Reader’s letters Thursday July 16

D'urton Lane
D'urton Lane
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Need for a suitable footpath

Need for a suitable footpath

On reading the article in the LEP (July 10 ), on the proposed development on D’Urton Lane, I am alarmed at the development proposal going ahead, even though it has been thrown out at this stage.

I have used our Guild Wheel on a regular basis from its opening as it provides a safe recreational route, in the main traffic-free, but I have always considered the rat run which allows motorists to avoid the motorway junction by going up D’Urton Lane to rejoin Eastway to be dangerous.

In view of this I would have thought building a suitable footpath to provide a safe route for all road users should be 
a priority before considering housing development.

A concerned Guild Wheeler

Safety is most vital aspect

Preston Council should be congratulated on their brave decision to protect vulnerable road users of our Guild Wheel on D’Urton Lane.

I long for the day when road safety will be the automatic and overriding consideration in all planning applications.

Chris Jolly


Warm welcome for new vicar

Throughout the many centuries during which Saint Bartholomew’s Church in Chipping has flourished, there can have been fewer more dramatic moments than when Liz Seed hinted that a new vicar could be on the way, and that she would keep us posted.

The frisson of excitement that ran through the congregation caused young and old alike to speculate as to who it might be.

Not since Lady Catherine de Bourgh announced her appointment of Mr William Collins to run her parish has there been an event of such significance.

Liz, and the parish team, who have been doing such sterling work as the search for a new incumbent has been going on, were tight-lipped, and giving nothing away.

So, essentially, it is a question of wait and see, and all will be revealed!

Whoever is appointed to try and save old sinners like me will be accorded a warm and friendly welcome.

Gordon Garment, Chipping

How to prevent begging letters

I do make charitable donations to charities of my choice but, like many other senior citizens, I am constantly receiving charity donation letters through my letterbox, and am sick and tired of receiving them.

I would advise readers in a similar situation to me as follows. I cross my name and address from the front of the unopened envelope with a felt-tip pen and redirect them to the addresses on the back of the envelope with a message written on saying “Please do not send me any more correspondence and delete my name and address from your mailing list”. Hopefully, this will prevent further begging letters being received when a return of post charge is made to their organisations.

Ann Dawson by email

Why not scrap TV licence?

With all the arguments about the TV licence, one solution would be to scrap it altogether and have adverts. All the other stations have them and it also means that it would have to have a high standard of programmes for them to warrant sponsorship.

This would benefit the viewers in many ways. They would save money and have a high standard of viewing.

Judith Harris via email

Celebrating a caring woman

In reply to G Karmansk, Preston, (LEP July 13), I was the lady who gave the eulogy for Janis Proctor-Bouzabia, I’m sorry if I had misled anyone in the belief that Janis did not attend St Anne’s. She did for a little while, but due to the distance, she and her brother went on to attend St Andrew’s School, Cottam.

During the last few months of Janis’s illness, the essence of Janis was not there. I wanted in my eulogy to show the caring, loving person she was, to awaken everyone’s memories of her, to make them smile, to celebrate a wonderful woman and a true lady. Please accept my apology and, if you would like to contact me, please do. I have supplied the LEP with my details.

Due to the wonderful work of St Catherine’s, I am part of this year’s Preston Mayor’s Charity, in remembrance of Janis and all families hit by cancer and heart problems. Hope you all support these worthy causes.

Linda Myers, Preston

Egypt trip to visit war graves

I have arranged trips for many groups back to the Egyptian Canal Zone and several readers have joined us on these visits back to the areas where we served in the 1950s and many of our friends and comrades are buried.

I have now stopped organising groups to the Military Zone.

Our last one was in May 2015, but I have received new requests enquiring if it is possible to visit the war cemeteries in the Cairo area. There are at least five war cemeteries in the vicinity, and so I have decided to arrange a group visit to Cairo. I will be in contact with the defence attache at the British Embassy in Cairo and the War Graves Commission. I would also be willing to take photos on behalf of your readers of graves of their loved ones (complimentary). I am sure that many readers served in Egypt or know of friends and relatives who are buried there.

Your readers are invited to join our group reunion back to Egypt and, if they contact me, I will send full details. Or they can send requests for photos to me.

We will be staying for 10 days on a half board basis at the Hotel Le Passage near Cairo airport. There will also be optional tours. The date is Wednesday, June 1 to Friday, June 10, 2016.

Alf Avison, Middle East Land Forces Association, P.O. Box 99, Spalding, Lincolnshire