Reader’s letters - Thursday February 19, 2015

The controversial new look junction of Liverpool Road and Golden Way, in Penwortham, (see letter)
The controversial new look junction of Liverpool Road and Golden Way, in Penwortham, (see letter)
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Road to blame not drivers

The Evening Post published a photo showing a view along golden way (LEP February 16), you can see only one driver and numerous side mirrors.

Even if you were capable of turning your head through 180 degrees you could not see the traffic coming from your right, this leaves you with mirror vision only and during periods of poor visibility you are left to judge the distance to oncoming traffic most of these are approaching at a speed of at least 40mph. Having done this journey ever since Golden Way was built, I don’t find it difficult to see who got the improvements in this latest move. So don’t blame the driver for bad planning.

R Well, via e-mail

Take battle to the extremists

It is becoming increasingly obvious that in order to overthrow ISIS and their abominable practices we, as a nation, should be actively supplying arms and training to other friendly nations in the Middle East and Africa to provide their ‘own boots on the ground’ armies, to defeat this Muslim manifestation in their midst.

The longer we delay actively challenging them in these areas, this will only permit these excrescences to spread and gain greater power and influence which may prove impossible to defeat later. Egypt has responded admirably in bombing ISIS strongholds after their unspeakable actions in beheading of innocent Coptic Christians and Egypt’s request for further help should be quickly responded to by western nations.

Another area of concern is Putin’s recent testing of the West’s capability to defend their borders by his sending aircraft and suspected submarines into our internationally agreed ‘no go’ areas. Although there may be some justification in the reactions of Russia, due to the recent attempts by the EU in challenging of Russia’s long term influence in trying to persuade their former adjacent nations to join the EU and ultimately NATO.

The recent sanctions inflicted on Russia by the West due to Putin’s actions against Crimea and now Ukraine are obviously causing him some national discomfort. This, nevertheless, is a serious threat to the West and should be treated as such by the UK when many political parties in the up coming General Election are now actively questioning why we need a continuing expensive nuclear deterrent.

Although expensive this is cheap when it represents our freedom, as our only insurance policy against the growing evil designs of ambitious worldwide dictators and it will be a sad day in our accelerating decline, if we decide we no longer need it.

E J Tilley, Chorley

Personal views not policy point

I refer to the letter by ‘Name and Address supplied’ (letters February 17), regarding contradictory statements by Pope Francis. Beware personal opinions of the clergy, whether they be priests, bishops, cardinals or popes, because they are just that, ‘personal opinions’.

Some years ago Pope John Paul II gave a personal opinion on capital punishment, he was against it. Uninformed Catholics started running around saying the Church was opposed to capital punishment.

Not true, the Church has never been, is not now, nor ever will be opposed to capital punishment. Personal views by popes may well be contradictory but Church teaching is not contradictory, the same yesterday, the same today and the same tomorrow. Just two weeks ago Pope Francis confirmed Church teaching regarding contraception. It is forbidden to Catholics under pain of mortal sin and those Catholics who do indulge in this practice may not receive the Sacraments.

P Glover, via e-mail

Don’t say sorry in our names

I am in my early nineties and strongly resent reading in national newspapers groups criticising the bombing of Dresden, now the Archbishop of Canterbury has also joined in. How dare he apologise to the Germans for this bombing? Living in Birmingham through the war years listening to Germans flying to Coventry which was completely destroyed was soul destroying.

After six years war something drastic had to happen. I feel for our boys’ relatives who read the stupid apologies to Germany. The elderly living in London who also suffered badly must wonder about this generation’s ignorance. Yes I am a Christian – God doesn’t start wars, men and governments do.

Mrs J E Hardcastle, Fulwood

Dresden was a necessary evil

Instead of debating whether bombing Dresden etc .was a good idea, how about mentioning what it was all about – the destruction of the psychopathic Nazi regime which was busy murdering as many people as it possibly could.

The same sick Nazi regime that started the whole concept of bombing civilian targets to try to force capitulation eg Warsaw, Rotterdam, Coventry etc.

SD Little, BSc, ARCS, via e-mail

Hospital staff were terrific

During a time of constant bad press and negativity surrounding our NHS hospitals may I take a first hand opportunity to say thank you.

Yes there are flaws in the system, especially with communications, but thinking outside the box a little, I feel is probably down to the hands on staff trying to have people cared for and treated efficiently.

The infrastructure and senior guidance need, in my opinion, to take a more active role in organising the freeing up of beds and general communications.

Within one week I have had a leg injury diagnosed and operated on successfully and fingers crossed will make a full recovery enough to be able to complete the Great North Run in September.

On that note may I thank all of the staff involved over the last week, especially ward 16 Royal Preston Hospital you are truly unsung heroes.

The Semi Bionic Man