Reader’s letters - Tuesday April 7, 2015

View across Skerton towards the snow-capped Lakeland fells from Williamson Park (see letter)
View across Skerton towards the snow-capped Lakeland fells from Williamson Park (see letter)
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Don’t knock hospital care

‘Disabled boy left to sleep on floor’, (LEP April 1), a very emotive but rather over the top headline.

Of course it is sad that a child with such disabilities cannot be offered a specialised and very expensive bed on the NHS, though in all honesty a child suffering from such serious disabilities would probably not know the difference.

It is disingenuous , to say the least, for the mother to complain about the care offered by Preston Royal when in truth her child was offered the best care available.

OK so there was no special bed available but her child was well looked after, in fact had a one-on-one nurse for the first night, and trained carers for the next two nights.

This is above and beyond the normal care regime in any hospital and given the dire shortage of qualified staff this can only mean that other patients care was compromised.

That the mother has the audacity to say she “kicked off” and threatened to take the child home because the hospital couldn’t provide one-on-one nursing care is disgraceful and she ought to be ashamed of herself.

I note that the mother claims that she and ‘a lot of families she knows’ have one of these specialised and expensive beds, yet the hospital cannot afford one, perhaps, if this is true, it is an indication of where taxpayers money is being spent, obviously not on NHS beds!

The mother claims she was next to her child on the mattress to look after him but was watched over by a member of the nursing staff , ‘in case she fell asleep’.

What more does she want? Perhaps a few cups of NHS coffee to keep her awake and watch over her child would have been in order, or do her maternal duties not extend that far?

Whilst such stories make good headlines they only tell half the story, the medical staff do their best with what they have, that a nurse or carers were in attendance overnight was exceptional, yet not appreciated, that no special bed was available for this one patient is to be expected, that the child went home after three days is justification that all is well.

Hospitals are not hotels, you go there when you are sick, if you are treated and fit and well to go home then the NHS has done it’s job.

Why bleat to the Press that my child is alive thanks to Preston Royal but I didn’t like the accommodation!

Mike McCarthy, Ribbleton

Crackdown not fair to everyone

I was saddened to read of the plight of Mohammed Rawat regarding his UPVC windows replacement (LEP March 21).

Recently my neighbour replaced his large front window with a wooden one and, painted white, it does not look any different from the existing two UPVC window installed by the previous owners before the new regulations! Unlike the majority of my neighbours I have retained the original wooden windows and the last time I had them painted it cost me more than £3,000. This needs to be carried out at least every five years. I note this battle has been going on for several years although I read the LEP every day and have done for over 50 years I have not seen it previously reported.

Had it been brought to the notice of the pubic, I would have hoped some kind hearted professional person would have offered their advice. There have been two recent breaches of the conservation rules in Fulwood Hall Lane and the householders have eventually won their cases.

Over the years there have been several breaches of these conservation laws in the areas, but if no one reports them they get away with them.

I have only recently noticed a possible breach on Watling Street Road which must be seen by thousands of motorists and pedestrians every day.

Peter Williams, Fulwood

Shameless lout and who cares

I was walking my dogs on Birchin Lane, Whittle-le-Woods, recently and as I turned on to the motorway bridge, I saw a car parked on the footpath with the driver’s door open and saw some rubbish thrown out.

I went up to them and told them what I thought of them in no uncertain terms and told them to pick it up or I would phone the police.

They did pick it up but as they drove away they threw the same rubbish out of the window.

I went home and phoned the police, and spoke to a woman called Pat who said it wasn’t a

police matter.

But she took details and said she would pass it on to the necessary authorities.

After about two weeks having heard nothing, I approached a local councillor, he mentioned

it at a council meeting, but he was told it wasn’t worth the


He tried again and was then told it had been too long ago and they wouldn’t get anywhere.

I think this is a most disappointing attitude from the people we pay to keep our borough clean and safe.

D A Cornes, via email

Views is a treat worth the trip

It is a great pity that a most beautiful park like Williamson Park, Lancaster, is at the top of a very steep hill.

However, once you get there the views of Morecambe and the bay are really breathtaking.

Take your family there for an afternoon in the school break and don’t forget your camera.

At this time of the year the many varieties of daffodils growing in the dell below the memorial are a colourful sight and later the cherry trees will be covered in pink blossom.

It is certainly a wonderful place for children to play in, with all its steps amongst the rocks and twisting woodland paths.

My son, when young, went with a friend on several

occasions to play cowboys and Indians.

It gave them both an appetite for a really good tea.

It would be a wonderful place for a summertime birthday party.

You could take a picnic or use the cafe (with clean toilets).

The scarlet rhododendrons would make a good background for lots of photographs.

Mrs S Morley, address supplied