Reader’s letters - Tuesday May 6 2014

Woe on the roads: Parking problems are an ongoing issue around Sharoe Green (see letter)
Woe on the roads: Parking problems are an ongoing issue around Sharoe Green (see letter)
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Parking is a real problem

So, Aasma Day is “disgruntled at wasting valuable time sat in 
traffic doing nothing when there are so many better things to do” (Your Life, April 28).

Sadly she couldn’t first be bothered to take the time to get out of the office (or her car) and take a look at the surrounding area before picking up her 

Had she done so she might have witnessed bin wagons that can’t get through, emergency vehicles reversing back down blocked streets or an elderly person being knocked to the ground when they had the audacity to confront a totally inconsiderate person who parked a car across their driveway entrance. Or heaven forbid an unworthy resident who was stupid enough to go to work for a morning shift, finish at lunchtime and return to find that they couldn’t even park in their own street let alone outside their own house.

Inconsiderate street parking by non-residents is a real 
problem that affects real people.

Nigel Parker, Sharoe Green, Fulwood

EU indifference is no surprise

The European Parliamentary Elections are imminent. The polls indicate that they are at the bottom of people’s priorities.

This is hardly surprising since for more than three decades we have been told by all the main British parties not to concern ourselves with an EU which is a distant foreign entity best left to their boring bureaucrats.

This is an appalling deception. The decisions in Brussels affect all aspects of our life.

Indeed, the plethora of EU directives and diktats is so great that most are merely rubber-stamped by Westminster.

So there is not merely the ‘democratic deficit’ now admitted by Brussels – our democracy is undermined. Originally our representatives in Brussels had a veto but now most decisions are by majority voting – and we have just a nine per cent vote.

Moreover, this increasing power over us comes mainly through the commission and a committee of ministers meeting in private with no minutes published.

What an irony.

We send troops to defend democracy worldwide while we are actually paying to have our own democracy taken from us.

This travesty is currently demonstrated by the EU’s propaganda display in our own Market Square.

There, beneath the EU circle of stars, is blazoned: ‘The EU is investing in your future’.

This implication, that the EU is giving us money, is shoddy propaganda. The UK is a net contributor to the EU, so we pay hugely more into the EU than we get in return.

Thus in 2012 we paid £16.5b gross and received back only £7bn. This haemorrhaging of our resources is massive.

The total money paid out since our entry to the so-called ‘Common Market’ is immense:

Total from 1973 to 2006 – £75bn (Radice Lords Committee Report March 8, 2006);

Total from 2007 to 2012 – £75bn (Treasury Blue Book, 2013, Ch 12.1, Office of Statistics).

Thus £150bn of British money has been given to the EU – so far.

Francis Warren, Lancaster

School suffered in takeover

The worst thing that happened to Ashton was to take over the ill-fated, Ofsted ‘special measured’ Ribbleton High School.

As the project failed the decent staff from the Ashton site began leaving in droves.

The simple equation is that if you have a two bunches of staff being lumped together with a budget for one school, it does not go.

If the headmaster had thought a little more about ‘Investing in People’ and a little less about ‘Investing in Buildings’ the school would still be thriving.

Mr L Banks, via email

Help me print history book

I would like to put out a publication sponsor request to Lancashire businesses in a bid to get a book I have written on Preston Alderman John Herbert published.

Prestonians are proud people – and hopefully a business will come forward to get published a fascinating story of who was deemed the ‘Father’ of Preston”.

With Preston Guild celebrations being re-enacted with The Winckley Square Weekender it’s apt that Alderman Herbert, a member of the Town Council during the Guild year 1952, is remembered.

I am Herbert’s great-grandson and I penned his life story in Last of The Old Guard, notably recalling his ginger beer and mineral water manufacturring business.

Herbert, who died in 1957, aged 81, served Preston Council for 38 years and had a full Civic Funeral.

Interested parties who would like to sponsor the publication of Last of the Old Guard can contact me on 07702340744 or email:

Andrew Atkinson, via email

Bridge paths are well used

As reported in the Evening Post, the new footbridge over the railway line at Bilsborrow has been opened, but not, as reported, by me (LEP April 17).

As about 50 or so people witnessed, it was Coun William Collinson who cut the Network Rail ribbon, after making a short speech thanking both Network Rail and Murphy’s contractors for their investment in our safety. He was chosen to do the honours because of his work on the adjacent Old Brock Station nature reserve and his long term interest in securing a replacement for the level crossing there.

The first people over the officially opened bridge were the John Cross holiday club children, followed by all the rest of us. When we reached the east side of the bridge we saw Coun Collinson had installed the Queen Elizabeth II Field in Trust plaque at the entrance area of the Old Brock Station site.

I am delighted to report the footpaths which make use of the new bridge have been in almost constant use since then and I noted children waving to the passing trains from the Brock Station site have been rewarded with a toot from many of the train drivers!

Jen Olivine

Chairman of Myerscough and

Bilsborrow Parish Council