Reader’s letters - Tuesday June 16, 2015

Plans are in place for Preston Market ' but one correspondent says Church Street would be a better option for investment
Plans are in place for Preston Market ' but one correspondent says Church Street would be a better option for investment
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Invest in Church Street

I see that the plans for the improvement of Preston market, are now in the open. No doubt the model, laid out on a table showing how it will all look, makes everything look wonderful, but I wondered what the arrangements are for parking in the area.

With a cinema and a market attracting vehicles to the area, I doubt that the run-down multi-storey car park on Ringway has sufficient capacity.

It will most certainly fall far short of what is required, if planning permission for a hotel in the old Post Office building goes ahead.

I can’t imagine how the local council expects people to carry cases from the car park to the hotel, in the pouring rain.

As far as I can see, the market area is nowhere near as rundown as Church Street and that is where investment is needed rather than the market.

There is huge potential behind the south side of Church Street, on the derelict area where the far western end of Horrockses Mill used to be.

There should be enough room for a new market, a cinema and a multi-storey car park.

This would revitalise an area that has been in decay and ignored for years. So how about it Preston Council ?

Jim Walker, Preston

Disruption from fracking

Next week, from June 23 to 26, Lancashire County Council’s development control committee will be considering applications from the shale gas industry to begin fracking in earnest on the Fylde. The meetings will take place at County Hall in Preston.

I was rather surprised to receive an email from the Democratic Services Department warning county councillors of the following: “It is understood that some of the protesters may aim to disrupt the business of the county council during this time, and may seek to bring some disruption to the local area and transport links.”

May I take this opportunity to warn residents that there is indeed a huge risk of disruption coming to Lancashire, however the disruption comes not from protestors, but from the shale gas industry, who, if granted their applications, will disrupt the quiet lanes of rural Lancashire for years on end, threaten our clean source of water, risk polluting our air and ride rough-shod over our local communities – all for a quick buck that will add to carbon emissions and will not solve our long term need for sustainable energy.

County Coun Gina Dowding (Green Party), Lancaster

Jules’ dog act was fantastic

It’s such a shame that people are being so critical of Lancashire-born Jules O’Dwyer and her beautiful dog. When I first saw her in the very first Britain’s Got Talent, I rang my daughter to say what a fantastic act she had and was surely going to be the winner.

The story behind all her acts were fantastic and different.

It must have taken her hours, months or even years to get such a great act together.

We are dog groomers and we know how hard it can be to even get a dog to stay still for five minutes or sit on command.

Also, what a beautiful relationship she had with her dog.

Also she has been training guide dogs for the last 15 years.

So well done Jules, it’s a wonderful thing you are doing, just a pity that the bland people can’t see your wonderful act.

I’m sure the Royal Family will enjoy your act though.

All your dogs are fantastic.

I would also like to add that, there was such a lot of talent in BGT this time, as in the X Factor shows, that even if they don’t win, many that have come second or third or even fourth have done very well and have a very good, if not even better, career.

Ann Elgee, via email

Families could end up hungry

The government has announced that it will ignore its expert advisory body, the Social Security Advisory Committee, and make all Universal Credit claimants wait seven days before they are entitled to any help with their housing, childcare or living costs. The government should remember that people pay into their national insurance out of every pay cheque. They’ve earned their protection and should not have support withheld from them if bad luck strikes.

People forced out of low-paid jobs by sickness or redundancy will not have savings to tide them over. So for the low-waged, waiting days will be hunger days, with food banks their only option.

The public may support targeted efforts to deal with the minority who abuse benefits, but this looks more like collective punishment for people who have done nothing wrong.

As Universal Credit will be paid a month in arrears, waiting days mean that many people who have lost their job must wait up to six weeks before they get any cash. And with child tax credit and housing benefit being rolled into Universal Credit, we could see whole families go hungry, get into debt and even made homeless because of the way the policy is being implemented.

Derek Barton, Preston and South Ribble Trades Council

Keep your dog safe and sound

Now the weather has improved, I have noticed more people are taking their dogs out shopping with them and leaving them tied up outside shops unattended while they do their shopping. Please be aware that thieves can take your dog in view of the public, without anyone knowing they are not the owner.

Please consider leaving your pet in the safety of its own home when you go out shopping. It’s not worth the risk and the heartache, should you come out of the shop and find it gone.

Josephine Harwood, address supplied

Annoyed at litter bugs

I don’t understand why more people don’t pick up their litter.

It is particularly annoying when you see people dropping it out of car windows while they are driving along.

Name and address supplied