Reader’s letters - Thursday April 16, 2015

Internment of the remains of Richard III at Leicester Cathedral last month (see letter)
Internment of the remains of Richard III at Leicester Cathedral last month (see letter)
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Debt sums do not add up

The Conservative government’s top priority has been reducing the cost of the large national debt. To achieve this economic target the Chancellor has implemented tough policies, during the last four years, of wage freezes, big benefit reductions and public sector cuts.

Time and time again he and the Prime Minister have re-assured us their plan, to bring down the national debt, is working.

However, most readers will be shocked and annoyed to be informed, by the respected, independent Institute for Fiscal Studies that, after five years of cuts and austerity, the national debt has continued to grow - significantly.

In fact the IFS says, “the Chancellor has added more to the nation’s debt, in five years, than the last Labour government did in 13 years.”

Now in the election debate, often unchallenged by the media, the Prime Minister and Chancellor are still insisting their harsh economic policies, to reduce debt, are working.

Therefore, they state, we should stick with their fiscal plan and vote Conservative. But, they add, they now want to reduce the national debt in two years, not four, as previously.

To do this they will implement even greater cuts - mainly to the public sector and welfare benefits. Again these larger cuts will have a greater adverse affect on us all.

More reductions, are forecast, to policing, defence, education, border security, prison places, probation, social services and welfare (to the most vulnerable) highway maintenance, street cleaning, bin collections and so on.

So what they have miserably failed to achieve by harsh cuts, during their last four years, they now plan to do in just two years. Who, with any economic sense, can now possibly fall for the Conservative new economic plan. Most families who are struggling hard to balance their household budgets, will not believe the Tory rhetoric.

Most other sensible political parties, including the Labour Party, are pledged to reduce the national debt and cut public expenditure but do this gradually and less painfully, over a longer period.

This strategy will mean less savage cuts and leave more finance to build the UK economy. It is only by growing the UK economy and affording higher incomes, therefore increasing tax revenues, our nation will prosper again.

Peter Ward, former JP and director of a major UK finance company

Right to buy a great initiative

Nothing more infuriates socialists/Labour politicians than the chance for hard working families to own their own home.

Socialists consider the working family a tool to advance their dream of a totalitarian regime driven by the State where they can be “managed” from the cradle to the grave, no individual thought, no freedom to spend their own hard earned money on things they consider important.

It’s the “we know better” mentality that the State knows best and if you don’t like it, lump it. I know many ardent Labour voters who, behind closed doors, say one of the greatest actions of any politician was Margaret Thatcher’s chance to own the home. That is why socialists hate Margaret Thatcher.

She gave the working family the freedom of choice and a chance to better themselves and not rely on bigoted socialist politicians, councillors and mealy mouthed petty council officials who thought, and still do, think they know best. They don’t.

Bernard Darbyshire, via e-mail

Start hunt for another king

Now King Richard III has been found and re-interred, can we now start looking for King Arthur of Camelot, please?

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool

Appointments rulings wrong

The Royal Preston Hospital’s physiotherapy department will not take GP referrals as this has to be decided by a consultant.

This is wrong, consultants are very busy and they have enough to do with out having to do assessments and decide whether patients need physiotherapy

You can go to any hospital you want, it’s patient choice. This is putting money before patients and that is wrong. And they say patients are entitled to a quality of life.

There is only one way to resolve this and that is by a change of government. Royal Preston has a very good physiotherapy department I have been told I can’t go.

I have never seen any thing like it and it should not be happening I would like more people to use their vote and get the NHS back to what it should be.

Vernon Allen, via e-mail

Celebration of a well loved lady

My partner and I recently attended the funeral of a remarkable woman, Margaret Evans. Margaret was orphaned at the age of nine and raised in a children’s home in Blackpool.

After leaving the children’s home she looked after her brother and eventually married. When she married her husband Tommy her dream was to have a large family.

Margaret and Tommy went on to have 10 children – five boys and five girls (the family would have been larger, but tragically two babies died when only a few hours old). Sadly, when Margaret was in her 40s, Tommy died and Margaret focused her life on raising her 10 children.

As well as looking after her large family Margaret’s door was always open to everyone and she took many people under her wing.

Margaret had a huge heart and loved people – everyone was made welcome and her front door was never locked until late evening.

Margaret’s family are a credit to her and it will be a slow process for them to move on as she was the centre of their lives.

In these troubled times when families are fragmented, it is heart-warming to know that there are still families like Margaret’s who have stayed close together.

It is a privilege to be part of Margaret’s extended family.

V Wilding, via e-mail