Reader’s letters - Tuesday April 21, 2015

Preston North End's players warm up ahead of last Friday's Port Vale game but are they heading for Wembley (see letter)
Preston North End's players warm up ahead of last Friday's Port Vale game but are they heading for Wembley (see letter)
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Great gone out of Britain

Listening to the latest clap trap from all the political parties how come that its only when they get in power that they can make things move?

It’s a game of if you vote for us we will give millions to the NHS, education, pensioners, and make everything hunky dory. What a load of twaddle, if they can do it then well they could have done it before, I say. How many times have we been fobbed off by the government when money paid to us is due , there is always a hitch to giving out that then and months before it becomes law.

But guess what, we have to wait months before we get a raise of any kind, let alone a payment, but not the politicians or the back benchers and all the rest of the hangers on sat on their backsides nodding off in the House of Commons.

They only wake up when its the time to vote themselves a big fat pay rise! And they have the cheek to offer us pensioners an extra couple of quid (not even enough for a loaf of bread and a bottle of milk).

I am already sick of hearing these so called debates when it ends up with a load of who can shout the loudest candidates, and a selection of audience questions not being answered because they are too busy trying to out shout each other.

It’s time they were asked to sit down with a room full of ordinary everyday Joe Public voters and try to fob them off.

I could soon make up a panel of people who aren’t afraid to tell the truth about what they think is happening to this country.

We are the poor relation in Europe, the Common Market is pulling our strings, our nurses and doctors are leaving every week etc. the list goes on and the one thing this present Government has managed to do without the help of anyone is to take the Great out of Great Britain!

God help us we need a miracle.

Margaret Watkinson, via e-mail

PNE off into the play offs again

Once again it’s starting to look a lot like the playoffs. Even if we progress to the final the cost of tickets, travel and hotel to Wembley will be extortionate for probable failure.

Why can’t we consolidate promotion from a brilliant position like Bristol City instead of getting the lead and spending the whole second half of games with all eleven players in or in front of our own area.

Faint heart never won anything.

Fabio, via e-mail

Stop the bypass time wasting

For heaven’s sake just get on with it and build the Broughton bypass. I am sure I am not alone in being sick to the back teeth of people pontificating it and about the detrimental effect it will have on a few houses. I don’t suppose they have checked all the massive building projects which have covered countless greenfield sites in the Cottam area. I don’t suppose all the native wildlife there gets much representation.

These people are presumably not those who have to endure the endless stream of traffic queueing all day and night long at the Broughton lights. It must have cost millions of public money to have one consultation after another.

The latest spoutings are from the residents of D’urton Lane who were well aware when they bought their properties of the line the bypass would take. To mention nothing of the building work that will take place over the road and behind Highrigg Drive. As a previous resident the threat of building was there when I moved in to D’urton Lane and was still there when I sold and left for a more leafy environment that does not have the same threat looming.

Let us face it,soon there will be no green fields in the Preston area. At least it might be a good idea to be able to navigate around these estates without having to sit in traffic jams.

Ex-D’urton Laner, via e-mail

Put local people before money

Now medical international experts Medact have condemned ‘fracking’ for its obvious health pollution risks, along with teachers, parents, communities, engineers and other professionals who know this ‘dirty’ business, and many other eminent and unbiased people; clearly ‘fracking’ should be completely banned in Lancashire and the UK?

The recent Environment Agency committee states “UK climate change policy will be useless due to toxic fumes from fracking.” Lancashire County Council’s health directorate also condemns fracking.

And the recent government Shale Gas Rural Economy Impact report shows ‘fracking’ in an ‘unhealthy, dangerous and insidious light.’ ‘Fracking’ caused Lancashire’s ‘man-made’ earthquakes in 2011 and 2012.

If causing serious health problems are not enough, then excessive noise, light and obnoxious toxic pollution, seismic activity, hundreds of HGVs on narrow roads, ruination of land forever, water contamination and radioactive sludge, and carcinogenic fracking water (which has been refused by Davyhulme Waste Facility) pose even more serious problems. Do we listen to people in the community whose health will be ruined, or do we

favour the money and sweeteners being bandied about?

Mr D Barker, Fylde

Bus timetables leave us behind

Can somebody please tell me who’s doing the bus time-tables for Ribbleton? I think it’s Seth Adams (Ward Bond, Wagon Train), it’s a total joke.

On Saturday morning I went for a bus and five buses all came together. What a fiasco.

I’ve never known buses to be so bad, it’s disgraceful. But then again, it is Ribbleton.

It doesn’t matter about us, we don’t count for nothing, do we?

This area is a place that everybody’s forgotten.

We used to have shops galore, and a pub on every corner, and churches and a close thriving community.

But now we’ve got nothing but takeaways and filthy streets. There are still decent people living here, people with respect and dignity. So please get your buses back on track for the older people who still matter to us, even if they don’t matter to you, Preston Bus and Stagecoach.

Anonymous, Ribbleton