Reader’s letters - Thursday June 12, 2014

Experts have identified Bowland as key to the UK's energy needs
Experts have identified Bowland as key to the UK's energy needs
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Get students on the buses

I see Newman College is hoping to build a four storey extension in the near future. I hope they have taken into account the problems this will cause with parking. As if there isn’t enough of the problem in all the streets around the college.

Why can’t the pond in the huge grounds not be filled in and they would have a huge car parking area in their own grounds.

Entrance to the car park could be on Manchester Road and exit from the college could be from Selborne Road.

There must be extremely wealthy students attending Newman College to be able to afford a car let alone all the running costs. Or is it the parents namby pambying to their darling offspring. What is wrong with local transport? It would be much fairer to all the residents living around the college. Their lives are being made a misery with all the irresponsible parking and attitude of the owners of cars.

Concerned Resident

Make people go to ballot box

It is my good fortune to have dual citizenship of Australia/UK and having spent most of my time in Australia I endorse the comments expressed by E J Tilley’s (letters June 9).

All citizens are obliged to register on the Electoral Roll when they reach 18 years of age; failure to vote attracts a fine, continuing to fail attracts a sentence.

It may seem harsh but, sadly, not everyone appreciates the benefits of a democratic system, designed to ensure everyone has a say in their governance.

Certainly it can be manipulated to skew the results particularly where communities of non-English speakers gather and can be misinformed intentionally.

I was appalled to hear recently a middle aged gentleman say proudly: “I have never voted in my life and never will” later I heard this same person complaining about what the Government was doing that affected his life in a way he didn’t like.

To vote for the system you believe is more beneficial for the community is a privilege not a penalty.

Berenice Bird, Bilsborrow

New homes are ruining region

On June 2, a meeting was held to let local residents examine the plans, which will see 315 new dwellings densely crammed into “phase one” of the Shuttlingfields development. Ten 
hectares is almost 25 acres.

Difficulties already exist as regards traffic volumes, snarl-ups at the railway barrier, shortage of doctors, school places, etc. All of which will, in effect, be doubled when this hitherto green strip is destroyed forever.

The government, along with its countless flunkies, seems destined to overrule any and all objections because it amounts to a “cash cow”, churning millions into their coffers, but with no benefit to existing residents who see what lies ahead with heartache.

G W Richards, Bamber Bridge

Experts don’t live with shale

A national newspaper recently published a letter signed by no less than 50 eminent figures hailing the shale gas reserves beneath Bowland Basin as an answer to the nation’s energy needs. Every one of the signatories was either a professor or a doctor and each was an expert in geophysics or a similar field.

The letter did provide a persuasive argument for increasing the nation’s natural gas production while ignoring the impact of putting drilling rigs right across this designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Perhaps it is a coincidence but just one of the 50 experts is actually based in Lancashire and he is tucked away at Edge Hill on the county’s southern border.

Michael Roberts, Fulwood

Visited by a ghostly image

Ghosts? Now there’s a mystery to conjure with. A silhouette of something or nothing, bona fide or bunkum, myths and legends from a rude past, imagination gone mad in the shadows of a crackling winter’s fire, a squeaky hinge, a footfall on the stairs, a bump in the night.

What caused these things to happen, who tapped on the door, who turned the knob, and why when the wind blows does the carpet lift near granny’s chair? Ghosts? I wasn’t sure until...

Following a long spell in the garden I felt a nap coming on - leaving my wheelbarrow and fork behind - I carted off to my favourite armchair.

My dog Nell joining me in the cool of a room that stood when Nelson was at sea. How long I dozed I don’t know but Nell broke my slumber and opening my eyes I found a little girl smiling down at me. She wore a bonnet and a bow her curls bobbed as she moved, her lilac dress looked new and her frilly pantalets spoke of the 1700s.

A few days later my neighbour came bursting in with news of ‘something really scary’ apparently her friend, a medium, had only that very morning seen a little girl in a lilac dress in a part of the house that circa 200 years ago had been a shop.

Joseph Dawson, Withnell, Chorley

Paxman of the seaside writes

While I was watching the BBC TV news an item came on about how the price of wholesale energy costs have come by down 38 per cent for the six major power suppliers - yet they still haven’t passed on the reductions to domestic customers.

Huw Edwards interviewed Energy Secretary Ed Davey and it was so boring and I just wish he was a bit more “forceful” in his questions - and if need be - interrupt the minister when he strays away from the question he was asked?

I think Jeremy Paxman or John Humphrys would have pushed Ed Davey - when he strayed away from the question.

I found myself performing a rather loud voiced interview at the TV!

I just wish I could be let loose on one of these TV news interviews - I’d seize the chance and make Alf Garnett sound tame! My message to Huw Edwards as Alf Garnett jnr is...”you silly moo!”

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool