Reader’s letters - Thursday 27 March 2014

Anti-fracking protest in Roseacre taken by reader Liz Stanton
Anti-fracking protest in Roseacre taken by reader Liz Stanton
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End exploitation of youth

While I agree young people need work experience,I find it outrageous that young people on Jobseekers Allowance are being farmed out to large companies as essentially free labour.

If these people don’t go to work placement there are sanctions on their benefits,the companies, meanwhile, are getting free labour.

The young people get their benefit, which in some cases amounts to approximately £3 per hour, so while Mr Cameron and Mr Duncan Smith are sat in their free accommodation having their free food and drink travelling to their next free junket in their free transport attempting to justify their £150,000 plus salaries perhaps they should give some thought to these people who travel miles to do a job at less than minimum wage.

A job, may I add, they have no chance of getting part or full time because it doesn’t take a mathematician to realise that one person for free is much more attractive than one person for minimum wage.

May I suggest the government gives people real work experience with a wage at the end of it. You never know bit more money in their pocket may become quite appealing and quite possibly stop government and Department of Work and Pensions prostituting our young people to make employment figures seem more palatable.

Wilf Cayton, via e-mail

Shale gas is not energy answer

This is the truth about fracking, houses are not selling as no-one wants to live near a frack drill. Already Roseacre is feeling the effects of Cuadrilla’s presence. People don’t want to live near fracking sites, for various reasons.

Living near to a fracking site is linked with severe health problems, as well as being noisy from the flare offs, as well as increased heavy traffic and industrialisation of little villages. The article in your paper (LEP March 25) quotes Francis Egan of Cuadrilla saying it will bring in thousands of jobs, this is just not true - and they have previously admitted this.

Mr Egan also tried playing on the myth that fracking would bring us energy security in the future, playing on peoples fears that our gas comes from insecure sources such as Russia - which again isn’t true.

This week it was announced that Hull was looking to invest over £300m in renewable energy, regenerating the whole Humber area and bringing thousands of jobs to the area for local people.

Lancashire has a growing renewable sector which could bring more jobs into the area, with none of the risks that fracking brings. This is where we should be investing!

Liz Stanton, Preston

Restaurant has to be shut down

Regarding the death trap Chinese time-bomb restaurant China House being able to carry on trading and still refusing to shut its door despite being stripped of its licence (LEP March 25).

How can this be allowed to happen, China House management team are just cocking a snook at health and safety issues.

Too many Chinese restaurants have been closed down in cleanliness, or the lack of it, and health and safety grounds.

Why is China House getting away with this when Ming Dynasty, West Strand, was closed down immediately and hadn’t as many health and safety issues or breaches of their licence.

There have been issues appertaining with China House for the past five years.

Come on Preston city licensing sub committee, back the police, fire chiefs, environmental health and the safety of Preston citizens and close China House down immediately.

Let’s show solidarity and get rid of China House for good.

Mrs M Fazakerley, Preston

Don’t mess with water supply

It is extremely disturbing to hear that the few remaining water companies, who haven’t already done so, are being encouraged to add sodium fluoride to our drinking water supplies.

This is apparently being suggested (perhaps by the dentistry profession again) as a means of reducing statistics, showing escalating tooth decay in our children and the population at large.

The real cause of tooth decay is, of course, the excessive amounts of sugar contained in our sweets and manufactured foods. The Government would never dream of tackling the real cause of escalating tooth decay which is to limit by law the amounts of sugar manufacturers are permitted to add into our foods and sweets.

Sodium fluoride, usually artificially added into water supplies, has been identified in numerous worldwide studies as being a carcinogen, identified in America as being responsible for bone cancer in young boys.

Sodium fluoride is already incorporated into most popular brands of our toothpaste so it takes a considerable effort to find one which does not contain it and so prevent an even larger dose being administered to us.

It should be our duty as responsible citizens to approach the utility companies responsible for our water supplies and encourage them to resist any pressure to add (or remove if already there) this dangerous poison to our drinking water.

We already, as individuals living in our present world, have a 50 per cent chance of suffering from cancer sometime in our lives, without this widely recognised carcinogen being actively added to our water supply.

E J Tilley, Chorley

Good luck to a great couple

My wife and I would like to wish William and Carole Walne and family all the very best for the future.

The Derby Arms at Thornley has always been our favourite restaurant ever since Will and Carole took over.

Everyone was made to feel at home with the excellent menus together with the friendly and warm atmosphere that you came to expect.

Thanks Will and Carole for the great service you provided over the years. Eating out will never be the same again.

Terry Dimmock, Fulwood