Reader’s letters - Tuesday June 17, 2014

Armed Forces Day, in Preston's Flag Market, in 2013 (see letter)
Armed Forces Day, in Preston's Flag Market, in 2013 (see letter)
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Treasures mystery solved

The brass fittings on the old dock offices on Watery Lane, Preston, have not gone missing or been scrapped (letters June 13), they have been removed while the offices are decorated.

The association which owns the property now has gone to great lengths and expense to put these treasures in the hands of a local business, one of only a handful in the country who can restore these to their original glory, along with the front door fittings the interior handles,push plates,kick plates and revolving door fittings have all been brought back to life and the interior is a sight to behold.

Well done Community Network for taking pride in what is part of Preston’s history and hopefully they will be there for another generation to enjoy

Graham Gardner, via e-mail

Join event for ex-servicemen

It’s nearly time for us to mark Armed Forces Day (Saturday June 28).

This is an opportunity for the civilian and military communities to come together and ensure that the contribution of veterans and their families is never forgotten.

I served in the Armed Forces in Iraq, Northern Ireland and the Falklands.

As a former soldier and Lancashire County Council’s Armed Forces and Veterans Champion, I am acutely aware of the sacrifices made by veterans and their families in the service of our nation.

Through acts of remembrance, we take time to recognise those who gave what Abraham Lincoln described as “their last full measure of devotion” for their comrades and their country.

This year’s Armed Forces Day coincides with the centenary of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand - the catalyst for the outbreak of World War One.

I hope that as a community and a county we can come together for a period of reflection as we commemorate the events that saw the lamps go out all over Europe, and for all conflicts since then.

I would encourage people in Lancashire to attend local events and show their support for our armed forces, veterans and their families.

Across Lancashire, various events will be happening to mark Armed Forces Day. You can find out more details about local events near you by visiting

Darren Clifford , Lancashire County Council’s Armed Forces and Veterans Champion

House value tax would not work

For the past 40 years we have lived in an old farmhouse, and if possible, would like to end our days there.

The price we paid for it all that time ago would just about buy you a small family car in today’s money.

Nick Clegg, as part of his drive to make the pips squeak where rich people are concerned, would like to raise tax on houses in which he assumes all the owners are lighting their cigars with £50 notes.

He refuses, however, to define what he means by “rich.”

I would be the first to admit we are not poor, but have a reasonable pension which gets us by in modest comfort, and will stop when we do!

If we were to move and were lucky enough to sell the house - and Lancashire is not like the London property market - the transaction would be clobbered by stamp duty costs.

My disillusionment with politicians of all persuasions and creeds grows apace as Orwell’s “1984” draws ever closer.

Our liberty of thought and action is rapidly being taken away from us as the State and its army of bureaucrats curtails our ability to think for ourselves.

Gordon Garment, Chipping

College show a great night out

Jekyll and Hyde. What a fantastic performance Preston’s College produced last week.

Every thing about it was so professional. The enthusiasm, the dedication and the work that had gone into it was a credit to all involved.

The singing was exceptional, the costumes and dancing so vibrant and the enjoyment at their achievement was written on the performers’ faces.

Well done to every one both on stage and to the people who put in all the work behind the scenes.

We look forward to your next one. I just need to add I have no connection with Preston’s College at all but just enjoy going to the theatre.

L Walsh, Farington Moss

Cut in speeds not from policy

In the national press recently I was interested to read an article about speeding on our motorways reaching a record low.

‘Experts’ claim the reason for this is the introduction of more speed cameras and increases in the price of fuel.

Whereas I do not condone excessive speed, there is a far more ominous reason for the reduction. The motorway system is slowly becoming choked with traffic, as anyone who uses it regularly will attest.

So much so, that on a trip down the M6 you will see traffic light systems on junctions to allow slower and therefore smoother traffic flows, which cause congestion, and of course the introduction of ‘variable speed’ systems to allow the hard shoulder to be used as an extra lane. Years of under-investment in the economic arteries of the country are coming home to roost, which is being brought into sharp relief by these ‘sticking plaster’ short term fixes.

High Speed 2 is a move in the right direction but without a monumental investment policy in our infrastructure, the coming economic regeneration of the country, especially here in the North of England, will wither and die.

Coun Gordon McCann , Preesall

Rik was funny in any language

We’re told the late Rik Mayall was an “alternative comedian”. What’s the alternative to funny? Or are some folk just talking out of their Bottom!

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool