Reader’s letters - Thursday May 07, 2015

A topical display at the Scorton Bikes and Barrows Festival. Photo by reader Kevin Jackson, of Bamber Bridge
A topical display at the Scorton Bikes and Barrows Festival. Photo by reader Kevin Jackson, of Bamber Bridge
Have your say

Do not miss voting chance

I lived in the delightful town of Chorley for almost 20 years until my wife’s health made us retire to Spain in 2001.

But I’m amazed the Chorley electorate comprised 94,932 for the 2010 general election yet virtually half, 45,158, couldn’t be bothered to vote.

Are these people also among the many that do much of the grumbling about their standard of living or how the town or country services are run?

So isn’t it time each person took responsibility and voted for those they feel should manage the countries affairs?

It is too easy to say my single vote can make no difference, for there were more than 45,000 like that at the last election.

Non-voters have no right to complain when things go wrong, as they are too uninterested to care. I’m a strong Conservative. I’m 90 and an RAF aircrew veteran, but I am not advising people to vote as I do. I am simply saying take responsibility and at least vote for someone – whoever you feel is right to lead the country to further prosperity.

Just don’t waste your vote. The country does not need another coalition, and it doesn’t need bickering, it needs positive Government.

A Government with full authority which can maintain Britain’s current good worldwide standing. Maintaining the high standard of the NHS health service is paramount but it will always be stretched by whoever is in power. Every day science and technology is producing new drugs (for meningitis, cancer etc) or bionic assistance for injured limbs etc.

This brings hope to thousands but how can the NHS expect to afford these advances and offer them to us unless the Government in power maintains and continues building our strong economy? Without it, no party can succeed. So remember, every one of you, your vote really counts.

Maurice R Hamlin, Spain

Think before having your say

The latest currency in the election debate is the race to cut the most from public service budgets. Tough decisions will have to be made but the services will not be affected and legal duties will be met. Do we really believe all this? Services seem to be being provided but only through a thin veneer of provision.

We heard last week that reported crimes had risen by two per cent. Ask any policeman or woman who is willing to talk how thin the provision of policing is at present in their area.

If it’s cut any more the percentage of crimes will rise and we will be more and more at risk.

We’ve seen the problems at immigration facilities and passport controls due to understaffing, the probation service has been dismembered and senior figures in the judiciary are warning of “tinder box” conditions in our prisons. Private companies such as G4S might have nice uniforms but they have no clout – again, ask any policeman how effective they are.

We need certain public services and, if they cost more, we have to pay for them.

Nobody in the election is daring to say this because they are terrified of the “T word” – tax! None of us relish paying our taxes but if we want a health service, protection from crime, strong military provision, good education for our children and so forth we have to be prepared to pay, to sacrifice some spending power to provide for our service needs.

When you come to vote think about the consequences of cutting services and in whose hands are our services the safest?

J. Watson, Clitheroe

Head off to the voting booth

After all of the claims, arguments, debates and promises many will be sick of this election so my plea is simple. Vote. I don’t care who you vote for just make sure you have your say.

M Roberts, Fulwood

Where should a vote be placed

Help please. In my Southport constituency we have:

A UKIP party that is “not nationalist” but wants us out of Europe and is anti-foreigner (especially ones named Johnny)

A Southport Party which is “not anti-Scouse” but wants us out of Liverpool.

A Liberal Democrat Party that says vote for it to “keep the Tories out”, even though it said the same in 2010 and let the Tories in.

A Conservative party, which says it is “not anti-Scottish”, that fought to keep Scotland in the Union but doesn’t want Scottish MPs in power or to have voting rights - and says a vote for the SNP is a vote for Labour.

And a Labour Party that says it won’t form a government with the SNP, even though it also wanted Scotland “in the UK” and the SNP has proper Labour policies. Can anyone shed light on who I can vote for who is standing for themselves and their own politics?

A confused Alan Buckley,Southport

Claims divert the true debate

Peter Bye’s claims ( letters May 4) are pure fantasy and display an ignorance of the facts.

Mr McCluskey has never claimed he will be the person that writes Labour’s first budget and to suggest so is completely false.

Mr Bye’s mistake is understandable though given the smear and fear which has been spread by the Tories to avoid proper scrutiny of David Cameron’s record. A record which has left our NHS in intensive care and seen food bank use soar in Lancashire.

So let’s stick to the facts. Mr McCluskey has never and will never claim to write Labour’s budget should Labour come to power after May 7. The author of that budget will be Ed Balls.

Mick Whitley, north west regional secretary Unite

Wildlife of our candidates

The sight and sound of endless political backbiting reminds me greatly of wild animals gnawing away at the bones of a dead carcass.

No wonder voters are confused and with not so much as a strip of Bronco between them what choice is there?

Joseph G Dawson, Withnell, Chorley