Reader’s letters - Tuesday June 02, 2015

Haslam Park is a favourite spot but where are the public toilets, asks one reader
Haslam Park is a favourite spot but where are the public toilets, asks one reader
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Let people spend a penny

Why on Haslam Park are the toilets only open at certain times? In Waverly Park there are no toilets open at all and Moor Park has payable toilets that are hardly open.

Waverly Park and Haslam Park should have payable toilets even if they are put outside on the road side. On several occasions when I have gone to the park with my great niece, we have had to go in the bushes, or take her home crying as we have not been in the park for long.

It’s disgusting that these parks have no toilets in a world where we should be encouraging kids to spend more time outside instead of being coach potatoes.

I am also sick to death of seeing adults going into the bushes as a makeshift toilets.

Are we going back to the Victorian age? Do people have to walk round with a portable potty? It’s not good enough and it’s disgusting in this day and age. I would be willing to pay 20p to go to the toilet.

The next option is incontinence pants, things need to be sorted drastically.

Name and address supplied

Live and let live over cake case

I have just read your printed letter from John regarding the gay cake (letters June 1), and you can’t comment on something that may or may not happen.

I feel that everything has been blown out of proportion over this, the bakery was wrong in accepting the order in the first place and then refusing due to their beliefs, a contract is a contract. Would they have refused Elton John if he had called in to order a cake?

I don’t think so, I have a number of gay friends and am proud to know them, they are no different to my heterosexual friends, we need to accept that we live in a multi sexual and religious society and learn to live with each in harmony,

Mick Wareing, via e-mail

Life as lifelong North End fan

Congratulations to Simon Grayson, the players and all the staff at PNE on achieving promotion to the Championship.

Unfortunately due to a Transient Ischemic Attack in January which resulted in the loss of my vision, I was unable to follow the team.

However I was able to keep up with the games thanks to BBC Radio Lancashire. I first went to Deepdale as a five-year-old in 1935 and have followed the team ever since, but alas due to not being able to drive, I will no longer to able to sit on the Alan Kelly stand but will keep up with the team’s progress via the radio.

John Baldwin, Wesham

Target the dirty dog owners

Dogs fouling our streets, parks and fields is a long standing subject. North Norfolk County Council have really put their foot down on this subject. I noted a fair number of warnings on lampposts, etc, stating that people not clearing up and putting the poo in the bins provided would be fined £1,000.

It seems to be effective, very clean everywhere.

Name and address supplied

Beware of the danger cyclists

Out for a family walk on the path beside the river I was run into by a cyclist, knocked over and injured. No cyclist that passed us used a bell or a voice to warn pedestrians they were coming. They cannot be heard approaching.

It is so dangerous. Cyclists are often cycling at speed. In other countries the path is marked and well signed for cyclists to keep to one side and walkers the other.

Jill Pickup, address supplied

Green thanks to supporters

North Lancashire Green Party would like to thank everyone who voted Green in the recent local and General Elections.

Across the 24 seats we contested for Lancaster City Council we received a record 24,688 votes, 20.2 per cent of the votes cast.

We were delighted that nine Green councillors were elected, up one from the last time local elections were held in 2011.

We are grateful for this recognition of our work over many years, including on the Cabinet of the City Council over some challenging times.

All of our councillors, including our first Green Mayor, Coun Jon Barry, and Green Deputy Mayor, Coun Caroline Jackson, look forward to serving the district for the next four years. We will provide a robust and democratic opposition to the Labour cabinet on the City Council and also continue to hold the Conservative government to account at a national level.

In the General Election our vote increased significantly in both the Lancaster and Fleetwood and Morecambe and Lunesdale constituencies.

Unlike the political parties which receive huge corporate and trade union donations we can’t afford massive advertising and direct mailing campaigns, but the fact that Chris Coates, our candidate in Lancaster and Fleetwood, saved our deposit for the first time ever shows that our message of hope and opposition to austerity did get through.

Phil Chandler, our Morecambe and Lunesdale candidate, doubled our vote share compared to 2010, and we are very proud of both our candidates’ achievements which built on the efforts of a huge number of volunteer supporters and activists.

Our membership locally has more than doubled in the past six months. If you’d like to become one of the over 450 members of North Lancashire

Green Party, and help us to pursue our positive vision for the local area’s environment and economy, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Just contact our co-chair, Sam Riches on sam_riches@hotmail.co.uk or 07866806512.

Rebecca Joy Novell, Press Officer, North Lancashire Green Party