Reader’s letters - Thursday May 14, 2015

Alex Salmond arrives at the count ahead of being elected to Westminster (see letter)
Alex Salmond arrives at the count ahead of being elected to Westminster (see letter)
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Scots’ role in poll results

As a Tory voter, may I offer my sincere thanks for a Conservative majority to... Nicola Sturgeon!, and Alex “The Scottish Lion has Roared again” Salmond.

These two, aided and abetted by the hapless Miliband and Balls made sure the Tories would win, thank God.

Ms Sturgeon, and Mr Salmond both refuse to accept the decision of the majority of Scottish voters that they want to stay in the Union, as per the Independence Referendum.

To quote Ms Sturgeon, she was going to keep Cameron out of Downing Street. Well love, unfortunately, you’ve been highly instrumental in getting him in Downing Street, with another five years to rule, thanks for that Nicola, have one on me.

The Tories certainly aren’t perfect by any means, but, they are certainly better than a Miliband, Balls, Sturgeon stitch up, and, as the proverb say’s, “better the Devil you know”.

Sturgeon and Salmond remind me of the EU directorate, if the vote goes against you, make them vote again until we get what we want, as per Ireland, and earlier France and Holland who voted against them, they were made to vote again, which is what Ms Sturgeon wants.

How Salmond can say the Scottish Lion has “roared again”, when it only has 56 seats in Westminster is bordering on the ridiculous daydreaming of a delusioned fool.

Tony Tory Voter in thanks Bamber Bridge

Future role of Lib Dem party

The election results have been crushing for the Liberal Democrats. There will be a lot of soul searching, but we all know Britain needs a strong liberal voice.

Theresa May has already announced that the Tories want to immediately reintroduce the Snoopers Charter. There is no doubt that an unrestrained Conservative Party will also ditch the Human Rights Act, allow employers to fire at will and scrap help with housing costs for young people. Liberal Democrats in government blocked these Tory plans.

Our decisions in government were based on our aims to safeguard a fair, free and open society and to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community.

The coming years will come down to a tale of two unions - the UK and the EU. Despite all the difficult challenges ahead the Liberal Democrat voice must be heard. Since polling day over 8,000 new members have joined the Liberal Democrats. You too can add your voice for a fairer, greener, more liberal future.

Mark Jewell, chairman Preston and Wyre Liberal Democrats

Questions over parking spy

To add to the story concerning Asda car park I offer my experience (LEP May 11). We were doing a charity bag pack at Asda and I was asked for my car registration number. As I had been dropped off by my husband I stated that it probably wasn’t necessary to give this.

The staff member then informed me that if I was being picked up later by the same car it was necessary to give them the registration number. She added the car park was not controlled by Asda and the camera noted the time your car arrived and the last time it left the car park.

I was perturbed by this and asked if my husband shopped at Asda in the morning and I decided to come and browse around the clothes and home ware in the afternoon would the camera state we had been parked from am to pm.

The answer was yes that would be the case and our car would be issued with a ticket. Is this legal? Does this encourage customers to Asda? Are there clear notices explaining this on Asda car park?

Christine Abram, Cottam

Keep hands on polling card

I read with interest the article “Casting an eye over polling booth protocol” (letters May 8), by columnist Rachel Stansfield.

She commented that she handed her polling card to two women outside the polling station and hadn’t known this was part of the process. Well that’s because it isn’t!

These women are party workers, trying to find out which of their party’s supporters have actually turned up to vote.

They are not official, it is not part of the electoral process and they have absolutely no right to her card, or indeed to any of her details, and certainly no right to be cross when she could not find her card in her ‘outsize handbag’.

So Ms Stansfield, next time you go to vote, sail past them with your dignity intact and worry not one jot !

Name and address supplied

Names behind football photo

The football team featured in today’s Looking Back (letters May 11) is probably Clubland, a youth club side that was situated in Walker Street, the year, circa 1955-56.

Back row, from the left: unknown, Jack Norris (not Morris),Eric Fish, Jack Bowen, Ronnie Simpson (Slim- featured in a previous photo with Jim Chadwick), Jim Chadwick.

Front row: Bernard Greaves, Joe Williams, Jimmy Lee (not Jack, who was a cousin), Eddie Maloney, Ronnie Townson (not Tommy Williams).

Denis Lee, Ashton

Strange world of headlines

I was listening to radio this morning when two bits of news, vastly apart, shook me. First was the dreadful news that another quake had hit the poor people of Nepal.

Then even more frightening was the news that some hero had shelled out $150m for a Picasso.

How far apart can two bits of news be? I thought I was depressed enough until on the lunchtime news came that nice Mr Cameron telling us he was forming a blue collar government, a party for the working people.

I hope Kier Hardy wasn’t listening or you will be able to hear his grave turn from here.

And I thought the early news was bad !

Allan Fazackerley, Penowrtham