Reader’s letters - Thursday February 26, 2015

Street: The new roundabout on Corporation Street and Fishergate, Preston, taken by reader Kevin Allitt (see letter)
Street: The new roundabout on Corporation Street and Fishergate, Preston, taken by reader Kevin Allitt (see letter)
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New feature is a menace

The stone plinths in the road just by the Fishergate Centre and Preston railway station are an accident waiting to happen.

In these days of safety awareness I find it astonishing that these unmarked plinths are put in the middle of a busy thoroughfare. I was turning right from Fishergate into Corporation Street when with an almighty bang my car hit the plinth. It had been completely obscured by a car pulling out of Corporation Street.

I was shocked and got out to have a look. You will see from the photograph I wasn’t the first, both have been hit several times.

Fortunately my passenger and I were OK but the car was damaged. But a car could easily hit the plinth and bounce off into pedestrians potentially causing serious injury. It needs to be dealt with as a matter of urgency.

Kevin Allitt, via e-mail

History of bad road decisions

I would like to add my comments about the serious danger to, or caused by, motorists driving down Liverpool Road and turning left on to the Penwortham Bypass.

Motorists coming from Leyland will think it important they are on the major road and will expect a clear and quick run into city centre whilst those coming from Penwortham, New Longton, Longton, Southport, Liverpool etc will feel they are equally entitled to use the sensible and direct route across the Ribble into city centre.

Clearly the new two lanes of traffic coming from the Leyland direction now have right of way on a 40 mph road which means at busy times, while the traffic is moving quickly, it is very dangerous for drivers on the slip road to access the bypass from a near stationary position particularly when the only practical vision is via rear mirrors and the respective road levels do not help.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that the painted signs on the three roads (Liverpool, slip and bypass)are not strictly correct and tend to suggest to drivers not familiar with the area that the left hand lane can only go to Blackpool direction and the right lane can only go to Preston, whereas the left hand lane does in fact continue to Preston.

This means some drivers are unnecessarily changing lanes, which adds to the problems.

It has been said that it is the drivers who are to blame for any accidents or problems, not the designers of the new roadworks. This may be true in part but older readers will be aware of a number of occasions where the powers that be have not got it entirely right, for example, who designed the Ringway through Preston rather than round it?

Who forgot initially to build an access on to the bypass from the dockland area?

Who designed the dangerous exit from the bypass roundabout from drivers coming from the Leyland direction - now happily much improved with the recent changes?

I am no traffic engineer but I can only assume the new changed slip road access will only work if traffic lights (possibly part-time) are erected without delay on the junction between the slip road and the bypass. Something must be done very quickly to prevent serious accidents.

Old Prestonian

Fans from all over the world

Currently in New Zealand visiting family and keeping in touch with North End via texts and the net, but still very much at Deepdale in spirit. A great big thank you to John Roper, for his superb reporting on the games.

I’m gutted, that I missed the United game, the last time I saw them at North End, Gowling got two goals. As for the old adage about ‘the other man’s grass’, I have seen an awful lot of brown grass out here.

Chris Coe, Great Harwood

Councils make no tax effort

My United Utilities water bill for the coming year arrived this week.

I was quite surprised that it was less than last year’s, not a lot, but it had gone down. United Utilities must face similar financial challenges to those of councils.

South Ribble (my borough, hurrah) has maintained unchanged rates for the coming year. But Preston Borough, and the county, are heading for the maximum rises allowed.

Maybe I’m cynical but I sometimes wonder whether local authorities run by parties at the opposite end of the political spectrum from the national government rather like to point things as back as possible, hoping that this will influence results in national elections.

Neil Inkley, Walton-le-Dale

Village scene a social hot spot

On Sunday I went to the pictures in Longton at the village’s VM Sports and Social Club.

Brilliant film ‘Pride’ and brilliant venue with bar and free popcorn. Well done to the VM for adding something new to its calendar of events. It’s a real community hub. On Friday, I was in the audience at an excellent organ concert at St Andrew’s church. Last month’s village pantomime ‘Beauty and the Beast’ packed them in over eight performances, with more than 70 village children taking part.

No lack of culture or creativity in this village.

Liz Henfield, Longton

Getting tough on wrong folk

In his quest to grasp for election glory David Cameron promises to “protect” benefits for all pensioners.

Now isn’t that jolly decent of him! While at the same time he’s tucked away in his plush office with Iain Duncan Smith looking for more ways to pursue, persecute and bully the disabled people who themselves may be claiming any disability benefits.

For some reason the Tories treat anyone who has any kind of disability with leprosy. As though it is a criminal offence to be disabled. They intend pursuing the disabled and robbing them even more of their disability benefits. I’ve never been as cynical about politicians and councillors as I am now.

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool