Reader’s letters - Tuesday August 12, 2014

Anti-fracking campaigners at County Hall last week but not everyone opposes the industry
Anti-fracking campaigners at County Hall last week but not everyone opposes the industry
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Learn lessons of history

The recent debate about the terrible conflicts in the Middle East, especially Gaza, have often missed the big picture. Is it right to turn a blind eye to the one sided slaughter of so many civilian innocents? Do those who believe in justice support a major military power using indiscriminate, overwhelming force against mostly civilians in a weakly defended third world region?

The British people have a proud long history of supporting those suffering persecution and discrimination. For example from opposing slavery and apartheid laws in old South Africa. On several occasions the Israeli military has proudly demonstrated its pin-point targeting and killing of many Hamas leaders in their cars, hide outs and homes, far away, well inside Gaza.

Given this targeting ability why have so many families, in shelters approved by the UN and known by the Israeli forces, been blown up causing high child mortality. How does Israel win the moral high ground, of world opinion, by destroying schools, hospitals and the only power station in this very poor region?

How does this widespread not target thousands of innocent families ?The large scale indiscriminate civilian deaths is against the Geneva Convention.

Many people, including strict Jews in Israel, support the text in their Bible which says “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

But, why does their Government think it just when one life lost to them should result in 20, and more, of their neighbours killed. Most in Israel are taught about the innocent Jewish civilians who suffered such injustices and horrors inflicted on them by the Nazis in the last world war.

Have those in Israel, forgotten when many of their civilian relations, including many children, were herded into poverty and degradation within the walls of the ghettos, by the Nazis?

No reasonable nations, or rational people, give support to Hamas’ terror tactics. In an opinion poll in Gaza, before the recent conflict, a majority of Palestinian civilians’ did not support rocket attacks on Israel.

However, the Israeli brutal treatment of the Palestinian Arabs must be a big recruiting tool for Hamas and other Arab terrorist and Jihadists.

Has history long taught us, as with London and Liverpool, Moscow and Stalingrad blitz and more recently the civilian atrocities in Soweto and Belfast, the more heavy the destruction and the more civilians killed the stronger the resistance, defiance and the more who turn to violent organisations in desperation.

Peter Ward, Cottam

Action needed at danger point

Eighteen months ago I complained to highways that cars were parked on New Hall Lane between Mercer Street and Miller Street, people trying to cross the lane have to come out half way across to see the traffic coming down New Hall Lane or coming out of Lidl.

Nothing has been done, someone is going to get killed. Also why is it that Miller Road, Skeffington Road, Ribbleton Lane and Acregate Lane have all had their pavements resurfaced, dropped pavements but not New Hall Lane. Get your finger out LCC.

J Jones, Fishwick

Shale gas offers energy answers

Just a positive note on fracking, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages with regards to employment and benefits to the local economy, the fact of life is that we continue to use energy.

No doubt the protesters will be the first to complain when energy bills rise yet here we are sat on a ready supply.

We cannot be dependent on the likes of just wind power, we need to have a mixture of energy sources.

I fully support fracking and I believe the industry is all too aware of any potential problems and have plans in place.

Roger Haynes, Freckleton

Our Freddie is a PNE supporter

Mr Roberts (August 6th) writes out the old ignorant, incomplete story about Mr Flintoff (letters August 6).

The photograph shown was taken shortly after the 2005 Ashes win. Mr Flintoff’s agent had a box at the Etihad stadium.

It was natural that once he was invited onto the pitch he would wear a shirt provided by Manchester City. He has on occasion, several years ago, described some affinity to Manchester City or his agent invited him to his box.

Other clubs courted Andrew, indeed in the late 1990s Liverpool organised a limousine for him to attend a League Cup Final.

In his autobiography Andrew said he was put off football by the tactics of John Beck (North End manager 1993-1994) when he went on North End with his mate.

During the reign of Gary Peters and David Moyes (1994-2002) I would often see Andrew on the Town End at Deepdale.

I was not using Andrew as a “cheerleader” for North End and never would.

In conclusion in the 1990s Andrew said he would move back to Preston when the Broughton bypass was complete!

Of course many things have happened since, most notably Andrew marrying a lady from the south of England.

Graham Nelson, Preston

Consultation ‘felt like farce’

Many local residents entered into the recent Garstang planning processes with enthusiasm, having been ensured that their views were important. It is unfortunate that most left with two overriding feelings.

Firstly, that the much vaunted public consultation was a farce.

The town council may oppose, the parish council may oppose, the local people may oppose but the plans will be voted through unchanged by largely out of town councillors who have little interest in the welfare of Garstang.

Secondly, most people harboured strong suspicions that the outcome, and the details, had long since been predetermined by a too cosy relationship between planning authorities and developers.

The influence of local people was – absolutely nothing. They might as well not have bothered. I will be pleased if the forthcoming A6 development proceedings prove me wrong.

Spring Bank resident