Reader’s letters - Thursday July 10, 2014

Moves which could see opening hours of harris Library changed have been criticised
Moves which could see opening hours of harris Library changed have been criticised
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Will consultation be sham?

I am writing about the ‘public consultations’ regarding the Preston Harris Library opening hours. They say, ‘we are thinking of making changes to the opening hours of your library and would like to know what you think’.

They are considering changing the hours to suit our needs, to suit their own needs more like.

The opening hours having just recently changed in their favour, not the library users, and got away with it.

They are now trying to see how much further they can go.

How do they know that changing the opening hours as they have suggested will better suit our needs?

Is there an endless line of people desperately saying to the staff, ‘please, to suit my needs, could you stop staying open until 7pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and 5pm on Tuesday and Thursdays and just stay open until 6pm Monday to Friday?’

I feel the decision has already been made and they are just going through the motions to let us think we have a say in the matter.

A sad see-through pretence of asking our opinion but really it is theirs which matters.

If they could just be more honest i would have more respect for them. If they could just say, ‘look we want to finish an hour earlier on three days a week, especially in winter when it’s dark and cold’. But no, they want to pretend they are leaving it to us to decide and that it is what we want.

How about office workers and shop workers finishing at 5pm or later by the time they have got to the library as the computers cut off at 5.50pm this won’t leave them with a lot of time.

Please don’t insult library users’ intelligence. This is being suggested for the benefit of Harris’ library not the public.

Will they abide by the vote or ignore it and do what they want anyway? I expect the results of the consultation to be published or will suspect a cover up.

Hortense Feuchtwanger, Ashton

Ask questions of school heads

I am writing regarding the article ‘Mum wins court fight over keeping scared son off school’ (LEP July 4). My son attends a special school and he is regularly being restrained using a method called ‘team teach’ and isolated, locked in the peace room.

Last year he was restrained so hard that he had five fingermark bruises in his left arm. When myself and family asked to speak about the incident and to find out who restrained him we were told to come into school in a fortnight. When we returned they had paperwork explaining team teach and restraining of my child.

I have tried to get my son out of this school and into another which is more suitable but the education officer will not consider any other school than the one he attends.

I urge other parents to look into team teach and the restraining of your child and go into school and confront the people responsible, the head and the teachers. These are special children and should be treated with respect.

MJP, via e-mail

Teachers’ right to go on strike

Regarding your story about the thousands due to go on strike (LEP July 7), I think they’re all right to strike.

Look at the money the politicians are pulling, hospital workers, teachers etc have hard jobs and should be better paid for doing them. I hope parents don’t get up in arms over school teachers wanting to strike.

These people look after our children for the bulk of the week and we all know how hard it can be looking after our own kids, nevermind 28 others.

Debbie Foster, via Facebook

Health care of best standard

I have recently been a patient at Victoria Hospital Blackpool and the Rosemere Cancer Unit at Preston Royal Hospital.

In these days of bad publicity about hospitals and the National Health Service I would like to tell you of my experiences. I will start with Dr Russell at Holland House Surgery, Lytham, who speedily referred me to Mr Linn, colorectal surgeon at Victoria Hospital.

His examination was quickly followed by a colonoscopy, CT and MRI scans and, as a consequence, I was seen by Dr Susnerwala in the oncology department Macmillan Cancer Suite.

These specialists and their teams arranged my forward treatment and together with the wonderful colorectal stoma nurses explained everything with great dignity and kindness.

This all at a time when one is feeling very low. I then had six weeks of radiotherapy at Preston where again I was treated excellently – including free parking and coffee! Following the treatment I was recalled to Blackpool for more scans. Mr Linn and his team explained the surgical procedure in detail and this was carried out on June 11 by Mr Linn, Dr Dunkley (anaesthetist) and all the surgical team.

The dedication of the team was exceptional. My care by the nurses and other staff in the High Dependency Unit, and Wards 14 and 15B was most sympathetic, helpful and carried out in a friendly and cheerful manner. My thoughts on the National Health Service in our area is that we are lucky to have a skilled and highly dedicated service manned by helpful and caring people. The new entrance, car park and shops at the Vic have made visiting so much easier with a pleasant atmosphere and helpful volunteers and staff always available to advise and direct.

Ron Firth, Lytham

Well done to the White Rose

I would like to congratulate our neighbours Yorkshire for their fantastic participation in hosting the Tour de France.

With record crowds and all the councils joining together to make it a truly great spectacle.

What a boost for the tourist trade it must be. Perhaps it could be extended in future years to include parts of Lancashire, including our own, and, of course, the Lake District.

Mr C Sykes, Staining