Reader’s letters - Thursday July 24, 2014

New 10mph Bus Speed warnings at Preston Bus Station
New 10mph Bus Speed warnings at Preston Bus Station
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Keep cutting speed limit

They’re utterly delightful! I simply adore them! I refer, of course, to those cheerful 20mph signs which now adorn our streets like huge, glorious poppies among the, otherwise, boring trees and other natural nonsense that, hitherto, spoiled our environment!

Actually, for safety reasons as well, I want more and more of them! Recently, my husband almost had an accident because he was so busy looking around to find out what speed he was meant to be going that he forgot to keep an eye on the road, itself!

So, let’s have them every few yards, please! And I get so cross with those who witter on about the increased pollution. Spoil sports! In its own way, asthma is rather entertaining, and gives children something to do apart from checking their Farcebook statuses.

Pathetically, in 2000, the then Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions argued against reducing the 30mph limit for fear of increasing emissions and, recently, the Highways Agency has proved pollution increases by more than 10 per cent in 20mph zones compared with 30mph; but think about how we’re successfully contributing to global warming!

We’re in the middle of the best summer in ages! Get it warmer, I say! In fact, let’s reduce the speeds to 10mph and we’ll soon be growing grapes, all year round!

Edna Welthorpe, address supplied

Seeking MP’s views on rail

Network Rail’s recent announcement concerning the double-tracking of the railway line to Clitheroe should be good news for Ribble Valley train users. What is not so good is the Department for Transport’s consultation document on the next Northern franchise which insists upon a lower level of subsidy from the taxpayer. As Serco Northern rail already receive a disproportionately high rate of subsidy compared with other train operating companies, this will inevitably lead to fare increases and more radical measures which could include de-staffing and ticket office closures.

Furthermore, while the double-tracking could allow a half-hourly service, Serco Northern Rail’s inability to provide trains for a new Burnley to Manchester service via the recently restored Todmorden curve do not augur well for this.

The Clitheroe to Manchester line provides the only rail link to the Ribble Valley and is vital not only to the economy of the borough but to commuters and tourists and any changes will affect huge numbers of people.

In an election year, the rail service is likely to be an important issue to many voters and it would be good to hear the views of MPs along the line about their commitment to improving the service.

Mr Evans has remained surprisingly quiet on the rail link to Manchester. Could he tell us if he believes it to be important to the people of the Ribble Valley and if so, if he will he call upon the Department of Transport to revise its proposals for damaging reductions to the service?

Robert Snape,Longridge

Tribute to a public servant

It is with great sadness I report the death of one of the most dedicated members of Haighton Parish Council, Councillor Carol Kennedy. Mrs Kennedy had served on the parish council as clerk from 1982-1995 and since 1995 as a councillor.

She always wanted the best for the local community and the countryside in which she lived.

She will be greatly missed by the other members of the parish council. Carol is survived by her husband, Derek, her daughter, Sue and son, Lee.

John N Jones, Parish Councillor and Clerk, Haighton Parish Council, Haighton.

Thanks for care of pre-school

I would like to give praise and express my gratitude to Eaves Green Pre School in Chorley for the love and care they have shown to our daughter in the last two years.

All the school practitioners are simply fabulous and have helped shape the happy, funny, clever little girl we have.

It shows what a brilliant pre school it is when every day my daughter has confidently run in the doors each morning for two years, sometimes without a goodbye for mummy and daddy.

Ruby will be sad to leave but you have given her the confidence to move on into school without any hitches.

Our youngest daughter will be seeing you in September 2015.

Ashley Stephenson, via email

Pets enrich the life of an owner

I started life with the usual built-in prejudice. Then I got some pets – a dog, cat and a parrot. These pets didn’t care what religion I was, or what my colour or sexual orientation was.

They just loved me for what I was. They gave me love, no matter what mood I was in or how I treated them.

They greeted me and the last one even spoke to me! From them, I learned to have more patience and understanding, but they all left too soon.

My parrot died this week and boy do I miss him. No more “hellos”, “Vic what are you doing” or “Good night, God bless.”

If there are no pets in heaven I don’t want to go. The world could learn a lot from our pets.

Vic Crompton, Euxton

Best wishes to new takeaway

After years of waiting for the rebuild of the Indian takeaway (formerly the Shadh), I am happy to say the wait was well worthwhile. The new owner Shiraz is bringing really good food to Leyland. Surrounded by the usual pizza/kebab outlets, the Thindian offers freshly cooked and very tasty dishes. I will vouch for that.

Shiraz’s obvious enthusiasm for his particular style of cooking is equally matched with quality the food he prepares. He has put his heart and soul into trying to offer the customers a different and more healthy way of cooking without compromising taste.

His attention to detail is fantastic, even down to the containers the food is served in, sourced from the USA.

Pip Flynn, via email