Reader’s letters Thursday October 30, 2014

Worries: One letter writer is concerned about rats in her area, not just Moor Park
Worries: One letter writer is concerned about rats in her area, not just Moor Park
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Rats are widespread issue

I was interested to read the article in the Evening Post on October 22 about the rats in Moor Park.

I hope when the council decide how to deal with them they will look at the other areas of Preston.

Ashton Park had them by the duck pond some time ago and I know people in Ashton who have even had them inside their homes.

I moved to a bungalow recently in Ashton, I thought I had found my dream home, loved pottering in my garden etc. I could not believe my eyes in the middle of the day there were rats in my front garden.

Imagine my shock – horror, I know they are there but you don’t expect to see them so close during the day.

I’ve been amazed to find after a couple of weeks the council’s black boxes which holds the poison has to be taken away – you have to buy your own plus the poison, both items are expensive.

I have been told in the past the rats were dealt with while they were still in the sewers but that had been stopped due to lack of funds. Could I appeal to people to stop leaving food around and also people not to leave bird food in their garden. Why is the problem so bad in Preston?

Scared Pensioner,


Common sense on station plea

Re: the article regarding Preston Bus Station(‘£14m to repair’: October 24) – it makes me sick.

Every time the council reports on the station regarding repairs and the cost nobody says what revenue it generates with parking fees and fines.

Why don’t the council do what they do in Blackpool.

If you’re going to a show at the Grand Theatre as a senior citizen you get reduced price tickets plus free parking on the multi car park round the corner plus a reduction on a meal in certain restaurants.

It’s not rocket science, it’s what you call common sense, which our councillors seem to be short of.

These methods in Blackpool generate income all round.

Name and adress supplied

Traffic lights are nightmare

It is high time someone said something about those ridiculous traffic lights on Lightfoot Lane section of Eastway/Tom Benson way at its junction with Wychnor.

Ever since these lights were introduced the traffic flow has been so badly interrupted that they cause queues to stretch back over half a mile and probably more when traffic is at its worst.

It only needs one vehicle to approach the lights on Wychnor to change the lights causing huge tailbacks of traffic travelling west towards Ingol and also blocking off other roads trying to join the main road just east of the railway bridge.

We have lived here for 45 years and although the road has always been busy at peak times we have never had standing traffic in either direction.

This road is supposed to be a motorway feeder and a quick route out of Preston.

To put an obstacle like these lights onto an easy exit/access road like Wychnor is madness, even the people living on Wychnor agree that, in the main, they are not needed.

Perhaps they could be made into “part time” lights, maybe half an hour each school morning and afternoon to make it easier for the ladies to collect or deliver their children from school.

Whoever thought up these lights should be made to travel from Asda to Ingol every tea-time for a week.

They would soon be calling for a tractor and chain to drag them out!

Michael Swinburne, Fulwood

French respect their cyclists

The mayor of Calais has blamed Britain’s generous benefit system for the migrant problem, saying they are prepared to die to get here, where they’re given accommodation and £40 a week: compared to the £140 a year they may have earned in their homeland.

Immigrants can also – due to our failure to control rogue drivers –

drive unlicensed and uninsured without too much trouble.

Bogus documents help. As a consquence hit-and-run fatalities have become a regular occurrence and with it, higher insurance premiums.

The standard of driving on UK roads is so bad it makes for a host of ‘entertaining’ TV programmes. In one it was said that Britain has a driving skills crisis. Bad news for responsible drivers, but anightmare for cyclists! In France, where they’ve had a ‘cycling strategy’ for over 100 years – The Tour de France was initiated in 1903 – cyclists are treated with respect.

A cycling strategy here was only introduced some 18 years ago. No help has it been though: last month it was reported that “the risk of serious cycling injuries is increasing”.

In France, cyclists are seen as very vulnerable. The general attitude is, pass them ‘Wide and Slow’, whereas as all too often here, it’s pass them ‘Fast and Close’ – they “don’t pay road tax”.

Also, French cyclists are allowed to turn right at red lights: Here, drivers (despite safety concerns) can use motorway hard-shoulders to make journey times quicker.

Where the car is effectively king and dominates, if not dictates here, the bicycle has equality in France!

I trust the vast majority of French drivers also embrace ‘The Good Samaritan Law’. This sees compassion as a moral duty, and that fulfilling the spirit of the law is just as important as fulfilling the letter of the law.

Allan Ramsay


Trams are great for our cities

Re: Tram Plan Recommended for Refusal (Octber 28). What a great thing for Preston but can’t believe the objections being thrown up – seems like the planners are putting up barriers rather than doing all they can to make this a success.

Trams run in open cities and are integrated which is the big attraction.

Rod Wilson,

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