Reader’s letters - Tuesday February 03, 2015

Little Rascals nursery in Fulwood, Preston, which was closed down by Ofsted inspectors last month
Little Rascals nursery in Fulwood, Preston, which was closed down by Ofsted inspectors last month
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Nursery’s staff were great

In September 2013 my daughter started Little Rascals nursery in the pre-school class (LEP January 30). Before sending my daughter to Little Rascals she attended another nursery. She is a very quiet little girl and extremely timid and found it hard to interact with other children and to involve herself in games.

Due to not having the correct guidance my child was left on her own to play and grew to strongly dislike her previous nursery and started to refuse to eat and became very emotional on her days there some days resulting in me leaving work early to collect her.

I could see this was making my child deeply distressed and I decided to look for another nursery which had the time to work with my daughter to overcome her nervousness. With school approaching I knew I had to try another nursery so my daughter would settle into school easier so my daughter and I had a look around a few nurseries but when we were shown around Little Rascals she loved it.

Her little face lit up with excitement with all the different toys and learning equipment. I explained how my daughter was removed from her old nursery and I was looking for somewhere which could help her to socialise with other children and get her ready for school. Little Rascals was more than happy and keen they would break my daughter’s shell and have her playing alongside other child using a suitable action plan.

They brought her in for tasters where she grew attached to one certain member so the nursery cleverly use this to their advantage. They would introduce group play slowly and my daughter and the nursery worker where together so she didn’t feel pressured or overwhelmed.

They allowed one-on-one time with other staff members so my child would also feel comfortable with them also. Slowly overtime I could she my child’s confident was growing and friendships grew. She loved every aspect of nursery from baking to learning, outside play area, messy play, role-play, playing games with her friends, the actives where endless.

They helped her understand that she would be leaving to start her new school and was able to allocate a picture of her new school teacher so she was familiar with her face.

Little Rascals truly transformed my daughter into a happy, confident, positive, enthusiastic little girl. On her first day at school she walked in and left my side without a tear and I owe all that to Little Rascals who helped her on this journey.

Gemma Turner , via e-mail

More concerns at immigration

Re Concerned Grandma (letters January 30) I share the views of the writer, as most of my friends of all ages do, that immigrants should attempt to integrate into our society.

Unfortunately the way I see it is that it is too late to address the situation in Preston as many minority cultures have chosen to segregate themselves and not to be a part of our society, the rate at which the Muslim faith has taken a stronghold is alarming.

Having said that I am amazed in this day and age that so many people believe so vehemently, to be cynical you could say people are sheep-like. Of course if you turn back the clock a few hundred years most of the UK had to choose between an Anglican way of life or a Roman Catholic one.

On a recent trip to a Muslim country I was enlightened to see not only no burkas, niqabs or the like in drab dark colours but hardly any restricted coverings over ladies and if so they were in bright floral or other patterns.

Fortunately most people in developed countries are far better educated today with the advances of science. I would certainly never try to change anybody’s belief but believe that when joining a country or society it should never be the case that such a radically different minority is allowed to infiltrate and manipulate as it seems to do. I think the saying goes ‘when in Rome.’

Also concerned of Preston

Reunited with a long lost pal

How I enjoyed reading memories of Miller Arcade (letters January 16), for my dear friend during the war years worked at the Leonards dress shop and when I visited Preston I would go to have a word with her at the door of the shop for no way could I afford anything.

Alva married a GI called David and went to live in San Francisco. Years later Alva came to England with friends to visit her cousin and on looking at their wedding photograph she pointed at one of the bridesmaids saying, “I know her” and the rest is history.

We got in touch after many years and after raising our families we at long last met up again when my late husband Harry and I flew off to have the most wonderful three holidays, and now both our families meet up, but sadly Alva and David and Harry have died.

M Lancaster, Lytham

Shale gas needs straight talking

I’m appalled by the front of Cuadrilla and Ineos after they used their expensive lawyers to postpone the decision of LCC on fracking. Now their PR initiative and disingenuous arguments have started.

Cuadrilla’s chief executive Francis Egan boldly declared LCC accepted they had addressed concerns on all issues other than two – noise and traffic – which could be easily addressed. So will the plant operate for fewer hours and the toxic sludge be removed by flying saucer? Apparently Cuadrilla now intend to spend £5m on quieter fracking. Perhaps we should believe this will work because of such a generous promise?

On the Daily Politics show Tom Crotty of Ineos said much the same thing and added two other points. First “...I don’t think the argument has really begun properly.” Really! Perhaps he hasn’t been listening, or is it case of denying what has happened because he didn’t like the outcome?

Secondly, he suggested everything was hunky-dory in the US with over 1m wells working and he specifically mentioned Pennsylvania. Just a quick Internet search tells me that by August 2014 Pennsylvania had made public 243 cases of contamination of private drinking wells from oil and gas drilling operations. I simply ask councillors not to buy the slick PR of these companies with deep pockets and to listen to the electorate.

David McCulloch, Cleveleys