Reader’s letters - Thursday June 18, 2105

River Wyre Tidal Barrage artist's impression
River Wyre Tidal Barrage artist's impression
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Give support to tidal power

Climate change could destroy the planet and everything on it, unless we act now to keep warming below two degrees.

Not only scientific opinion but many world authorities, including the International Energy Agency and the Pope, are saying that the only way to do this is to keep fossil fuels in the ground, and invest instead in energy efficiency and renewables.

So why is Lancashire even considering giving the green light to fracking, which will release more dangerous gases into the atmosphere and make a mockery of the government’s carbon reduction targets?

Not to mention the local misery caused by water and air pollution, noise and traffic congestion.

Norway has taken its investments out of fossil fuels, while Scotland, Wales and New York have banned fracking.

Do we really want Lancashire to be the county of dirty energy?

Let’s instead give our support to the proposed tidal barrage on the river Wyre, reported in last week’s Evening Post (June 12), which has the potential to power tens of thousands of homes, and make Lancashire a pioneer of green energy!

Marjorie Drake via email

Fracking and health issues

The planning officers’ undemocratic recommendation, ironically made on the anniversary of Magna Carta, was a snub to the Fylde Borough Council who voted against it in September 2014.

Fracking in the US has caused serious health problems such as low birth weight babies, birth defects and miscarriages caused by toxins in the flare-off which include radioactive radon and arsenic, which also causes cancer, heart problems and breathing difficulties.

A number of countries and US states have banned fracking. Among them is France, who say fracking is incompatible with the French environment, and care for future generations is intimately linked.

Cuadrilla does not have a good safety record.

Charles Hendry, former energy secretary, said in March 2013 that Cuadrilla have weaknesses in performance and has been warned by ministers as a licence.

To let Cuadrilla operate within one mile of Weeton School, in line with the prevailing wind and the contingent risk of a blow-out (when the methane catches fire in the well-head, causing wide spread pollution), would be reckless. To impose fracking on the people of Fylde and Lancashire, would be to treat us as a social underclass.

Richard Swinnerton, Freckleton

Use gas cash for national debt

Regarding fracking, we can object until the cows come home, but it’s the fattest wallet that nearly always wins.

If this shale gas bonanza is so lucrative, then our goverment could take it over, and use the revenue to pay the national debt off and save us all from the intended cutbacks.

Working class lad, Bamber Bridge

A salute to Father’s Day

I have received what reads rather like a command from Booths. “Treat Dad on Sunday, June 21” says the email from General Booth....( I am assuming it is from him).

Having done National Service, I leaped to my feet as best I could, produced a snappy salute.


It was then I realised that although my parent would have appreciated the fine range of whiskies on offer in the General’s despatch, his ability to consume them would have been somewhat hampered by the fact that, as a veteran and survivor of the First World War, he has been dining in the Elysian Fields Deli since 1956, where only spring water is available.

Gordon Garment, Chipping

We should look after insect life

According to Plantlife International, roadside verges are the last refuge for bees and other insects as half the native wildflowers in Britain are now mostly found on these verges, having been driven from fields and parks.

Unfortunately, cutting of these verges is threatening many species with extinction.

Plantlife International states that good planning of verge cutting can preserve wildflower species without threatening the safety of either drivers or pedestrians.

Without your help, our wildflowers will continue to die out, as will many insects which depend upon them.

Please sign the petition to help them at

Arthur Wilkinson, address supplied

Free manure not wanted

Earlier this year it was sharp white pellets with which we were bombarded whilst enjoying an evening glass of wine.

Spotting our obvious discomfort, the farmer promptly stopped his tractor and apologised.

This morning, amidst a heavy cloud of intense drizzle, came the dreaded muck spreader intent upon firing great clumps of niffy nourishment in all directions including, once again, into our back garden.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for the free manure, but a better aim next year would be greatly appreciated.

Joseph G Dawson, Chorley

Cycle ride for Christie cause

I wonder if your paper could give me some publicity.

On July 12, I am riding from Manchester to Blackpool, a distance of 60 miles, helping to raise money for the Christie Charity which helps the hospital in Manchester.

I have set up a Just Giving site on the internet,, and my name to donate is C Gardner, so I wondered if you could publicise this. I would be most grateful.

Using the web means any monies promised will go direct to the charity.

Thank you in anticipation.

Christopher James Gardner, Lancaster