Reader’s letters - Tuesday April 28, 2015

Pop star Miley Cyrus hit the headlines for 'twerking'
Pop star Miley Cyrus hit the headlines for 'twerking'
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Carnival event ‘offensive’

The ‘Twerk-a-Thon’ planned by Preston Caribbean Carnival is offensive to both women and the people from a Caribbean culture (LEP April 25).

The above event has been authorised by Preston City Council to take place on May 2 on Preston’s Flag Market in the city centre.

The event is to raise funds for the carnival which will take place later in the year. As a resident of Preston and of Caribbean descent, I am always interested and supportive of Black cultural events in the area.

However, upon seeing an advert for this event, I am both disgraced and ashamed to be part of a Preston Black community which openly encourages the sexualisation of young women in a public arena.

Preston Caribbean Carnival, I assumed, exists to positively represent and celebrate Caribbean culture and all it has to offer.

However, this ‘Twerk-A-Thon’ is offensive and demeans both Caribbean culture and women in general by presenting an event which is nothing more than a peep show for perverts.

As this “event” is aimed at raising funds for the Caribbean Carnival, in essence, it is asking the young black women of Preston to shake their rear ends for money.

I am at a loss to see how this is cultural in any sense and furthermore I am appalled at a city council that could allow this to happen.

This is not how I want my culture represented or the model I choose to portray for young women, including my own six-year-old daughter.

Black people, Caribbean culture and women are of value and this event demeans and disgraces them all.

As a city council which intends to value everyone who lives within it, I cannot see how this representation of Caribbean Culture is acceptable.

Preston has already recently been named as ‘the unhealthiest High Street in the UK’, do we also want to be branded as ‘the city that supports the sexualisation of young women’ too?

Dionne Thomas, via e-mail

Traditions are being eroded

I was privileged to be invited to the Scouts Association St George’s Day Celebration at the Guild Hall, Preston, on Sunday, April 26. The whole event was handled in the best traditions of the Scouts and was a credit to them all.

I was however disappointed to see the Mayor and Mayoress were absent. I have since learned they were attending a football tournament in Leyland.

The St George’s Day Scout Service has been part of Preston for many years and has always been graced with the attendance of the Mayor of Preston.

I feel the decision for the Mayor not to attend the service is a snub and is disrespectful to an organisation that consistently supports our young people.

I have thought for some time that such breaks in tradition, which now include not flying the flag of St George over the Town Hall, are another nail in the 
coffin for the traditions of Preston slowly being eroded away.

Norman Abram, Cottam

Spare us Royal baby overkill

I do hope we are going to be spared the BBC’s last efforts of reporting a royal birth by having a camera trained on a hospital door for hours.

I would like to add that I do not consider these (often) equivalents of upper class benefit scroungers to be my superiors. I have never, for example, worn a Nazi uniform at a party and considered it to be a jolly jape.

I would never insult people who are good enough to invite me to their country, only for me to make racist comments about them. Why people think it funny is beyond me.

R Kimble, address supplied

Photo brought back memories

Your recent ‘Looking Back’ photo of South Meadow Lane took me back over 70 years when I lived there with mum and dad in the 1940s and 1950s (looking back April 21).

What a fantastic lane it was in those days. It boasted three pubs, three grocers (including a Co-op), a greengocers, a butchers, a chippie, a cobblers, a

newsagents, a haberdashery, a confectioners, a school and two market gardens.

You hardly needed to leave the lane for all the basic necessities of life in those days.

They were happy days indeed, where all the residents knew each other and where front doors were rarely shut during daylight hours.

Derek Rogerson, Bamber Bridge

Search for war hero’s family

I am looking for the family of William Madden who was born in 1917 in Liverpool and killed during the battle of Arnhem on September 17, 1944.

William is buried in the English Cemetery in Oosterbeek.

My father, Ben Bergefurt, has been researching through the battle of Arnhem, because he lived in Arnhem.

In the early 1960s the town was visited by some veterans and one of them was a friend of William. His name was John and came from Burton-on-Trent. In 1994, when John was last with us, he asked me to adopt the grave of William Madden.

I did so and am now looking for family of William Madden and believe there might be a nephew called Andrew J Horam in Preston. Andrew was one of five children to Marian Madden and Leslie Horam with Marian William’s sister.

I can be contacted on e-mail via hbergefurt@live.nl

Harry Bergefurt, Top Naeffstraat 7

6836 PW Arnhem , Netherlands

Thank you for help after fall

May I, through your readers letters thank the people who came to help my wife April 14

after she tripped and fell on Preston Flag Market, splitting her eyebrow open.

A young person from Top Shop deserves a special mention. I took the wife to A&E where she was soon treated by the excellent staff all within one hour. Thank you.

Anonymous, Preston