Reader’s letters - Thursday 30 January 2014

County Hall needs to listen over rural bus services, according to one reader
County Hall needs to listen over rural bus services, according to one reader
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Listen to bus passengers

I hear Lancashire County Council is to debate the removal of the rural bus subsidies. Well I hope they listen to the voices of the people who will be directly affected by their actions.

Apart from the cutting off of the rural villages from public transport, in the evenings and on Sundays and Bank Holidays, have they considered the day-to-day effect on those who work in the towns in shops etc and are forced by the terms of their employment to work hours which will mean the last bus home has gone before they finish work.

Of course, as Lancashire County Council so kindly points out, there are alternatives which go ‘near’ to their villages but those alternatives would leave them with a walk of anything up to three miles or so, often along dark lanes at night.

As a majority of those affected will be women how will the Lancashire County Council square their consciences should something tragic occur?

Will employers be prepared to pay for taxis or minibuses to take their staff safely home after their shift? In the present austere times I very much doubt it.

In the days before de-regulation of buses the operators made their money during the day and then subsidised the less profitable off peak services from those profits. Note the term services please!

Nowadays the privately owned operators only operate for profit and don’t seem to be interested in providing public services.

Can Lancashire County Council not prevail upon the likes of Stagecoach to revisit those bygone days where public service was important?

Can they not persuade the private operators to go back to subsidising the off peak services from their peak time profits?

After all if you study the dividends paid to the owners of Stagecoach, as an example, they are not exactly poorly done by.

A lot of the profit they make comes from the public purse too! Is it time for them to give a little back?

Jeff McCann, Hoghton

Crackdown on illegal smoking

I am in complete agreement with the opinions of Gravis Mushnick (letters January 27) regarding the seemingly blinkered health and safety department in Preston Council.

This is only part of the problem, why is a restaurant or cafe allowed to carry on trading when it poses a risk to the health of the community it is providing for.

I read with incredulity that these offenders are allowed to continue running businesses after repeat offences? I am horrified that we have to pay for these idiots to go on training courses so they can bring their establishments up to acceptable standards.

The alleged supplying of cigarettes through some mobile ice creams vendors is another example of this department not acting on information given to them.

This besmirches the good name of traders who have gone about their business legally for tens of years.

These newcomers should be ashamed of themselves, putting their greed for profits before their moral responsibility to the public.

Another fine example of blinkered departments is the indiscriminate parking around the Deepdale Road area, mainly near the St George’s Road junction.

Apart from being parked illegally, these cars cause problems for larger vehicles particularly.

The question is why are none of these vehicles issued with fines or towed away, because the same cars are parked on yellow lines or on the pavements every day.

In my mind if you commit an offence, there should be consequences.

The idea that you are causing inconvenience to others would stop me.

Surely we pay people to police these issues.

Incensed of Fulwood

Hunt for a war hero’s family

My name is Joanna Kerr and I am looking for the children/grandchildren of Mary Winifred Ashurst nee Kerr who lived in the Preston area.

I believe my cousins maybe: Arthur B, Roy, William D, Kelvin C and Lena S (sorry if I have missed anyone out!).

Mary was born to John W Kerr and Mary nee Birmingham on 5th Oct 1915 in Widnes, then Lancashire now Cheshire.

It would be lovely to make contact with my cousins especially as I am planning a commemorative event to mark the 100th anniversary since our grandfather John W Kerr was blinded in WW1 at Ypres and subsequently one of the first to be trained by St Dunstan’s.

It would be wonderful to make contact with my long lost cousins. Please email me: or Mobile: 07910132421.

Joanna Kerr, via e-mail

PNE players a credit to club

In response to Jon Berryman’s letter regarding Preston North End players showing “a dreadful lack of respect” by wearing “training gear” at Mick Murphy’s requiem mass service(letters January 28).

I must point out I regard his opinion to be misplaced and ill-informed.

I base my opinion on having known Mick for a long time and having travelled with him, Catherine Sargeson and Lorna Slater to all of Preston North End’s away games. First, all the players were wearing identical, clean track tracksuits, and as a group they looked smart and professional.

Secondly, as a team they displayed a great deal of respect for Mick who would have been delighted yet humbled by their presence.

Indeed, the way they were dressed was a fitting tribute to Mick who dressed in a similar fashion to all PNE’s games, both home and away.

Contrary to Mr Berryman’s opinion, I believe that the whole of the Preston North End staff behaved in a commendable, respectful and professional manner to a long-standing loyal fan. Well done Preston North End!

I know of no other club who would have done the same for one of their supporters.

Trevor Sergeant, via e-mail