Reader’s letters - Thursday February 05, 2015

The Guild Wheel stretch along D'Urton Lane, in Broughton (see letter)
The Guild Wheel stretch along D'Urton Lane, in Broughton (see letter)
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Wheel will not be harmed

The Guild Wheel is quite rightly held up as one of the best things to happen in this part of the world for many years – an asset to the community and an amenity enjoyed by so many.

We are all rightly proud of the Guild Wheel, so I’m delighted to be able to put people’s minds at ease regarding the proposal to build new homes on D’Urton Lane (LEP January 28).

If it is approved by councillors, the only impact this plan will have on the Guild Wheel is a positive one.

Working in close collaboration with the county council, the developers propose to introduce a series of traffic calming measures which will both improve pedestrian and cycle safety and make D’Urton Lane less attractive to motorists as a potential ‘rat run’.

The plans submitted show the proposed highway improvements that will provide a greater awareness to drivers of the existing shared use of the lane and to also encourage slower speeds.

A detailed transport assessment has been carried out as part of the planning submission and the proposed development will be accessed from a new junction layout which will be designed to further reduce vehicle speed along this route.

Again, the county’s highways experts have been involved in the development of the new proposed layout and the measures to ensure safe access. It is also understood D’Urton Lane will eventually be closed as a through route to vehicular traffic, the timing of which will ultimately be decided by the county council.

Add to this, the fact the new homes will sit behind the existing houses on D’Urton Lane and hence will be almost entirely ‘screened’ from the views of users of D’Urton Lane, and it adds up to a well thought-out scheme which cyclists will pass in safety without even realising it exists.

Paul Walton, director, PWA Planning, Preston

Council needs to back the city

Why is it that whenever UCLan wants to build or improve they get the go ahead? When someone wants to improve Preston city centre it gets thrown out.

Liverpool Road by pass, thrown out. Tithebarn shopping mall, thrown out. Preston Council wastes thousands of pounds on planning, surveyors, and architects and nothing happens.

Queen Street – London Road will be another no/no. Whoever is in charge at Preston Council, no-one has the courage to say ‘Yes let’s do it’.

As for the plans to pull the indoor market down to build a cinema, there is an empty cinema in Church Street, why could that not be refurbished?

Brian, via e-mail

Creating a hole for the future

Living in a fracking good part of the country, I wondered if the earth screamed when invaded by high pressure profiteers from above.

Does our sweet oxygen-filled platform in space convulse when robbed of assets, does it writhe in agony and what might the true cost be of removing the deep gaseous pit props that for millions, if not billions, of years have held up our land?

Will the surrounding earth take the strain or will it one day behave like a popped balloon suddenly and unexpectedly deflating at great cost to the community?

I’m not scare mongering here – I’m just stating a fact – that the loss of a main support can have only one effect.

Exploration for oil at sea is one thing – putting homes and lives at risk on land and in local communities quite another and it is clearly wrong in every particular.

Worry about traffic noise be damned. Worry more about companies and politicians who get their way, by fair means or foul.

Joseph Dawson, Withnell, Chorley

Time to spend on bus station

I have noticed that even though Preston Council spent millions investigating the work that Preston Bus Station needs to fully refurbish it, no work has been done since it was passed to the Lancashire County Council.

I notice both councils are Labour-controlled, is this normal Labour attitude? Why didn’t Preston City Council spend the millions on doing the work instead?

Labour doesn’t like freedom, its main aim first and last is socialism. It’s not even proud of a building built by Preston Council, which is now a listed building. I am very happy with Preston Bus Station and its underpasses as originally designed. LCC do the work on that bus station now!

Norman Grant, Preston

Not right to fly the Israeli flag

Your article ‘We must not be silent to fight evil’ (LEP January 29) misquoted Amy Troner. In what was otherwise an excellent speech,Ms Troner did not state Preston Council should have raised a flag of peace instead of the Palestinian flag.

She stated we should have raised the Israeli flag as well, if we were going to raise the Palestinian flag. I was sitting in the Minster at the time. I took note of exactly what she said. The recent Israeli campaign against Gaza resulted in the deaths more than 2,000 people, many of them children. I do not agree at all with Ms Troner.

Coun John Browne, Ribbleton

Editor’s note: The article quoted a transcript of the speech Ms Troner prepared for the evening which was passed to the newspaper. It may be that Ms Troner deviated from the script at the event.

Sad at fear of others’ customs

It will come as a surprise to Concerned Grandma (letters January 30) to learn that I am not a ‘Labour activist’, rather just someone who feels a great sadness at those of another generation who seem consumed by fear of other ordinary human beings.

When she really thinks about it, what impact does a mosque in her neighbourhood actually have on her own day-to-day routine? Does someone’s choice of clothes really affect her as she goes about her life? And do other folks’ customs ever stop her enjoying her own?

It really is that simple.

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