Reader’s letters - Thursday, September 03

An Artist's impression of the proposed homes at the Ridings Depot, Longridge
An Artist's impression of the proposed homes at the Ridings Depot, Longridge
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Keep vehicles off cycleway

Today I walked part of the Guild Wheel, something I enjoy and a place I feel safe from main road traffic.

Unfortunately, today was different, I walked along Old Lightfoot Lane and could not believe what was in front of me.

A new junction to a housing development where I did not have right of way, a lorry soon made me jump out of the way, he apparently has right of way. I was glad I wasn’t on a bike.

Who on earth has given permission for this on the Guild Wheel where, not only walkers and cyclists, but pupils use it as a safe road to school.

I cannot believe local councillors and Lancashire county councillors would give planning permission for this barmy and dangerous junction.

Or who are the officers who designed this unsuitable junction. Reading letters in the LEP, how many more developments are in the pipeline to completely spoil the whole wonderful 21 mile route.

I have since found that the cost to build the Guild Wheel was £2m and last year 100,000 cyclists and walkers used it. Does developers’ money come before the safety and enjoyment of the proud people of Preston and the residents?

I have done more research since my narrow escape and found there is land which already has planning permission for building in Cottam where the infrastructure is already there and is no danger to cyclists and walkers to the demise of the Guild Wheel.

N Critchley, Cottam

Pavements are too dangerous

I live in the Turner Street area of Preston, just off St Paul’s Road near Meadow Street.

The lightning in this area is very poor and has been for as long as I can remember.

It’s that bad that when residents go out at night they have to leave lights on in their hallways and outside their properties.

Also, the pavements are all up and down, it’s a wonder no one hasn’t fallen and broken their neck, it’s that dangerous, it’s terrible going out at night.

A lot of elderly people live in this area so this needs sorting out. Sooner or later someone could get seriously hurt and cost the council a lot of money. It’s that dark you can’t see the pavements. Also, over parked with the mosque, even on double yellow lines, this also needs addressing.

Name and address supplied

Countryside is at risk of ruin

Considering all the concerns that the people of Longridge have, why is this government going ahead with mass development.

The desecration of wildlife, the loss of amenities for future generations of children, and then cumulative effects to the farming industry, will be further undermined by higher prices for suitable farmland.

Countrywide, people are being told that we need to build more houses in our already overcrowded country. The indigenous population can see that, by destroying open spaces and replacing them with vast areas of homes and shops, it will create a self-defeating environment, where crime will increase and pollution and flooding will be a daily occurrence.

Our highways conglomerate does not seem to have any conception of what our roads consist of and have patently abdicated all responsibility when it comes to traffic management.

The overriding problem with Britain is that it is ruled by an elitist group whose only interest in life is maintaining its position in that wonderful drinking club, called the House of Commons.

When the future history of the British Isles is written, it will say that the beauty and freedom of our countryside was utterly destroyed, by a group of self-serving, vote-hungry charlatans.

John Smart,Thornley-with-Wheatley

Carnival’s plea and thanks

Adlington and District Carnival Committee are delighted to announce that thanks to a successful 2015 Carnival we will be donating £5,000 to our nominated charity Rosemere Cancer Foundation, together with a further £1,300 to local charities, schools and nurseries.

The committee would like to thank all advertisers and sponsors along with those who made donations of cash or prizes for their support. We would also like to thank everyone who gave their time and helped over the Carnival weekend and throughout the year, and the people of Adlington and District for their continued support. We can only continue to donate to these charities with your help and support.

If you enjoyed this year’s Carnival as much as we did then why not come and join the committee? We are now planning the 2016 Carnival and we would appreciate and welcome all new members. If you would like to join the committee or help in any way then please ring Alan on 01257 480370 or Jennie on 01257 480807 or contact any committee member.

Alan Snape, via e-mail

Where to start with all advice

This is a question people may ask themselves on a daily basis, medical advice, political advice, financial advice for those who have it, on how to get rid of it, and for those who haven’t on how to get it.

This week I hear that fats are good for us, well I don’t know how to take that, and sugars are poison, I respect that advice.

My doctor told me long ago that all foods which taste good are bad for you, so you must not indulge, on the other hand he told me that all foods that are bland and tasteless are good for you, condemning me to a bland tasteless life.

Now I hear that we have 8m foreign born people living in our country, how ridiculous, this can’t possibly be true can it? I doubt these figures because the UN is telling us Britain should take its fair share of migrants because Germany and Sweden are taking more.

During World War Two when the Americans were flooding this island with troops prior to D-Day, it was believed this island would have sunk if it had not been for the barrage balloons keeping it afloat. Well we have nothing to worry about now, we can’t possibly sink with a multitude of windmills keeping us afloat.

Phill, Lancaster