Reader’s letters - Thursday November 13, 2014

Why can't Preston have an attraction like Manchester's Chill Factore indoor ski slope (see letter)
Why can't Preston have an attraction like Manchester's Chill Factore indoor ski slope (see letter)
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Greater ambition needed

Preston City Council’s plans to demolish the indoor market and replace it with a city centre cinema seems to be another example off scoring an own goal.

Cinema audiences are falling by eight per cent and by the time, if ever, the project gets off the ground audiences will be falling even further. Like the demises of video rental shops cinemas will struggle in the future as times change.

Think again Preston Council and provide something new. Barton Grange Garden Centre has plans for a curling rink and other amenities. Think outside the usual box,such as an indoor bowling centre, a Chill Factore ski facility like Manchester.

More importantly consult the residents of the city what they want for the area

Peter Watson, Goosnargh

Playing politics over Europe

If David Cameron was really serious about closing our wide open borders presently allowing the uncontrolled immigration required by the EU, he would give the UK an in/out EU referendum before the next election, so he could realistically argue with the EU that this was indeed the will of the British people.

But he won’t,because basically he is a ‘pro European’.and is making a show of negotiating with the EU over the open borders issue, in order to placate his radical anti EU back-benchers who are threatening to join UKIP.

Unfortunately the way he is approaching this issue (together with their latest £1.7bn demand), he is up setting most of the EU leaders (including the new president,) who will likely oppose any UK future trading with EU if the UK (as Norway as EU non-members presently do) do elect to remove ourselves from the EU sometime in the future.

By carrying out such an EU referendum now, this would effectively negate UKIP’s biggest election card and lessen their likely future number of MPs to harass any future government.

But an out vote would require any future Government to actually carry out this instruction from the electorate.

Although he has promised the UK electorate such a referendum in 2017 should they be re-elected, this was merely to buy him time, his real intention is to avoid this at all costs which he feels confident he will politically be able to do, as he previously did in 2010.

So it appears that there is little alternative but to vote UKIP in order to avoid us as an island nation becoming the most overcrowded country in the EU.

E J Tilley, Chorley

Shopkeepers could do more

Please can the shopkeepers on Manchester Road do something about the litter outside their shops?

Avenham has improved so much over the past few years. Across the road from the shops, Newman College has been extended and has an impressive entrance, which is always maintained and litter free. The only grot spot is in front of these shops. It really is a disgrace, and the litter blows down the hill to all the streets around.

A good profit is made from the students in these shops. Surely more bins just inside your premises would help when the bins outside are full.

There was a time when shopkeepers took pride, and swept outside their shops on a daily basis.

Concerned Resident

In sickness and in wealth

UKIP man Nigel Farage is an ex public schoolboy, City of London banker, married to a German lady.

Graham Nelson, A working class lad from Preston married to Preston North End and Lancashire Country Cricket club

Woman are the modern slaves

Why all the sudden headlines highlighting of “Slavery In Our Midst”, slavery has been in our midst for centuries upon centuries ie women!

Women are and have been the cheekily-taken-for-granted breed – forever. Without women doing all the muggins jobs in the home etc. the country/the world would totally collapse.

Doing 24/7 jobs weekly, monthly, yearly as it does go with absolutely no thanks, no praise, no appreciation from anyone and definitely no wages at all despite a life-times hours of endless jobs plus caring for the kids on top of everything else – what male person would do all this year in, year out and get nothing, not even thanks – no not one. Men are so used to having women do every single thing in the home. I personally abhor this attitude and when they are left it all what do they do? But pay someone to come in and do it all – yes – a woman comes in for the babies. Men are shameful!

What makes them think they are too good for housework? They too, eat and drink, sleep and live in a place and use the toilet. They are as fit to clean everywhere as are women – slaves!

B Sherlow, Preston

Skinny models not beautiful

How refreshing to read the excellent feature by Sophie Wilson (LEP October 25), regarding what I call normal size women. Every credit to the lady. Too many women are brainwashed today in being super slim,I call it skinny.

There is nothing attractive about a skinny woman, sexually or otherwise. The most beautiful female form ever created was the “Venus de Milo”. I am sorry to say that, according to today’s fashion magazines and the media in general, her lovely Junoesque figure would be considered a little oversized in today’s world.

This is an absolute shame. Too many walking “bean poles” are promoted today. We are not talking overweight or even plump - we are talking of a normal sized woman. Such a woman is a pleasure to the eye and lovely to behold. Rembrandt knew how to portray real women.

Most of the models you see today look positively anorexic, and should carry a Government health warning that should they be made love to (ghastly thought), you should be careful not to cut yourself on the bones!

Burt Finch, Preston