Reader’s letters - Thursday August 21, 2014

Janet Corless and daughter Sophie Howsley were upset the headstone of Janet's partner had to be removed (see letters)
Janet Corless and daughter Sophie Howsley were upset the headstone of Janet's partner had to be removed (see letters)
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Church priorities wrong

Aghast, I read your recent article ‘Grave Ban on Kisses’ (LEP August 12). Is it any wonder the Catholic church is suffering from a dwindling congregation and a lack of popularity?

I’m a lapsed Catholic, as they say, I also have two offspring which due to the reception I received from the local parish priest 12 years ago aren’t even Catholic.

When I approached and asked the priest to Christen my first born child I was asked if I was married, to which I replied yes. “Oh! really” was the reply I received and how long have you been married and where and when were you married?

I explained I had been married a year and that I had got married to my wife in St Aiden’s Church of England Church, Bamber Bridge, Preston.

The priest replied to this information that I wasn’t married at all due to me having got or not got married in the Church of England which isn’t recognised as a Church or religion by the Catholic church.

I replied my child was a few weeks old and was completely innocent and that I would like her to be Christened a Catholic.

He then said if myself, my wife and child attended his church for an allotted time he would then consider Christening my child.

So off to church we went, time went on and there was not a mention of a Christening at 16 months old my child was Christened in St Aiden’s Church, Bamber Bridge who said, due to us living in Euxton at the time, they couldn’t Christen our child but due to us having got married there they would be only too happy to christen our child.

Three weeks after the Christening of our child my wife was approached in the local Spar by the Catholic parish priest who said “about this Christening then Mrs Taylor”.

I feel there may be something wrong with the way in which some priests interpret God’s will. I was taught there is only one God and all men are equal in his eyes which would not seem to be the case.

At the time the Catholic church was making room for ex Church of England personnel protesting at women priests or vicars being allowed into their church. Unless it’s me.

Duncan Taylor, Leyland

No compassion grieving family

I am appalled at the behaviour of St Mary’s Catholic Church in Bamber Bridge, Lancashire, and the way they have treated a grieving family saying the inscription on their dad’s headstone “Sleep tight Dad xx” is in appropriate.

How dare they, what’s the matter with it? A parish priest I know condemned people for putting small toys such as teddy bears etc on babies’ graves and it didn’t go down too well, I’ll tell you.

Do these people not realise families are grieving and whatever consoles them should be treated with respect not dictating what they can do or not do?

This family has my support, may God bless and keep them and may this priest hang his head in shame. Remember we all pass away so I hope when these people do they don’t have the same problem this family is having and always remember grieving can take place for many years.

James Gregg, Newcastle -upon-Tyne

Darts players mystery solved

The photograph of the Catforth Boys (Looking Back August 19) was taken at the Bay Horse Hotel Catforth.

My sister and her late husband ran the pub for years, Jim and Doreen Taylor.

The name Catforth Brothers could have come from her two sons Keith (pictured second left front row) and Russell (second left top row) hope this will help.

Brian Bell, via e-mail

Covering up is no bad thing

In response to the Aasma Day column. Re bald men can be beautiful, (LEP August 18), while I agree with some of your comments, I don’t think you quite understand that losing your hair can be very traumatic and cause many problems such lack of confidence and insecurity.

For those lucky enough to have a full head of hair it is easy to make derogatory remarks to people who are bald.

I have been in the hair replacement business for more than 40 years supplying, fitting and styling men’s hair systems (toupee and wigs are outdated terms). I can see what you mean about the likes of Donald Trump, and like so many celebrities we see every day on our TV screens wearing ill-fitted and obvious hair pieces. This is not down to how much you spend - more to having someone with skills in cutting, fitting and styling of such hairpieces.

For those who choose to shave their heads that’s fine but please respect others who look at alternatives to baldness.

Michael Swarbrick,, Preston

Yellow peril of bus passengers

Regarding New Hall Lane’s yellow lines (letters August 12), I have also had problems.

You get off the bus (hard with a walking frame and don’t get me started on that) then sometimes you can’t use the dipped curb and middle island because of cars parked over the dipped part. The other way around your correspondent J Jones is quite correct, you have to go into road to see if there’s any traffic.

I know things take time but when do we start to resend our complaints Lancashire County Council?

E Hulse, via e-mail

New rail route a waste of money

Who in their right mind would sanction a scheme that carves up vast acres of beautiful countryside and destroys people’s property all to save 20-30 minutes on a train journey?

I am sure the majority of people do not want the HS2 rail link at all and can think of far more important things on which the Government should be spending £60bn of taxpayers’ money.

Susan Richardson, via email