Reader’s letters - Thursday June 11, 2015

At a time of austerity, MPs shouldn't get a big pay rise says a correspondent. See letter
At a time of austerity, MPs shouldn't get a big pay rise says a correspondent. See letter
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MPs’ pay rise is insulting

It is unconscionable that MPs will get a 10 per cent pay rise while the public sector will receive only one percent.

Offers from many MPs to give the money to charity are offensive – It’s still our money.

What’s more, we know from the expenses scandal that, for many politicians, charity begins at home.

In these times of severe austerity – and everyone is being forced to tighten their belts and their pockets, and some people are even being made redundant – for MPs to accept this pay rise would be truly insulting and offensive to all the public who do actually pay their vastly ‘inflated’ wages.

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool

Permits erode protections

As you know our new government is hell-bent on pushing shale oil and gas upon us.

We are now, it seems, in a situation that the apparent “golden regulation” is allowing the use of one of the world’s most caustic and toxic chemicals, hydrofluoric acid(HF)(far more harmful than hydrochloric acid).

It has been quietly buried away in a subsection of the Environmental Agency’s New Oil and Gas Consultation. This plan proposes to do away with site specific permits and allow the industry to use “standard rules.”

These catch-all permits erode protections and clearly make way for business – residents’ health and the environment are definitely a secondary consideration. Acid flushing or acidizing with this substance is a nasty successor to fracking.

Do we really want this chemical travelling up and down our country lanes and potentially jeopardising our health and our water supply? And by the way, who exactly is the Environment Agency working for?

Juliette, Balcombe, West Sussex

Child may have been disabled

Did the person who wrote the letter regarding the screaming child in the supermarket (LEP letters May 28) stop to consider that the child might be on the autistic spectrum or have some other disability, such as ADHD and as yet undiagnosed, and wasn’t being naughty or trying to get their own way?

As a grandparent of two grandchildren, one high functioning autistic and one asperger’s, I can only sympathise with this child’s parents.

Don’t be too quick to judge when you see a child misbehaving because they might have a disability and not a lack of discipline.

Name and address supplied

Aiming to end housing crisis

Now the dust has settled after the general election, I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate Ms Rosie Cooper MP on the recent election.

Affording a home is tough for many people in West Lancashire. At an average of £193,488, house prices are nine times the average take home pay of people who live in the area. For many, buying a home is a distant dream.

We have a housing crisis. Housing associations are a key part of the solution to this crisis both across the country and in West Lancashire. They build 45,000 homes a year – for rent, for sale and shared ownership – but want to do much more. Their vision is to deliver 120,000 of the 245,000 homes this country desperately needs each year by 2033.

The National Housing Federation represents over 1,000 housing associations that provide homes to more than five million people across the country. Our new Government has committed to end the housing crisis within a generation, now it must free up land and provide proper investment. We look forward to working with Rosie Cooper in Parliament to solve the crisis.

David Orr, National Housing Federation

Memories of Tom and Irene

May I, through the LEP, wish Tom and Irene Howard congratulations on 70 years of marriage (LEP, June 3).

These two are a lovely devoted couple whom me and my family had the pleasure of knowing in the 1980s, living in Dodgson Road.

Tom was a CB enthusiast and we got to know him when my husband Joe took up his hobby,

Our daughter Sharon was interested too. Their handles were Scorpio (Joe), and Tom christened Sharon Cherry Blossom.

Our son was about three or four at the time and Tom used to call him Tarzan. Tom used to visit us every Sunday morning, and bring Adam a little toy or sweets, he was a very kind man.

It was so good to see the picture in the paper of them, it brought back some lovely memories, of time spent with both of them. Hope they remember us, because we certainly remember them with great affection.

Denise and Joe, Clitheroe, and Sharon and Adam, Ribbleton, Preston

Credit to boxer for his values

I read with interest the report (LEP, June 8) of the boxer Adam Little being mistakenly attacked when he was seeking to act as a peacemaker.

I also noted Adam’s remarkable comments that intervening was the right thing to do and he would do the same again.

Great credit should be given to Adam for his mature and responsible actions and his values.

I wish him well in his career and those who share my regard for his exemplary behaviour should join me in supporting him as he fights for the English Championship Belt at the Hilton Hotel Blackpool on June 27.

Malcolm Rae OBE, Preston

Is ale house the best name?

I have just read that they are going to open an establishment selling alcoholic drinks etc, and being named ‘The Guild Ale House’. (LEP, June 6). Well, if they need to attract a variety of customers, pick a better name please.

An ale house was usually a house of ill repute.

The Guild Lounge would be a good name or am I being too old-fashioned?

Alan Bailey, Leyland