Reader’s letters - Tuesday December 23, 2014

The outdoor Morecambe Remembers service at the War Memorial.  See letter
The outdoor Morecambe Remembers service at the War Memorial. See letter
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Christmas cards ‘misleading’

Christmas isn’t the time I would have chosen to write this letter, but circumstances demand it.

What has driven two Labour county councillors to deliver targeted editions of their party Christmas cards, one with their title county councillor, plus county-provided mobile number and email address, and the other with their title county councillor, to homes of residents they do not represent?

“County Coun Steve Holgate” appears on a version of a card targeted exclusively to Chorley’s Euxton South homes, represented by Conservative County Coun Keith Iddon.

And “Sue Prynn, County Councillor” appears on a card targeted to homes in Lostock Hall, represented by Conservative Coun Mike Otter.

This isn’t a mistake of cards accidentally delivered to the wrong areas by volunteers – these are cards aimed at these homes. Each card has a tiny imprint “Euxton South” and “Lostock Hall”.

Is this the way elected members in the Labour Party go out of their way to mislead hardworking residents of Lancashire? Is it part of a Labour plan?

I don’t know, but my test is simple, what would an ordinary resident in Euxton South or Lostock Hall believe when they read the title county councillor against these people’s names?

These are from just two Labour Party cards I have seen. Are there any other examples across our fine county? Nevertheless, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Peter Malpas, Chorley

Fitting way to remember war

We would like to extend a big thank you to Rev Linda MacLuskie, schoolboy bugler Jack Bateson, WWII veteran Lance Rook, and all the other veterans and supporters who braved the seafront gales in Morecambe to bring their ceramic poppies to the outdoor Morecambe Remembers service at the War Memorial.

We hope this will become an annual event on the Sunday before Christmas, when owners of ceramic poppies can be joined by anyone wishing to bring along their own home-made poppies.

It will be a fitting way in the final days of the year to remember the sacrifices made by present and previous generations in times of war.

Coun Margaret Pattison

Coun Ron Sands

Heysham North Ward

Why destroy birds’ habitat?

Yet again, I am sitting in a public place gazing at over-vigorous pruning of shrubs and hedges.

Where berries and hips were available to birds at a time of great need, there is nothing but bare stumps. Vital shelter and nest sites – lost.

All councils, businesses, farms and many private houses are guilty of this.

Of course, some pruning and trimming must take place.

But why destroy habitat?

A Wilkinson, Blackpool

Cuts are not the answer

Chancellor George Osborne has clearly warned us more cuts to the public sector are on the way if his party gets voted in at the next election.

As a public sector worker, I feel it is me being blamed for the economic mire this country has found itself in since 2009, not the banks or politicians.

I work hard in social services doing a job that most people tend to sneer at.

There is always a bill to pay, either literally or by society reverting to the standards we had in Victorian times, or situations that exist in parts of the USA even now.

Surely there has to be another way rather than more cuts.

C Wilson, address supplied

Fracking can’t be proved safe

As an ex-North Sea drill crew worker, and as a well informed member of the public who has been following the UK shale gas story for the last four years, I would like to draw your readers’ attention to an article you published, House price fears over shale gas (LEP December 20).

A spokesman for gas exploration firm Cuadrilla said: “There has been no evidence since hydraulic fracturing began onshore in the UK in the 1970s that house prices have been impacted negatively. This is supported by independent research.”

There has been no evidence of property price impacts due to hydraulically fracturing conventional wells.

While this may be true, what is not made clear is that fracturing the formation near the bottom of a producing well bore with acid to increase the flow of oil is completely different to hydraulically fracturing around ten square kilometres (per well pad) of source rock with millions of gallons of water, sand and chemicals otherwise known as high volume (sand) high pressure slick water fracturing.

In fact, there has been only one well that was hydraulically fractured in this way.

This was carried out by

Cuadrilla themselves and caused the earthquakes that impacted on the integrity of those two wells that were drilled in Lancashire.

The latest news about those wells is that they are now leaking.

So, this is why people are worried about property prices and quite rightly so.

No amount of science or robustness of a regulatory regime can prove fracking is safe or ensure the level of safety now or in the future. Nobody can predict that human error or machine and equipment failure will not occur.

Luke Ashley via email

Thank you for kind gesture

On Saturday, December 20, my wife and I were taking part in a bucket collection, organised by the Rotary Club, at the Deepdale Retail Park.

A kind lady got out of her car and brought some hot drinks for the collectors, she said we all looked cold and thought that we could do with a hot drink to warm us up.

Would you please print this letter as our thanks for her very kind gesture and the generous donation.

George and Alwyn, Hutton