Reader’s letters - Tuesday June 09, 2015

An improved blood test will establish whether a woman will have a baby with Down's Syndrome
An improved blood test will establish whether a woman will have a baby with Down's Syndrome
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Concerns over baby tests

I am concerned about the ultimate effect of the recent announcement that there is a vastly improved blood test to establish whether a pregnant woman will have a Down’s Syndrome baby.

This will supersede the present invasive womb needle sampling which has the undesirable side effect of killing many more babies.

Although the end of the present accidental loss of many unaffected babies must be celebrated, I regret the inevitable result of this new procedure will be a further escalation of abortions being carried out supported by a doctor’s affirmation that these are indeed medically proven tests and an abortion is therefore justified since it may cause mental distress to the prospective mother.

In desiring to have children, understandably no parents will actively want to produce a Down’s Syndrome child, but those families who have allowed their birth and raised them testify to the wonderful effect their presence has had on them and other family members. The existing other family members learn to show love and protective concern for their new Down’s syndrome brother or sister and this reflected love and unity positively affects the whole of the family.

So the real final outcomes cannot always be measured by medical tests alone, however well intentioned. The prospective mothers permitting abortions to be carried out on the basis of such tests, may well have future mental distress caused by the eventual realisation of their having denied a child its time, however short, in this life.

E J Tilley, Chorley

Sign petition against TTIP

On June 10, our MEPs will get a chance to vote on TTIP.

This is a dangerous trade agreement between the US and Europe. Not many people know about it, because it has been discussed secretly.

It is supposed to make trade between these countries easier.

What it actually does is give more powers to large corporations.

Rules in place to protect our health and environment will be weakened. It may also give companies the power to sue our government in secret courts, if they don’t like our laws. Two million people have signed a petition against this. Our MEPs work for us – please let them know if you are against TTIP and ISDS. Lots of information is available online.

Joan Williams, Longridge

Fracking: Give us the truth

Cuadrilla is trying to convince us that fracking is good for Lancashire and that there is widespread public support for it.

However, the company is being very quiet about what their industrial-scale plans for fracking in Lancashire would really mean for communities.

Why do they not tell us about:

n The 4,000 individual wells at 100 sites that they are planning?

n The 50 million tonnes of water they would pump into the ground?

n The 16 million tonnes of radioactive and toxic waste that would then come out?

n The millions of vehicle movements required to transport all this water and hazardous waste to and from the sites?

These figures can be found in Cuadrilla’s own reports.

See the report commissioned from the Institute of Directors, sponsored by Cuadrilla and available online, Getting Shale Gas Working.

Cuadrilla, if you want legitimacy, then please tell 
the general public the whole truth.

Do you fear to because of the outrage that might be generated in our local communities should the true environmental and social costs of fracking be made public?

D Kelk, joint co-ordinator

Central Lancashire Friends of the Earth

Consultation was on traffic

I’ve just read your ‘Comment’ in Thursday’s edition on Preston City Council’s stance on fracking (LEP June 4) and I think there seems to be a misunderstanding.

The application before the planning committee was a consultation from the county council asking for the committee’s views on the traffic going to and from the site at Roseacre to Broughton.

It wasn’t anything to do with whether the council is for or against fracking per se. If you were to read the report, you would understand just why the committee’s decision to back up the recommendation from officers was unanimous.

Some of those councillors are pro-fracking, some are anti. All of them are opposed to a very large increase in HGVs on our narrow country roads.

That was the reason for the objection. We all hope the county council pays due regard to it.

Coun Peter Rankin

Leader of the city council (Tulketh Ward) Labour

A privilege to attend service

It was a privilege to be invited, along with the Mayor of Preston, to St Michael’s Church in Ashton to celebrate the D Day service on Saturday, June 6.

The veterans, together with a Chelsea Pensioner, Standards and Scottish Pipers, marched from the Wellington to the church.

We were made very welcome by the vicar of St Michael’s, who conducted a very fitting service. Afterwards, the procession marched back to the Wellington for refreshments.

It was humbling to see these veterans marching so smartly and displaying their medals, we owe them so much. I hope this is an annual event and more people are able to take part next year.

Coun Christine Abram

Cottam and Lea

Is Blair really right for job?

Here we go again, Blair as Prime Minister leaves the country in a mess , wars and death.

Blair as Middle East peace envoy leaves a Middle East in war-torn mayhem. Blair now assumes a role as anti-Semitism representative (LEP Friday, June 5). If I was a Jew, I would run for cover.

Steve Green, Preston