Reader’s letters - Monday September 22, 2014

A dejected 'Yes' supporter makes his way home after Scotland voted to reject independence (see letter)
A dejected 'Yes' supporter makes his way home after Scotland voted to reject independence (see letter)
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Feminism offers freedom

I began reading the letter of P Glover (letters September 16)in hope that someone had taken the time to respond positively to the disturbingly bigoted letter from B Stoner (letters September 10).

However, I was stunned to find not only did the letter appear to condone the attempted confinement of women to playing only certain sports, but went on to suggest a woman’s role should be limited drastically further.

I would like to suggest to P Glover that before criticising a movement such as feminism, he/she takes time to understand it, rather than basing his/her argument on fundamental misconceptions as to what it seeks to achieve. The entire point of feminism is not that women are encouraged to ‘act like men’ but that they aren’t encouraged to do anything but what they themselves truly desire.

The movement does not seek to pigeon-hole women into any certain role or stereotype as P Glover’s letter appears to do.

Instead its purpose is to free them from the shackles of such outdated opinions that ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ are two unalterable, narrow definitions of ways of life, that must never be strayed from or intermixed.

P Glover, you demand the question what is wrong with being feminine? I, as someone who would describe myself as an ardent feminist, would reply absolutely nothing. I would then ask you to broaden your definition of feminine. The so-called feminine strength you speak of stretches so much further than the realms you attempt to limit it to. It can be expressed and channelled in a multitude of ways; through the role of a mother, through an outstanding performance on the football pitch, through both these things or indeed through neither.

The essential point is that a woman, and equally a man, has a choice as to how they channel their strength, their talents and their passions and it is not for you or I to dictate to them which route they take, which sport they play, which career they pursue or indeed what clothing or mannerisms they use. I hope you will open your eyes to embrace and praise this and the abundance of other multi-faceted forms of feminine strength, rather than claiming they will somehow destroy the world.

H Smith, via e-mail

Women should go back in time

Reply to P Glover, I too have Dr Alice Von Hildebrand’s book – and it doesn’t impress me. Women have been subjugated by religion and the establishment since creation. Some of the derogatory slurs on women are from “saintly” men and are quoted in the book.

Von Hildebrand would not have been allowed to prefix her name with the word Doctor, despite any qualifications she had, it was a title only to be used by men. In the early part of the last century, she espouses suffering as a privilege – I think it is a curse on every creature on the earth as punishment for the sin of Adam and Eve, a sin we took no part in.

Women were only considered fit for child bearing and submissive domesticity. Trousers are not just a sign of masculinity: they are comfortable and practical.

Should our female soldiers, police, vets and medics go about in frills and flounces?

Many women have a brilliant mind – hurrah for Marie Curie, to mention just one.

There are misuses for our “liberation” but there has always been in any society or regime. I would not to return to “the good old days” as a woman.

OAP, Lostock Hall

Scots back in it with rest of us

Great news, now that the Scots have rejected in dependance, we can all go down the sewer as a United Kingdom.

Alan Nuttall, Lea

Electoral coup for Tory Party

David Cameron and the Conservatives have just played a blinder, they have just got the gormless Gordon Brown and the Labour Party, to promise the Scots they will deliver the very thing the Conservative party have always wanted, the end to the Barnett Formula and an end to Scots voting on English matters.

Failure of Labour to produce their end of the bargain will result in the annihilation of the Scottish vote for Labour, and having to agree to push through more powers for Scotland they will have to stomach less powers for Scottish MPs.

Of course a Yes vote would have meant the end of all Scottish MPs, a great loss to the Labour Party and the end of their chance to form a government in England. For Labour this must have been Hell, between the devil and the deep blue sea.

But once again Labour MPs have voted for their pockets and to keep their jobs, fighting hard for a No vote.

Mike Denny, via e-mail

Nostalgic day of seaside fun

The sun shone on our beautiful bay for Morecambe’s Vintage Fair, two days of pure nostalgia, it was a pleasure to be there.

A tribute to a bygone age when ladies wore dresses and hats, and men wore suits, with shirts and ties, and some even wore spats.

The Midland Hotel was the centrepiece of our vintage celebration and parked out front there were classic cars, chrome gleaming in the sun. Punch and Judy made us laugh and there were deckchairs set in lines, a reminder of how it used to be, when Morecambe knew better times.

The fairground was great, with a Ferris wheel and hobby horses too, there was candy floss and coconut shies, were some held on with glue ?

The stars of the show were the Lancasters, two bombers side by side, they flew across our stunning bay and filled our hearts with pride.

You had to stand to show respect, you had to wave and cheer, and the sight of those two magnificent planes will last for many a year.

So thank you to those who worked so hard, to you we raise a cheer,and with a bit of luck and some sunshine, let’s do it all again next year !

Mrs Wendy Chapman, Torrisholme