Reader’s letters - Tuesday May 20, 2014

Enjoying a popular beverage this afternoon I happened to really read the contents and having done so decided to photograph what 35g of sugar actually looks like glass of sugar anyone?   Joseph G Dawson, Withnell, Chorley
Enjoying a popular beverage this afternoon I happened to really read the contents and having done so decided to photograph what 35g of sugar actually looks like glass of sugar anyone? Joseph G Dawson, Withnell, Chorley
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Time to record all papers

The Evening Post is the popular authoritative recorder of our local election results. However, on a number of occasions in recent years I have noted that your factual reporting has made no indication of my vote.

I deeply appreciate my right to vote in a democratic election and so always avail myself of the opportunity to do so. Over the past 32 years of my right to vote, I have always done so, not least because this is the right my parents and grandparents fought for.

Sometimes, I feel none of the candidates warrant my support, yet we do not have a “none of the above” box. So I deliberately spoil my ballot paper to suggest to the returning officer my thanks for having the opportunity, but that given the candidates available, I’d prefer to abstain.

In my ward, my ballot information tells me I have two votes and three candidates from which I can select, none of whom would be my first preference.

But I will go and vote – there’s the Euros while we’re at it – but I sincerely hope the Evening Post will note in its’ reporting of the elections those who, like me, chose not to vote, and print the number of spoilt papers for each ward in your results, as indicated by the returning officer.

Choosing not to vote, but wishing to do so, should send a message to Miliband, Cameron & Clegg?

Name and address supplied, Preston

• Editor’s note: This year’s election counts take place on Friday and full results will be published online as they arrive and in Saturday’s newspaper. We will endeavour to publish details of spoiled ballot papers if possible.

Boxer Matty is a true local hero

I write to praise local boxer Matty Clarkson who featured in a wonderful televised bout last Saturday night with many pundits asserting it was the best fight they had ever seen. Despite being knocked down three times, he got up and took the thrilling fight to his opponent.

To the astonishment of the commentators, spectators and promoter, the referee intervened and prematurely stopped the fight when Matty had got into a winning position.

The compelling reason for my writing is that following the fight, Matty showed remarkable maturity and grace, giving credit to his opponent, wishing him well for the future and not complaining about the injustice of having success taken away from him by lamentable judgement of the referee.

Matty demonstrated true sportsmanship, the citizens of Preston should be proud of him

Malcolm Rae OBE, Fulwood

Paying more for less from police

Your report that the Lancashire Police will not be fully investigating crimes in future (LEP May 14) takes me back a bit to when all this cutting frenzy first started and I, for my sins, worked as a civilian for Lancashire Police.

On being told about some cut or other I remarked that I could see the time in the future when they would be doing exactly what they are now planning.

I was nearly laughed scornfully out of the meeting. I wonder if the others present remember that?

Putting all that aside it seems that whilst levying more and more money from the ratepayers the police are going to refuse to carry out the full job they are collecting their funding for.

Surely in any other industry this would be deemed to be fraud.

Seems a rum world where the guardians of the law are turning into one of the biggest law breakers.

If our crime commissioner is presiding over such a situation then perhaps, if he is truly an honourable man, it is time he considered his position and did the decent thing.

Jeff McCann, via email

Government to listen and learn

The continuing correspondence regarding food banks highlights one of the basic problems faced by a government run by the comfortably-placed and the well-off.

“Poverty is an anomaly to rich people. It is very difficult to make out why people who want dinner do not ring the bell.”

This was written by Walter Bagehot, the noted 19th century economist and political commentator. So, no change there then.

However,there is no reason why such views should remain entrenched forever.

This government needs to learn some hard lessons – and quickly.

Simon Set-Aright, name and address supplied

Send frackers to south west

The Government is really pushing for fracking in the North West.

However, as America has had a lot of fracking issues regarding health, I would be much reassured if Mr Cameron, Mr Clegg plus all other cabinet members agreed to fracking in their areas.

It seems to me the North West has been thought of as a site that can be sacrificed with no threat to the South West ministerial areas.

France, plus other countries, has dismissed fracking as too dangerous, as once the water table is damaged there is no going back – once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Mrs Linda Dugdale, Poulton

Time for return of Eurovision

What has happened to our once fine sport of Eurovision?

Time was when it was about class, dignity and honour.

But now it has been reduced to nothing more than a perverted freak show with more block voting than a Lego election.

The perversion I am referring to is not Conchita – who is a fine winner – but the other acts. The bland acts.

The Dutch entry could not have been more middle of the road if it was sung from a roundabout.

It’s time to reclaim Eurovision from the monotonous bile of “real” music and take it back to a hedonistic world of camp pageantry.

S Williamson, Ashton