Reader’s letters - Tuesday February 24, 2015

The newly-altered junction where the slip road from the bottom of Penwortham Hill joins Golden Way
The newly-altered junction where the slip road from the bottom of Penwortham Hill joins Golden Way
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Just which is main route?

I must wholeheartedly disagree with the comments of Dave King of Leyland (letters February 23). They are both inaccurate and, no doubt due to his situation, biased, since he is under the deluded idea that the A582 is somehow superior to the A59.

For a start, the A582 goes from Lostock Hall only to end (surprise, surprise) when it joins the A59, but the A59 itself goes from Liverpool to York. Thus, by comparison, the A582 is a piddling little road.

He should not trust Google Maps for his information. His so-called ‘minor road’ is, in fact, part of the A59 and not the lesser road of the A582 Golden Way which he seems to claim as being part of the A59.

He should thus consult a Street Atlas of Lancashire which identifies that ‘minor road’ as being a primary route. Thus his assertion that ‘vehicles speeding along on the left lane suddenly appearing on the A59’ is utter nonsense as these vehicles are ON the A59. In any case they did not suddenly appear.

Any driver coming along the A582, and who is aware of his surroundings (and I do speak from experience on this), would have plenty of time to react to the situation, bearing in mind the speed limit along that section of both the A59 and A582 is 40 mph.

He should also bear in mind that vehicles coming down Penwortham Hill do so in a 30mph limit and are then faced with a sharp left hand turn followed by another hill up to the A59/A582 junction. A hill I should add which is much steeper than the comparatively gentle slope over the bridge above Liverpool Road on the A582, oh and which then goes down hill.

From my perspective, and no doubt those of fellow motorists who travel east along the A59, while in that left lane I often had, and indeed more pertinently have, to contend with motorists ‘speeding’ along the A582 Golden Way, many of whom fail to indicate that they wished to be in the left hand lane. I rarely, if ever, used the outside lane on the A59 to approach the junction with the A582 as I had to look out for both vehicles travelling along the A582, which required one to look back at an acute angle and also look ahead to check that a vehicle in front had not stopped or that the traffic into the lane that I was wanting to be had not stopped either.

Eyes in the back of one’s head would have helped and indeed even more so now. It was thus, to me, a much safer option to use the inside lane. Now I have no option and that level of safety has now been removed from me and my fellow A59 users because of an ill thought-out design. The recent accident at that junction simply confirmed my suspicions about an accident waiting to happen on this junction.

I often found it was the case that a zipper arrangement worked for this controversial left lane, with vehicles already on the A59 and in that lane zippering in to vehicles coming along the A582, provided, of course, that the motorists on the A582 used their indicators to show their intentions to drivers on the A59, which was not always the case, with some bullying their way into that lane for which they had to give way. Again I speak from experience.

Thus, Mr King, there are always two sides to an argument, but I prefer mine to be based on fact not fiction as yours quite clearly is the case.

Neil Swindlehurst, Walmer Bridge

Is it a major or a minor road?

I think Mr King should get his facts straight, the A59 from Liverpool is a main road not a minor road as the A states.

According to my map, Penwortham Way is the A582. It was much better when there was a designated lane from Liverpool. The drivers on Penwortham Way are the main speeders and caused the main problems. Also if the A59 is so minor, why are we ruining the greenfields to create a bypass at Howick?

Dave, Much Hoole

Supporters’ aid for Ebola zone

St Augustine of Canterbury is now just a name in the history of Preston. The Catholic parish of that name has closed and the parishioners dispersed to other parishes. They went out in style, however. Hearing that an old friend, Fr Henry Aruna, was deeply involved in the fight to control Ebola in his native Sierra Leone, they decided to help.

The urgent need was for soap and bleach to fight infection and for food for bereaved families, especially for orphans.

There was no time to arrange fund-raising events so the 100 parishioners simply gave what they had and could collect from friends to the collection taken at the last three Sunday services and the money, almost £600, was sent direct to Sierra Leone.

Fr Henry was a well known and popular figure in Avenham when he came as locum for the parish priest, Fr Murphy, during his summer break from teaching in Africa.

Although he is now a bishop, he has maintained his links with the parish community. He was very touched that people were concerned about the situation of his people. Especially, he said, when they are so far away.

He sent his grateful thanks to all who contributed, saying Prestonians were wonderfully warm-hearted people. He would pray for them all.

Joan Higgonson, via e-mail

Parish grants are up for grabs

Whittingham Parish Council currently awards a small grant/donation to non-profit making local organisations where the parish council feels the contribution will bring direct benefit to their area or any part of it and to all or some of its inhabitants.

Examples include providing the opportunity for residents to take part in projects and activities; enhancing the quality of life of the residents of the parish; improving the surroundings and environment.

Applications for the 2015/2016 financial year are being considered and the parish council remains committed to ensuring its finances are spent responsibly while ensuring value for money for taxpayers, consequently all applications must adhere to the council’s grant policy and conditions which are available on the parish council website and from parish clerk Julie Buttle, telephone 01772 761637.

Julie Buttle, Whittingham