Reader’s letters - Tuesday, July 14

D'urton Lane
D'urton Lane
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Don’t ruin Guild Wheel

As a cyclist from Scorton, I am very pleased to hear that Preston councillors have had the good sense to reject this planning application that would have had a devastating effect on the Guild Wheel.

I have ridden in almost every corner of Britain but I count the Guild Wheel the best facility I have seen for introducing children, and the not so young, to the health giving activity that is cycling.

This well designed route offers variety and adventure to the young in a relatively safe environment.

I would love to take my grandsons on it, but unfortunately they live far from Lancashire.

As a narrow country lane, D’Urton Lane is one of the most challenging parts of the Guild Wheel, but at present motor traffic volumes are light and it is traffic calmed.

It feels very safe, even for the young.

The idea that all the traffic from 118 more homes, typically over 500 vehicle movements per day, plus delivery vehicles and visitors, would be added to this narrow lane is appalling.

It would make it unsafe for any but the most experienced road cyclists.

It would certainly ruin this section of the Guild Wheel and, with the gap that would result, this jewel in Preston’s crown would no longer be a wheel.

What concerns me most is that Lancashire Highways did not see fit to raise the safety issues in their role as highways consultants in the planning process.

Lancashire have a policy of promoting cycling and walking and have a statutory duty to promote road safety.

They had played a major part in the development of the Guild Wheel as a safe cycling and walking facility yet, when consulted on this planning application, the officers responsible had not seen fit to raise the issue of the danger it posed to those using the Guild Wheel. Does the left hand not know what the right hand is doing in County Hall?

County Highways you need to improve your act.

Matt Hodges, Scorton

Don’t mess with this great asset

I was shocked to learn that Lancashire County Council has been considering a new development on D’Urton Lane, Fulwood, that would severely affect the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and children using the Guild Wheel.

An ill-thought out roundabout (which I now believe Preston Councillors has voted against) will put the lives of thousands of people that use D’Urton Lane and the award-winning Guild Wheel cycle route in great danger of collision, with heavy haulage vehicles used during this development, and on completion, a large increase of general traffic.

A large amount of money was given for the development of the Guild Wheel by Sustrans (the national organisation for the development of safe cycling) and other organisations, including the public.

The Guild Wheel has become a great asset for the citizens of Preston and is used by hundreds every day, not just for healthy exercise, but also for travelling to and from places of employment, schools and so on.

So please county councillors, why let the development of the Guild Wheel go ahead if you know that you are going to attempt to wreck it a couple of years later?

William Kernaghan via email

Irritating hand signals in tennis

Watching the men’s doubles final at Wimbledon, I can understand the hand signals behind the players back and the hands covering their mouths in order that their opponents don’t know their intentions.

What I don’t understand is the touching of hands after every stroke, whether they win the point or not. Very irritating.

Malcolm Shedlow via email

Not ashamed to proclaim faith

I have signs displaying my love of God, including one on my Fiat and one on the back of my mobility scooter.

I have such a tremendous love for God.

In fact it has envisioned my soul so much so, that I deserve to proclaim and share my faith with others, which I am not ashamed to do so.

I have received no complaints from anyone in the neighbourhood concerning the signs. In fact I have been complimented for my boldness.

On the contrary, why should the signs which proclaim Jesus Christ be offensive to anyone, be they Christian or non-Christian?

If they are non-believers, they should just ignore them.

When I walk around the city centre, I see many Muslim women wearing the appropriate dress for their beliefs. These women are making a profound statement which states “I am a Muslim”, and signify so, if that is their belief.

They are not ashamed to openly proclaim their faith in their God “Allah”, and their prophet Mohammed.

So why should Christians be ashamed of openly proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour?

There are those who claim to be Christians who don’t seem to have a Christian spirit.

How can a person hope to be pleasing to God if they won’t come out of the closet or out of the woodwork into the clear light of day?

Christians need to take a good look at the Muslim faith and learn something from it.

Michael Norris, Preston

Danger of fox hunt ban repeal

Tomorrow, MPs will be voting whether, rather than allowing two dogs to ‘flush out a fox’ as is now the case, the law should be changed to increase the number of dogs. Not surprisingly, many believe this is a way of repealing the 2004 fox hunting ban.

I can’t be the only one who can’t imagine much worse torture than being chased for miles by bloodthirsty people on horseback and a pack of dogs, all intent on killing. The torment continues as the unlucky animal is then ripped to pieces after being caught. If foxes are such ‘pests’, as is claimed, why not a humane alternative? Animal lovers can write to their MP via

Jane, Lancashire