Reader’s letters - Tuesday 25 March 2014

TV journalist Evan Davies at Eckersley Mill in Wigan for his London vs The Rest show
TV journalist Evan Davies at Eckersley Mill in Wigan for his London vs The Rest show
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Loans only make it worse

Looking at the item about a payday loans outlet in Preston (LEP March 22), I began to muse about just how useless, devious and unhelpful the loans industry 
really is.

You see the advertisements of the television promising to wipe out all your debts if you would only consolidate them into one.

Unhelpful? Well, yes. Let’s just have a look at the figures.

If say, a person with a 
combined total of £5,000 of debt including all the interest, were to take out a £5,000 loan with which to clear them all, he would simply be replacing one debt with a bigger one.

The debtor will already have paid all his original interest, now he has more to pay on the new loan and thus gets even further away from solvency. It’s crazy and wrongly builds the hope of a solution in people who are probably already worried sick.

Jim Walker, Preston

Not everyone is a bingo player

Does George Osborne think we are all over the age of 65, queuing up to take out our pensions and getting ready for a night out to a bingo hall?

Although it is nice to cut tax on fun luxuries such as alcohol and bingo, but how is that really going to help the thousands of Lancastrians who are struggling with far more pressing things such as child care, energy bills and housing cost?

I am a 30-something homeowner with a family and bingo is far from my mind. Mr Osborne wishes to boost the bingo industry and help people keep their jobs – how commendable! But what about other industries? The hotel and leisure trade, 
retail, cinemas, etc?

How can you pick one industry over another? How about cutting tax on things people need and will use on a regular basis, rather than once in a blue moon?

Petrol, fuel bills, child care, food, the list goes on. Next time, think about the average resident, not beer-swilling bingo-goers!

Name and address supplied

Time to rethink rail proposals

While Evan Davis’ programme on London vs The Rest may have ruffled a few feathers, I cannot help thinking he raised one particularly good point.

His call for improvements to the north’s rail infrastructure and public transport connections are extremely timely, as now there is an excellent opportunity to invest. Lots of people seem to object to the north-south HS2 rail network, but it occurs to me the tone of some of the criticism amounts of cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face.

Why not campaign for the HS2 route to be turned into an east-west rail network?

A line offering fast services connecting Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and Hull would be a huge boost to the north and not simply increase the problem of brain and capital drains in the direction of the Big Smoke which is a likely outcome of the HS2 plan.

Name and address supplied

We are not in it together on pay

Can someone tell me what a public sector worker is? I thought it was someone paid through the public purse, such as nurses, police and firefighters.

What group do MPs come under? Are they paid through taxes? If so they should be classed as public sector. Public sector workers are getting a one per cent pay rise for and MPs 11 per cent , but according to Cameron “we are all in it together”.

What he should have said is “we’re in it for what we can get”.

Mr Cameron might have well as said: “NHS staff are worth one per cent.” Well Mr Cameron, all I and millions of other people can say is: “MPs are not worth 11 per cent.”

Dave, via email

Signs are a big waste of funds

If Lancashire County Council had not decided to flood Lancashire with 20mph signs at a cost of millions, there wouldn’t be any need for cutbacks and council tax rises. Where I live, they have erected 16 signs, 10 of which are in cul-de-sacs, some of which are less than 100 yards long. The mind boggles.

P Curwin, Kirkham

Coffee morning support thanks

The committee of the Longridge Over 60s Club would like to thank everyone who turned up on a wet and windy morning to support our coffee morning for the Rosemere Valentine Appeal at Royal Preston Hospital. We raised £448 with the generosity of members and others who donated prizes for the raffle and tombola and goods for the bric-a-brac stall, also a lovely selection of cakes.

We have a permanent collection box in the club which people drop their odd change into, to support the Rosemere Unit.

Several of our members have been successfully treated there and it is good to know the facilities are available for any future cancer sufferers.

Iris Blissett (acting secretary), Longridge

Remember Red Rose war dead

On August 4 until August 9 I will lead a coach party from the north of England to the First World War Battlefields in

Belgium and France. En route, we will visit the Shuttleworth Collection of First World War aircraft, the tomb of the Unknown Warrior, the Cenotaph and the Centenary Exhibition at the Imperial War Museum.

In Belgium we will follow the retreat of the ‘Old Contemptibles’ from Mons through Le Cateau, Landrecies, St Quentin to the Marne. We will see the Armistice Carriage at Compiegne, visit the grave of Wilfred Owen, see the trench lines of the Somme and Flanders, and attend the Last Post Ceremony at the Menin Gate.

We will visit sites associated with the northern regiments andit will be possible to pay personal respects by visiting a family member’s grave or memorial.

We have a few places left contact me (address below) or call 017683 41060 or 07710 270640,

David Raw, 2, Eden Gate, Warcop, Appleby-in -Westmorland CA16 6PL