer a rural setting but I know that comes with noise, smells etc .

Ms Cavies from Wyre Council’s environment department clearly has not got a clue – this is a registered small holding ie a small farm and they have the right to have all manner of fowl.

Despite evidence gathered etc. would this be the same if it was a ‘real’ farm with roosters ?

The answer is no – so this is tantamount to persecution.

I was also interested that the complainants Mr and Mrs Leach were reluctant to comment. People moving to rural locations should realise this comes with all the aural stimuli that the country can offer.

What has been done about the clay pigeon shooting? Nothing and I would find that more obtrusive than the sound of guinea fowl.

I just wish I had the finance to assist the Daintys taking this to court I trust the council will see sense over this issue and rescind the order as these birds are part of Mr and Mrs Dainty’s livelihood. Good luck to them !

David J Pollard, Principal Ecologist and Specialist Herpetologist, Corvus Ecol ogy Consulting

No need for late night drinking

I was interested to read your letter regarding stricter booze laws needed (letters October 9). I feel alcohol should not be sold after 12pm - a reasonable time.

Why would anyone want to drink until 3am in the morning when there is more opportunity to end up in trouble or a victim of assault. As one of the older generation I would be terrified of going into town after 10pm, you don’t need to be drunk to have a good time.

Think about safety, health and reputation you don’t need to sacrifice these to have a good time and you will remember the good times instead of the bad. Be happy, be safe enjoy.

Name and address supplied

Time for a ban on fireworks

When is someone going to have the guts to ban fireworks. It’s long overdue. Legally no one under age can buy them so how do these cruel yobs get them.

Even when someone is caught they get nothing more than a slapped wrist.

Name and address supplied

Get behind the Poppy Appeal

In this, the centenary year, of the beginning of the First World War in 1914, we are ever mindful of the sacrifices made by our Armed Forces and the demands on them are as important now, as they were then.

As we approach Remembrance Sunday on November 9, we are reminded of the ongoing commitment of The Royal British Legion to help the serving and ex-service communities.

The Royal British Legion continues to safeguard the welfare, interests and memory of those who are serving or who have served in our Armed Forces.

The Poppy Appeal is supported by many local volunteers that arrange collections and new “Poppy People” are always needed to assist.

So if you feel you could help please contact The Royal British Legion by emailing: to join them.

Last year the appeal raised in excess of £38m. The Royal British Legion is seeking support to provide collection points throughout the Borough, for the Poppy Appeal that commences on October 26, and we trust our community will continue to demonstrate that support, and give generously, as it has done over the past years.

Coun Michael Ranson, Mayor of Ribble Valley

Spend money to boost trade

I can’t believe what I heard on a radio report regarding the £50,000 donated by United Utilities to help towards the disruption in Lancaster city centre.

Some lady, whose name I didn’t hear, said that they will be holding meetings to decide on how to spend this money and it may well not be spent until after the works are completed, and then an option may be to use the cash to help fund a party to celebrate the ending of the roadworks.

What utter nonsense that suggestion is. It is now in the run-up to Christmas.

The shopkeepers of Lancaster need help in getting customers into their shops not when the work is finished.

It would make far more sense to use this windfall to subsidise bus fares, even a free bus service into the city centre from now until Christmas, to give these shopkeepers a fair crack at the Christmas trade which they are surely going to miss out on.

Annoyed ex-shopkeeper, name and address supplied