Reader’s letters - Tuesday July 29, 2014

Palaestinian Flag raised at Preston Town Hall.'Protest outside the Town Hall.  The flag was raised after protests.'25th July 2014
Palaestinian Flag raised at Preston Town Hall.'Protest outside the Town Hall. The flag was raised after protests.'25th July 2014
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‘Apologise for flag debacle’

I read a tweet from the leader of Preston Council, stating a compromise had been reached and the Union Flag was to be flown at half mast as a mark of respect to everyone.

I tweeted him back saying I thought this to be a very acceptable compromise. He returned my tweet, thanking me.

Then twitter took off this morning, so I let it be known, the compromise had been reached. It wasn’t though was it?

The council changed its mind a third time without telling me, a party who had never complained but who had been directly informed the flag would not fly.

So not only Preston Council look incompetent, so do I. At the very least I want a written apology from Peter Rankin who lead me up the garden path, to put it very mildly indeed. I sincerely believe the councils actions have brought our city into disrepute, both in flying the flag and in U turning. I also suggest the action is provocative and potentially likely to cause cultural tensions. This I find frightening.

I am not radical myself. I have never committed civil disobedience or incitement and I’m not about to start either. I am writing because I believe hand on heart the council’s actions have inflamed the situation and it is putting people at risk.

If people wish to lawfully protest, that’s fine. It is not within the council’s purview to protest on my behalf.

I suggest the council concentrates on why I don’t feel safe walking Fishwick or its environs, or parts of Ribbleton, quite a few places I won’t go in Preston.

How about the binmen who in windy winter weather leaves the empty bins near my car, or the beggars at 8.30am on the Hill Street Pay and Display who gave me the idea my car would be fine if I gave them a quid,? Or the traffic lights near KFC Docklands that must have cost me one way or another but have never been used? I could go on.

Next time New Zealand has an earthquake can we have the Kiwi flag up please. Next time Argentina kicks off about the Falklands will their be a council organised burning of their flag event in a Preston park?

I’m under the impression, you represent me, obviously others too. Might be nice if you stuck to Preston rather than international geopolitics, about which, I doubt you know very much more about in depth, than myself.

I await your apology Peter Rankin, my perception Sir, is you lied to me, and made me out to be a fool. That’s not really important, what is important, is your incitement for racial agitation if not silly unacceptable mischief or violence.

Name and address supplied

Demonstrate for others too

I read about the protest on Saturday against the persecution of the people of Palestine and how much a success it was.

When will you have a protest for the Christians murdered in the Middle East etc by Muslims?

These Muslims “claim” to be a peaceful religion yet they murder the Christians in their homes and in their churches, even murder innocent children.

When will you protest against these atrocities? I won’t be holding my breath.

Name and address supplied

Flag display is not in my name

So after a day of confusion, not totally unexpected, by our honourable council chiefs the flag of Palestine flutters proudly over Preston.

As they seem so in tune with Middle East politics maybe they could invite the leader of Hamas over to present PNE with next season’s first division championship trophy and I am sure Preston Grasshoppers would value the addition of a skilled rocket launcher for the annual bonfire night display. Ineptitude abounds.

Name and address supplied

Easy targets for punishment

Recently I was fined for not displaying my blue badge. It was on the passenger seat on view. I duly paid the fine.

I would like to know if taxi drivers parking on the “blue badge” area on Mount Street are also fined when not waiting for a passenger to return, also parking on double yellow lines on both sides of New Hall Lane, some vehicles with wheels on the footpath.

DJP, Fulwood

Hold authority to account

Regarding the story ‘Lights go out on LED Speed Signs’ (LEP

July 25), this is just another case of Lancashire County Council throwing good money after bad, £30,000 for the new signs plus the £55,000 cost of the old signs, total cost £85,000 plus the running costs of the new signs.

To date, LCC has spent £10m on implementing 20mph speed zones across Lancashire, while the number of Lancashire traffic police are now at their lowest level since the introduction of all these wonderful speed camera’s and speed zones.

The thin blue line of police in Lancashire, is now the invisible blue line, the money wasted to date on 20mph speed zones could have been better used to employ more traffic police etc. What’s most annoying is nobody at LCC will be held accountable for this latest waste of council tax payers’ money, “our money safe in their hands” – I don’t think so.

I S Houghton, Much Hoole

Help prevent animal cruelty

It has been more than one year since cosmetic testing on animals has been banned.

Countless animals killed for our own vanity finally came to a close. Now the same rules must be put in place with household products

Animals are sentient and caring creatures. They are unnecessarily used in laboratory experiments, mistreated and then killed. For most, it is the only life which they would have had.

They don’t have a voice but we do! By buying animal friendly products from websites such as animal aid or even from your local co-op you taking a step in preventing animal suffering.

Chloe Neves, Freckleton