Reader’s letters - Thursday November 27, 2014

There's nothing wrong with fish and chips but what of other traditional British dishes, one reader asks
There's nothing wrong with fish and chips but what of other traditional British dishes, one reader asks
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Do not blame the doctors

I am writing in response to your report headed GP surgeries exposed in new report (LEP November 21). For over 40 years, my family and I have been patients at the Ryan Medical Centre in Bamber Bridge.

Having read the Care Quality Commission’s Intelligence Report, is the report really as intelligent as the CQC would have you believe or is it simply the case of scaremongering? It appears from the CQC’s report, my family and I could be at risk from harm by visiting my local GP practice. Out of 38 areas the CQC looked at, they found in 30 of the areas there was no absolutely no evidence of any risk or harm to patients, FIVE of which scored better than average!

Despite the apparent scare tactics employed by the QCQ in their report, I have absolutely no concerns whatsoever about seeing my GP now and at anytime in the future. All the QCQs report seeks to do is to undermine the moral and outstanding work done by GPs and staff at The Ryan Medical and others like it. Such reports also do not cover the other excellent work carried out by The Ryan Medical Centre such as Tender Nursing Care - caring for those who nearing the end of their life.

I know the care, treatment, dedication and professionalism of doctors, nurses and staff past and present at The Ryan Medical give to each and every single one of their patients day in day out is second to none. I have always managed to get an appointment to see my GP when I have needed to see them or opt for a telephone conversation with no problem at all. More recently, Dr Allister and Dr Clelland (Retired) have been absolutely invaluable when it came to my father who was diagnosed in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s and Dementia – they have been really superb in managing his condition and care.

Dr Allister and Dr Clelland played a key role in having my son’s condition called Haemochromatosis diagnosed which can prove fatal if remains untreated. Nothing is ever too much trouble for the doctor’s and staff at the Ryan Medical Centre.

The simple fact of the matter is family GPs are being expected to work longer hours, see more patients than ever before with the creation of new housing developments with less and less resources from central government which is not the fault of our overworked GPs but the coalition government and the Department of Health.

As a result, we are losing experienced and extremely talented GPs who are deciding to retire earlier than they would otherwise done because of the constant interference and muddle created by the government who itself appears to have lost sight of a fundamental principle of the NHS - patient care - by chasing endless targets!

We should all be proud and support our family GPs. The real ambition of Cameron and Co is to privatise our local GP services through the back door and introduce charges for the privilege of being ill. The NHS and GP practices like the Ryan Medical Centre should be left to the professionals who know the job and patients better than anyone.

Susan Brundrett, Bamber Bridge

Where are the great chefs?

It is becoming impossible to find well-cooked British food. I am not talking about ‘pub grub’ or fish and chip takeaways, but ordinary restaurants. Indian, Chinese and Mediterranean restaurants are plentiful. But even so-called British food is now actually Mediterranean or so smothered in garlic, sauces or dressings it is impossible to taste the actual food. Do we have a generation of chefs incapable of producing a well-cooked, tasty plain steak? Or roast lamb without wine or rosemary?

In many cases I suspect sauces are used to disguise poor ingredients or cooking. We have a lot to celebrate in British cuisine all we need are chefs with the vision and skills to do it justice.

Arthur Wilkinson, Blackpool

Put politicians on reality TV

Our present clutch of rubber-stamp politicians have little to recommend them – all with the same negative outlook, all with the same negative story. Petty squabbling and frequent gaffs single them out as ‘unsuitable for purpose’ – reinforced by regular bouts of back-pedalling and flapping in front of the microphone.

Amateurs all, they waffle on about invisible, often dubious, successes marginally felt in industry perhaps, but never in the home and certainly never in the housewife’s purse.

Always miles behind on public thinking and always in a state of catch-up, the parties of Cameron, Clegg and Miliband retro-fit their ideas by the hour, hoping to appeal to ears that closed to their meaningless rhetoric years ago. Problem is, truth told, the power in our land has gone to Europe and our politicians couldn’t crack a whip even if they wanted to without first getting permission to pee from Brussels.

This is why they all sound the same – they are all preaching from the same negative European hymn sheet. How important I wonder is personality in politics? Immeasurably so, judging by recent results in the Rochester and Strood by elections.

High time then for a Political X Factor show searching for those elusive properties that separate Westminster winners from losers in a Britain Demands the Right to Rule Itself Special.

On the panel this evening is a white van man, an English flag waver, and a housewife from Chorley, and coming up for your delectation, deliverance and political perspicacity are three handsome young political heartthrobs willing to smack Angela Merkel in the mouth and bring home the bacon.

Joe Dawson, Chorley

Sweeter sounds of the jungle

Quite a few eyebrows were raised on hearing that veteran reporter and TV news reader Michael Buerk is taking part in I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here.

He has travelled the world reporting on famine and inspiring the launch of Band Aid. So why is the 68-year-old putting himself through such an ordeal?

Perhaps being in the jungle was the only way he could avoid having to listen to Bob ‘Needs a haircut’ Geldof’s Do They Know It’s Christmas?

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool