Reader’s letters - Thursday January 08, 2015

The Fleece, in Penwortham, has a great beer garden, according to one reader, but what of nearby traffic
The Fleece, in Penwortham, has a great beer garden, according to one reader, but what of nearby traffic
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Road planning all wrong

I would like to apply for a job with Lancashire County Council’s Road Planning Preston area. I have no qualifications, zero experience and I’m originally from Blackpool...a perfect fit, I’m sure you’ll agree, to join this elite band of complete buffoons and idiots!

Starting with the ‘ring road’ which isn’t actually a ‘ring road’ and has only succeeded in wiping Friargate almost off the map.

The docks roundabout by KFC which must be the only roundabout in the country where two lanes join and the left hand lane turns right. This has recently been altered, possibly after an apprentice schoolboy pointed out the obvious flaw.

The redevelopment of Fishergate... an incredible amount of money spent to alleviate the traffic flow problems which has only increased the traffic flow problems.

Cutting two lanes down to one... how on earth did anybody think that would ease traffic flow? The road is also interspersed with different coloured bricks which look like crossing points for pedestrians.

The problem being that nobody knows whose right of way it is because 9a) There are no signs to indicate anything and (b) no other city or town uses them because they are not legally part of the Highway Code.

Pretty they may be, practical they’re not, stupid they are!

The junction of Millbrook Way and Chain House Lane, which has recently been redeveloped. The road opens to two lanes at this junction and then closes back to one lane 50 yards later. What’s the point? Surely the entire by-pass should have been made into a dual carriageway right from the start. I could see that years ago, why couldn’t nobody else?

The junction of Liverpool Road and Cop Lane. The road is two lanes down Fishergate Hill, over Penwortham Bridge and up Penwortham Hill before, some years back, they decided to change the road into one lane just outside The Fleece pub with no indication that this is about to happen! And there are still no signs to warn people of this.

Summer is great in The Fleece beer garden with the honking of car horns and road rage incidents every five minutes.

Finally, at least finally in this e-mail, the change to the Penwortham by-pass where the Leyland traffic now uses both lanes and the two lanes from Liverpool Road now has to filter in. If ever there is an accident waiting to happen, this is it.

It wasn’t a great system before but at least the traffic could flow. Now, every car coming along either lane of Liverpool Road has to give way, causing traffic jams right back to Howick and beyond.

Every time there is some kind of `road improvement` scheme in the Preston area it’s an unmitigated disaster. Do these people not think before putting pen to paper? Do they not survey and detail the area before planning anything? Do they even live in the Preston area?

Give me the job and I’ll give it to my nephew to sort out...he’s six by the way.

It’s laughable except I have to drive through it every day.

Buddy L, via e-mail

Plague of litter bugs in vehicles

Litter throwers need to be reminded that it is an offence to throw litter from a vehicle or drop litter.

Perhaps shops, fast food joints, garages - in fact anywhere where food and drinks are sold - could display a prominent notice reminding them of just that andthere are hefty fines for littering.

It is seems to me it’s drivers throwing stuff, because I hardly ever meet anyone else on foot.

What they are throwing is alarming - along with the ubiquitous takeaway food wrapping, it’s beer and cider cans and vodka bottles. So there are a lot of people out there drinking whilst driving. Now that is a whole different ball game.

Name and address supplied

Health service was marvellous

On Christmas Day at 9.30pm, my 93-year-old mother had a medical condition requiring some attention.

After a phone call to primary care, she received an immediate reply from the duty nurse.

A doctor then attended her and quickly and efficiently discharged an immediate remedy. Within 30 minutes from contact, this fabulous NHS had come to my mother’s hour of need.

Name and address withheld

Real life behind the statistics

Once again Seema Kennedy, the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for South Ribble, has written to the Evening Post congratulating the Conservative Party for reducing unemployment in South Ribble (letters, January 6).

It appears she believes in the old premise that if you repeat something often enough, people will sooner or later come to believe it.

Many of those people now seen to be in work are in part-time positions; on zero-hours contracts; classed as self-employed or are in employment on the basic minimum wage.

Some will have been employed temporarily in the run-up to Christmas and will, sadly, be unemployed again by the end of January.

Others may have been taken off JSA as a result of sanctions and, as such, are not included in the figures as seeking work, although evidently they will be.

None of these situations are going to ensure the guaranteed income which would lead to financial security for them and their families.

Indeed, with her experience as the director of a property company, and as a solicitor, Ms Kennedy must be aware that people in such a financial situation have only a slim chance of obtaining the mortgage which would allow them to buy the home which would give them a better future, instead they are reliant on raising their families in rented properties, which in turn can account for up to 50 per cent of their take home pay.

It could be that being domiciled in St Albans, Ms Kennedy is unacquainted with the realities faced by many in South Ribble.

One would expect much greater awareness from someone seeking to represent the residents of this constituency.

Theresa R Yates, Walmer Bridge