Reader’s letters - Thursday October 23, 2014

Prime Minister David Cameron posing for a 'selfie' but are politicians in touch with every day life
Prime Minister David Cameron posing for a 'selfie' but are politicians in touch with every day life
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Top tip for tackling pests

Regarding the letter from Grandma, of Holme Slack, (letters October 20), after being registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) for some years and finding it ineffective against international and number withheld calls, I purchased the BT8500 phone just over three weeks ago, which is guaranteed to block 100 per cent unwanted calls.

We haven’t had one unwanted call since I installed it. It’s approach is simple, if the calling number is not already in the phone’s address book, then the phone will answer the call and ask the caller to give their name and then press the hash key ( # ).

It is only after this process does the phone ring, and you hear the callers name. You can then chose to accept the call once or always, or block the caller in future.

As most call centre calls are generated by a computer, and then connected to the call centre on a first to answer basis, the lack of a telephone and a hash key, means they cannot complete the request, and are eventually automatically told by the phone to “Please hang up”.

The only indication there has even been a call is when I next pick up the phone and it shows “missed calls”. Well done BT.

Fred Burnett, Fulwood

We are all being taken for a ride

For a very long time, I have been annoyed, to put it mildly, by the so-called elite members of society, many politicians, the Prime Minister and countless others telling us that “we are all in this together”.

How could these people tell us such a blatant lie; how can they do this, and, at the same time, keep such a straight face?

But, I may have been mistaken as I’d wrongly assumed this claim related to the impact of the recession and the hardships which faced all of us. The higher costs of basic foodstuffs, housing costs, worries about the security of jobs, stagnant wages, or minimal increases which were below inflation, virtually no interest on any savings which had been put aside.

Was an entirely different meaning attached to this claim? When these people uttered “we are all in this together”, it may not have been referring to the effects of the recession as I had believed; oh no, it was, instead, referring to the trough of money provided by others which an increasing number of people are wallowing in.

The snouts of these people, the ones referred to as “we”, are not grubbing about in the bottom of the trough searching for morsels as the trough is always kept full to the brim.

Access to this trough of gold is not available to everyone. The entitlement to participate in its riches is very strict, but, in most cases you must be very thick-skinned, unbelievably greedy, an abject failure, or a combination of all of these, and the more of these qualifications you have and the bigger the failure, means more money is available.

Obscene sums of money are there for the taking, “cos it’s in our contract guv”.

Presently, the trough is becoming ever more crowded, with many takers, including council executives, senior policemen, hospital bosses, BBC executives etc., so some patience may be required in order to grab the biggest pot.

So, apologies for believing that “we are all in this together” referred to something entirely different and to be able to set the record straight.

But, why do we continue to allow this to happen?

And, let’s remember, that those who walk off with such obscene bounty know that the bad publicity surrounding their heist will only last for a few days as after this short period no one will remember them and they will be able to enjoy the luxuries this money has provided in total anonymity.

The cheating of the taxpayers will be their real success story.

Name and address supplied

Life serving in old Palestine

Since the flying of the Palestinian flag over Preston Town Hall, earlier this year, there has been a lot of controversy about it and I for one, as a member of the Palestine Veterans Association, have had two letters printed in the Evening Post.

I am enclosing a piece of poetry that has a sincere depth of true feeling.

It gives you an insight to what we, who served in the Palestine conflict, went through and nothing was every printed in the national press.

The reason why it was kept out of the press is because the British mandate was coming to an end and the powers that be in the government at the time formed the state of Israel.

This poem was written many years ago by my pal Gerry who was injured in Palestine and so was I.

Gerry’s Poem - Eden Camp October 20, 2001

When I was a lad, late in my teens

I was called to join the line

Of those in khaki or KD

In a land called Palestine

I’d heard about this Promised Land

Through Bible class at school

I knew not now who had the job

This Holy Land to rule

Quite soon one learned of Joseph Stern

And a group called IZL

Whose actions based on selfish greed

Turned Holiness to Hell

I lost good friends, too many

And still recall their names

Among them Darkie Batsman

And Bombardier Horace James

They were not lost in battle

There was no chance to fight

Our mates were murdered by a gang

Who claimed they had a right!

Home we came and waited

To hear our story told

Fifty years and nothing said

And we are growing old

Now here today we gather

Comrades as we were then

Sharing thoughts and mem’ries

Of the fallen girls and men

The world still doesn’t want to know

Of those friends, yours and mine

But we know, and we honour

Those who lie in Palestine.

Name and address supplied