Reader’s letters - Thursday May 29, 2014

Traffic fears: An aerial view of Kepple Lane, Garstang, which is scheduled for development
Traffic fears: An aerial view of Kepple Lane, Garstang, which is scheduled for development
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MP Evans has let us down

So, Nigel Evans wishes to remain as the MP for Ribble Valley. No Surprise there!

It is indeed a beautiful place in which we live and work, as the many thousands that do so – and those that aspire to do so – would surely attest.

This does not happen by accident, but by the endeavours of many people. Teachers, service professionals, voluntary organisations, farmers, business people, village communities etc all play a vital role in making this area so special.

We are rightly proud of the quality of schools, the excellence of our sports people, the fact that so many surveys hold up our area as a great place to live. These are the thing we celebrate and which make us feel proud.

It is fair to expect high morals and standards of behaviour from our clergy, teachers, business leaders, councillors and, above all, our Member of Parliament. On these matters I feel Nigel has badly let us down.

He was lucky to get the right to continue as the Conservative candidate after his by-election defeat (in 1991) and would be extremely lucky to continue now.

Plenty of people like a drink, but when it begins to affect your job or your judgement surely it is time to slow down.

Nigel has been put through an ordeal by his court appearances, of that there is no doubt, but they were as a direct result of his own actions for which he, and he alone, is responsible.

There must, of course, be sympathy, as he was found not guilty of the offences put before the court and his accusers could point the finger without the need to “front up” about it. However, once the light has been shone on Nigel’s behaviour the damage to his reputation, and his suitability to represent us, has been done. The cork cannot be put back into the bottle, so to speak.

Unless the Conservative Association can provide us with a candidate who is fit to represent us, then I – and, I suspect, a great many others – will feel disenfranchised.

David A Brass, Clitheroe

Road is too narrow to walk

My wife and I, as well as many other residents in Garstang, are most concerned about the number of houses projected for Kepple Lane and the bordering A6. Contrary to what the planners seem to think, Kepple Lane is not a quiet road.

It is blocked at the start and end of the school day and extremely busy the rest of the day due to patients attending the medical centre. One takes one’s life in their hands often when trying to cross it.

There is a narrow, uneven path on the north side only.

The idea pedestrians from the planned estates could walk through the Medical Centre car park to access Kepple Lane is farcical.

The road width is a squeeze for two cars passing and the speed at which many patients drive along it would cause death to children. Has it been considered that there are already five entrances to Kepple Lane – two from the council estate and two from Mr Cubbins Utopia and St Thomas’s School, four exits onto the A6 within a short distance (Moss Lane, the road opposite, Green Lane, Bradshaw’s Farm Shop) before Kepple Lane?

As the schools are nearly full and it is difficult to get an appointment with the doctors unless it is an emergency, I assume you have made contingency plans for this?

It is evident to the people who live in Garstang that these plans if implemented will be a disaster on many counts. The only people to benefit will be the landowners and the builders.

Dr D Kershaw and Mrs C Kershaw, Garstang

Can you make a difference?

Dear Sir/Madam,

From 1-7 June people across the country will be coming together to celebrate the vital contribution volunteers make supporting people in need, as part of

Volunteers’ Week.

On behalf of Royal Voluntary Service I would like to take this opportunity to thank our volunteers in the North of England for their unwavering dedication and hard work. For 365 days a year over 35,000 Royal Voluntary Service volunteers provide meals, transport services and companionship to over 100,000 older people across Britain; it is their dedication and compassion which allows older people to live fulfilled lives whilst staying independent in their homes for longer.

I would like to encourage more people in the North of

England to follow their example and sign up to volunteer for Royal Voluntary Service and help us support more older people in need.

Making a difference to someone’s life can be as simple as stopping by to share a cup of tea and a chat, or driving people to a lunch club.

Whether you can spare an hour a week or can give a couple of days each month, we will have an opportunity to suit your availability and skills.

You can visit or call 0845 600 5885.

Will you be volunteering next Volunteers’ Week?

Carol Nevison,

Royal Voluntary Service Head of

Operations for the North of England

Integrate in the shops too

Re: The new Europa Delikatesy on Ribbleton Lane asking for a premises licence to allow the sale of alcohol, for consumption off the premises.

I am against all these nationalist / specialist shops opening up.

It does nothing to encourage integration.

Why can’t migrants shop at Asda, Booths, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose like everyone else, it would improve their English and their neighbour relationships.