Reader’s letters Tuesday November 25, 2014

People meet for a  vehicle rally to raise funds for convicted child abuser Robert Hayes-Danson's appeal (see letter)
People meet for a vehicle rally to raise funds for convicted child abuser Robert Hayes-Danson's appeal (see letter)
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Do not damn our doctors

It seems unfair to me that nameless, faceless individuals hiding behind a banner of officialdom can have their criticism of GP surgeries aired in public ‘GP Surgeries exposed in new report’ (LEP November 21). Your penultimate paragraph highlights the lack of comment by a number of surgeries. I imagine professional ethics prevents them from responding and yet they are named and shamed by your article!

I have lived in numerous areas in the UK throughout my life and have been on the books of GP surgeries everywhere I have lived. Since moving back to Lancashire almost 19 years ago, my wife and I have been fortunate to be on the books of one of those described as being in Band Two raising “significant concern”.

I cannot comment on any of the others mentioned in your article but without exception, Dr DC Patel and Partners in Fulwood provide the best medical services I have ever experienced.

The receptionists, nurses and doctors are all fantastic. So this begs the question where do these critics get their information from? Who did they ask? They didn’t ask me.

My family surgery is criticised publicly for “…concerns patients can’t always see or speak to the GP they prefer”. Quite simply, this is not true in our experience and I will not stand by and hear them criticised in this way.

All the doctors in this practice are caring professionals and I am delighted with the service they provide regardless of what the CQC might interpret from their somewhat dubious research.

John Williamson, Broughton

Trials can raise question marks

I don’t know Mr Hayes-Danson or, I think, anyone involved in the case ‘Fury at paedophile vehicle rally event’ (LEP November 20) and it does at first glance seem bizarre,but speak to any experienced prison officer and they will tell you that, not frequently but from time-to -time, they have managed convicted criminals whom they sincerely believe to be not guilty of the offences they were jailed for.

Evidently this may be the view of some people. I’m told that the trial judge commented that she should not have received correspondence suggesting that the defendant was innocent,but remembering the Guildford Four and the Birmingham Six, I cannot condemn anyone for campaigning against what they see rightly or wrongly as a miscarriage of justice. Obviously no one should be misled about the purposes of any fundraising event, nor should anyone be harassed at home or elsewhere.

I did not attend the trial,but whatever has happened, it appears there is more to all this than immediately meets the eye.

J W Browne, Ribbleton

Lessons cannot be missed out

We have just come to the end of the lengthy commemoration of the start of the First World War, which is all right and proper, but no one seemed to be questioning the war itself, and whether the conflict could, should or might have been avoided. This a great pity; unless we learn from such tragedies, how can we ever hope to do better in the future?

Certain conclusions can now be reached; the First World War was a major factor in the generation of the Second World War, and although Britain was the victor in both wars, our country was the biggest loser on each occasion. Which leads one to think if we had not resisted German ambitions, our neutrality could have preserved and hugely boosted our wealth and manufacturing capacity, in each war.

On the other hand if we had simply yielded to Germany as France did in 1940, we would now find ourselves a junior member of a European-wide German Empire.

Arthur Quarmby, address supplied

Praise for NHS after accident

Recently I fell in Morrisons car park, Morecambe, and was taken to the RLI. I have nothing but praise for the treatment and care and understanding I received from everyone.

My sincere thanks go to Michelle and Simon (the ambulance crew), to the doctor and all the staff at the RLI and to the lady who telephoned for the ambulance.

Both my husband and I have had first class treatment and care whenever we have had cause to call on the NHS.

Too many are quick to criticise. With the advances in medicine, the increasing population, it is a bottomless pit.

Our NHS is the best in the world, we are lucky to have it.

Carol Dawson, Grange-over-Sands

Memories of a good friend

I was very sad to read of the demise of Derek Hogg (LEP

November 15) so may I add my own tribute to him by enclosing a photo of the Middleforth second team (see above).

As you will see he was in the team along with his younger brother Wally and yours truly. In conclusion I was proud and pleased to have known Derry. We spent a lot of time together at Middleforth School and through our early teen years. My condolences to his family.

Jim Ball, Ingol

Taking lessons from Chinese

I have recently been on a trip to China. It was a blessing to find there was no Facebook or Twitter allowed.

The streets were absolutely free of litter and chewing gum, no graffiti on walls and the transport system was fast, clean and on time.

All Chinese citizens carry an identity card and must show it when they travel. We couldn’t get any UK Google or news so it was a holiday from all the horrors of our news broadcasts.

I’m not advocating their system but it does have some good points that we might emulate here. Total knowledge means that we have so many different opinions thrown at us that it becomes confusing.

The next election will surely show this when Ukip, the Greens and the remaining Lib Dems will surely leave us with a Government incapable of implementing even the simplest of proposals.

Hilary Andrews, address supplied