Reader’s letters - Saturday February 21, 2015

PNE fan Michael Jackson who lives in South Africa and is willing to sell a kidney to get a ticket for the Manchester United game
PNE fan Michael Jackson who lives in South Africa and is willing to sell a kidney to get a ticket for the Manchester United game
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Cup ticket offer was in bad taste for patients

I am writing to express my shock and disgust about the article ‘Preston North End Fan will swap a kidney for Man Utd tickets’ (LEP February 11).

As much as it pains me to give any more publicity to the man in question than he has already been given, I will not have someone target kidney donation in the manner he has done and I speak for hundreds more.

So this chick has got her boots on now and it’s my turn to kick back at this insult to kidney patients waiting for a kidney, attached to a machine for four hours, three times a week, keeping them alive.

And Michael Jackson did this as a joke? Believe me it is no joke being a kidney patient and seeing you mock this chronic disease.

So let me put to you on behalf of myself and fellow kidney patients.

One might say you got your tickets so perhaps you will be contacting a transplant coordinator now and let the lengthy process begin?

You are aware of the process, set out clearly by NHS guidelines, of course?

So, you got your free tickets from the Football Association, so how very lucky you are and expect you revelling having had this gift and publicity you pulled off using your Preston North End team and bringing football into disrepute.

I love football and you spoiled the game for me.

What if a patient, in desperation, from anywhere in the world, got in touch with the paper and offered you money?

You have clearly no comprehension or are just ignorant of just how desperate a place some patients are in this world of ours.

However, I am sure you have heard of trafficking organs, well this could not have happened anyway?

No, the transplant laws in the UK absolutely prohibit the sale of human organs or tissue.

I planned to watch my PNE play on television, who do I see, but the man in question Mr Michael Jackson being interviewed and sharing his news that he had been given free tickets by the Football Association.

What was our FA thinking of in doing this? Why? How? When? Knowing about the connection to kidney donation? All these questions I am asking beyond this letter.

Many have said to me it was ‘just a joke, ‘tongue in cheek’, ‘not meant to hurt anyone’, ‘don’t you think you taking personal’, ‘it wasn’t a genuine offer’, ‘figure of speech’ and more.

I had a live kidney donation transplant from my sister on Valentine’s Day in 2013.

Ask me just how many are waiting for kidneys in this country. Ask me how many are dying waiting, as you are reading this.

Ask me how many patients are attached to dialysis machines, a specialist service, surviving a treatment akin to some chemotherapy treatment.

Never underestimate the kidney world, we may not get the awareness we deserve, but this was never a genuine offer and it was a publicity stunt of the worst manner for us to accept.

I welcome any comments and if anyone is affected by kidney disease or wishes to add their name to the register and needs help in making that decision, please contact me on

Lorraine Pooley, aka Purple Chick, via e-mail