Reader’s letters - September 21

Racing in Santa Pod ' but a reader says some motorists have been mistaking a Preston street for the venue, risking accidents
Racing in Santa Pod ' but a reader says some motorists have been mistaking a Preston street for the venue, risking accidents
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Action is urgently needed

This area of Fulwood – Regent Drive – is a ‘Policing Free Zone’!

Our young children and elderly residents, who are going to and from school and about their day to day business, are completely expendable, even to some fellow residents.

Drivers ignore the 20mph signs, they are irrelevant. Speeds of more than 60mph are regularly achieved and, when reported, are returned as being merely ‘youthful high spirits!’

A county councillor, when seeking nomination to the council, promised, ‘should he be elected’, action would be taken to control speed in our ‘rat run’.

The councillor was even going to the extent of holding a meeting about the road one evening, with the residents and the community beat manager of Lancashire Police at the time, to air everyone’s views (something like 10 years ago).

Three months later, at a Police and Community Together meeting, he retracted his promise saying it would ‘inconvenience people who use our road on a regular basis’!

There have been many serious accidents on our road.

The latest one, a few weeks ago, (which police attended) wiped out the vehicle belonging to a nurse visiting a sick resident.

The previous one required the Fire and Rescue Service to extricate the casualty, a young woman, and then had to transport her to hospital in their fire appliance because of the inadequacy of the Lancashire Ambulance Service.

Who on the city/county council, including the senior county councillor who is a resident, wants the first death on our road on their conscience?

Action now please before it happens.

Ian Ashcroft via email

Corbyn right not to sing

What is all the big fuss about Jeremy Corbyn not singing the National Anthem?

As a confirmed republican, should he be forced to hypocritically mouth sentiments he does not believe in?

In this, the 21st century, a belief that people should be afforded special respect and privileges, simply based on their parentage, is an anachronism, the concept of which should be swept into the dustbin of history.

Denis Lee, Ashton

Lessons for beginners

Re: bridge (LEP Letters September 17), a good letter but Dave forgot to mention beginners lessons start on Tuesday, September 29, from 7.15pm to 9.15pm, with the first evening being free as a taster session all welcome.

For those who have played before but would like a refresher, there is also an intermediate course running throughout the year on Tuesday starting at 7.30pm.

Preston Bridge Club is based at St Walburge’s Gardens, Weston Street, Preston. For information please visit the website www.prestonbridgeclub.co.uk, e-mail prestonbridgeclub@gmail.com or ring 01772 720060.

V via email

No sympathy for refugees

I have absolutely no sympathy whatsoever for these people (LEP Letters September 18).

I would gladly help my own homeless here before helping them. 99.9 per cent of the refugees seem to be males between the ages of 18 and 40. They could stand and fight but choose to run, leaving woman and children to suffer the consequences.

While we are on the subject, exactly how many of these ‘well dressed (with mobile phones)’ are really I.S foot soldiers?

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