Reader’s letters - Thursday 13 February 2014

One reader recalls the day when Leyland Motors workers went to visit the Ford Anglia  factory
One reader recalls the day when Leyland Motors workers went to visit the Ford Anglia factory
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Ignore fears over fracking

For some of us the news that Cuadrilla are doing more drilling is welcome. It is amazing so many oppose it, when it will make little impact on the area.

The greatest fear is environmental and regulations are either in place now or being formulated to reduce any adverse environmental impact to almost zero. The impacts will be limited and largely confined to the few weeks of drilling. After that sites will be as noticeable as the gas well in Elswick, which is invisible from the road.

The chief problem is the scare mongering of the anti-frackers, who seem to assume that the worst examples in the USA will be repeated here. It is a case of them cherry-picking a few bad examples.

Further, many of the arguments against fracking are simply untrue, as reports are misread or even misquoted. Fortunately so many of the British regulating bodies have got their act together to ensure fracking will be as safe as any other industrial process.

If people are going to object to fracking, then they must give good reasoned scientific and technical arguments against and not bluster and give bad arguments. However their scare mongering is fairly successful as many wonder if the environmental scare stories have any truth in them and whether fracking is safe. Clearly if uncontrolled fracking is not safe, nor is filling up with petrol while smoking a cigarette!

It is time the sensible people of Lancashire pulled together and worked with fracking firms for the benefit of all, instead of letting the trench warfare continue, preventing a more secure source of energy.

For those on Facebook I have started a group, Fracking for Fylde. I have drawn in advice from geologists working professionally in the field but not from Cuadrilla. The aim is to provide sound and reliable information about fracking and consider any concerns people have.

Michael Roberts, Garstang

Leyland lads day out at Ford

Leyland Motors Social and Athlete Club for close on 70 years, provided employees with first class amenities. All types of sport was provided for, from football, cricket (even ladies cricket), bowls, fishing - in all about 20 types of sport was catered for.

In about 1964, a new section was formed, the Leyland Motor Car Club. I, of course, joined and was ‘dead chuffed’ to display the car clubs badge on the windscreen of my Bond Mini Car.

Early in 1965 the car club arranged a trip to the recently opened Ford Car plant at Halewood, in Liverpool. This outing was arranged for the night shift lads. We left Leyland one Monday afternoon about 10am.

The LMSAC had its own transport in the form of a Leyland Tiger Cub coach. Leaving Leyland we had to rendezvous at Speke airport. With a good hour to spare, the lads lost no time in locating the airport’s bar.

The party had been told to leave our coach at the airport. The Ford plant would send in their own transport to pick us up. At the appointed time the couch arrived and ‘Surprise, Surprise’ (Sorry Cilla), it was a Ford coach. They did not want a ‘foreigner’ on their patch. We had a guide of course, and the plant was massive. The cars we saw being made were the best selling Ford Anglia 105E.

Over 800 per day were being made at the time (1965). All the engines and transmissions were being sent in by rail, until Speke’s own engine plant came on stream. When each car came off the assembly line we were told that nine cars were driven off and parked up.

The tenth was given a very vigorous test to see all was well. A very interesting day for us. On the way back, it struck home that we had a full night shift to come. Still it was worth it, and well done the car club’s organisers.

Errol H Simister, Bamber Breidge

EU meddling a flooding factor

What has not been admitted by either the Government or the Environmental Agency about the floods around the country is their inability to effectively act properly to resolve the situation.

Like everything else in our country, we now have to obey the countless directives from Brussels, in this case putting wildlife ahead of dredging rivers to protect humanity.

In other areas, EU directives - such as open borders and the single market, with the free movement of people and goods within the member states -impact on immigration, our infrastructure and jobs.

The only way we are going to change things for the benefit of future generations is to stop voting for the very political parties who have caused and continue to be responsible for their problems.

Philip Griffiths, North West President, UK Independence Party, Lancaster

Memories of aunt and uncle

The Looking Back photograph (letters February 3) featured number 72, Leyland Road, Lower Penwortham, and the couple pictured at their gate were Mr and Mrs Okell, my auntie and uncle.

Sadly they are not here anymore and their names are Sid and Ada Okell, they had a daughter Christine, who is my cousin.

I was married at Penwortham Methodist Church on Leyland Road, Penwortham.

The photo brought back happy memories. Thank you Kenneth Berry for providing the picture.

Yvonne Davies, Kirkham

Horrified at bill from the vet

After dealing with my local vet for the past 25 years, I was absolutely disgusted when I had to call their out-of-hours line to have my beloved 14-year-old dog put to sleep.

The charge for this service was £566, which I thought was exorbitant, to say the least.

Needless to say I have since transferred to another practice.

I wondered what the average charge for out of hours call out, in the Preston area is, and would like to hear if any of your readers have been subjected to such an excessive charge as this.

F Dobson, Preston