Reader’s letters - Tuesday April 14, 2015

Some of the businesses on Preston Docks have been accused of inconsiderate parking, see letter
Some of the businesses on Preston Docks have been accused of inconsiderate parking, see letter
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Spelling out gas message

Forget your countryside, it will be more like an industrial site.

Routes along narrow lanes, unsuitable for lorries of the size that will be used.

Agriculture and Tourism on the Fylde and Bowland area will be affected.

Childrens safety at Nurseries and Schools at risk along the routes lorries take.

Keeping our country lanes safe for pedestrians, cyclists and other road users.

Insufficient evidence of the effects it will have on the environment.

Noise and pollution around the site and with traffic movement.

Go on have your say, write to Lancashire County Council,

All letters and emails need to in before Friday April 17. Not in our beautiful Lancashire Countryside. This is our county, let’s be proud of it. Once it’s gone, it will be gone forever.

A concerned mother, grandmother and Broughton Resident

Menace of cars parked on path

After several visits to the Preston Motor Park I would like to draw attention to the use of the footpath to display motor cars. A footpath is defined as, a type of thoroughfare that is intended for use only by pedestrians and not other forms of traffic such as motorised vehicles etc.

This definition appears to be totally ignored by some motor traders on the Motor Park around Admiral Way. Some have started to display cars for sale on the footpath, taking away the pedestrian facility.

This means potential customers including those with children are forced to walk in the road. All the dealerships have deliveries of cars on very large car transporters that need to manoeuvre around the area sometimes in reverse, a difficult manoeuvre made more difficult with pedestrians in the road.

How long do we have to wait for someone to be injured or worse killed before completely blocking the footpath with new cars is stopped.

Name and address supplied

Same sex union fine for parents

E J Tilley is playing the victim when he describes his conservative views on gay parenting as being regarded as “bordering on criminality” (letters April 10).

Gay couples have been raising children for a lot longer than he seems to think, and he is being mischievous in saying children are saying online how difficult it is being raised in such households. I know of only one such instance online which was written by a girl in the grip of a religious cult. I suggest E J Tilley campaigns for the rights of children, not to have to be damaged by religious brainwashing.

Indeed I have observed many same sex households over the years and the children, in the main, grow up to be caring, normal, human beings. Look around you Mr Tilley you might realise the type of damaged families producing problem kids are not same sex ones.

Tony Edwards, via e-mail

Being driven round the bend

On my way to a Poundland store at Blackpool I had to negotiate a safe way to cross at a very busy roundabout. As I stood there feeling absolutely bedazzled my eyes were peeled on all the cars just whizzing by.

But what really staggered me more was just how many cars weren’t actually ‘signalling’ and letting other car drivers and the pedestrians know which way they were going?

I just can’t believe the arrogance of most car drivers - thinking to themselves; ‘every one else has to play a guessing game - and also be clairvoyant - to anticipate which way other cars are going to go.’

I always thought that all cars were fitted with indicators.

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool

Happy holidays in days gone by

This photo (see above) was given to me by former Evening Post and later Blackpool Gazette compositor Norman Irish.

We met, sadly, twice last year at funerals. Norman’s brother David died and then our old make Richard Forshaw and then our old mentor at Barlow Street Methodist Chapel, Duncan Partington passed away.

The photo is of an outing, probably arranged by Duncan, to Rhyl and Colwyn Bay, I would guess about 1953.

We had many happy hours at the old chapel and the two Irish brothers, Barry Barnes and myself formed a table tennis team and for a few years we did passably well. Life seemed simpler in those days.

Allan Fazackerley, Penwortham

Election result see no change

Surely the time is right for the British electorate to seriously question the monopoly of Tory and Labour?

They have had since 1945 to guide the British people towards a more prosperous and rewarding future.

Sadly, their record is dreadful - scandalous in fact. Despite hundreds of billions of pounds of (extra) money accrued through North Sea oil and imposing the third highest taxation in Europe, they have led us to food banks, a ‘heat or eat’ culture, bedroom tax, a once proud NHS on its knees, Britain’s trillion pound debt, soaring and uncontrollable fuel prices, low wages, poor investment outside London and lost us our triple “A” rating.

Can anyone tell me how it will be different after May 7?

Robert Gritton, address supplied

Cut the number of police forces

Why do we continue to have 43 police forces in England and Wales when the Scots have managed to combine seven forces into just one? There are massive savings to be made. There wouldn’t be so many police and crime commissioners, or chief constables and their deputies, to pay. A deputy chief constable receives over £100,000 a year.

Savings could fund much more frontline policing. Would we need so many other back office staff? Our present system stays the same because of pressure from within forces keen to keep promotion opportunities.

Name and address supplied