Reader’s letters - Monday September 15

Preston Guild Hall looks like it needs attention says a reader
Preston Guild Hall looks like it needs attention says a reader
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City needs to smarten up

I had the opportunity to attend the Tea Dance at the Guild Hall the other Tuesday.

What an experience. There was nothing wrong with the Tea Dance, the cost to get in was reasonable and the event was very well organised and well attended.

It is a long time since I attended anything at the Guild Hall, the reason being I do not wish to enter the city centre of an evening.

The Guild Hall looks like it needs a lot of attention and the state of the city centre to get to the Hall from the bus station leaves something to be desired.

I passed a pile of mouldy tea cakes which had been dumped.

Am I the only person who thinks the bus station is a blot on the landscape? It is draughty, dirty and littered with undesirable characters.

If the councillors stopped patting themselves on the back as to what a marvellous job they are doing with all the new developments and other matters, they would do well to look at what is happening on their doorstep.

I have yet to see Preston City Council make a good job of anything. I am baffled as to how we managed to obtain City status in the first place.

Having visited many cities, I have never come across one which has so little to offer as Preston. If you remove the Minster and the Harris Museum, there is nothing else left.

Shops are pretty thin on the ground, even John Lewis obviously had a re-think.

Travelling in on the bus, I was amazed at all the litter, and the weeds and overgrown shrubbery are a disgrace.

It the council is so hard up they cannot clean the streets and tend to the open spaces, then may I suggest they concrete over the open spaces, at least anything would be better than the disgrace of all the untended spaces.

If we ever have any new visitors to the city centre, then I suspect they will only make one visit, this being enough to make them think they wouldn’t like to return.

Come on Preston, get your act together and sort the city out.

Ellen Moon, address supplied

We need new industries

I am growing tired of the continued anti-fracking correspondence published within your newspaper and note that many of the same correspondents seem to write on a near daily basis.

There is a large percentage of the local population who are pro-fracking, but are a ‘silent majority’ who fear for the future of the local economy and just want an assurance that ‘the light’s will not go out’ .

Many, like myself, have remained silent probably because the anti-frackers have been very vocal and shown personal opposition to anyone who dares to speak up in favour of fracking. It is for that reason that I wish to retain my anonymity.

As the local economy has declined with the loss of jobs within Aegon Lytham, Axa Lytham, BAE Warton and the Department of Work and Pensions throughout the Fylde, we need new industries to come into the area so that the young people have the opportunity to stay on the Fylde coast rather than move to cities for employment or become part of the jobless statistics.

Are we to remain dependent upon Russia for our energy and risk power shortages or do we try the new energy source, with the guarantees of supplies delivered safely under the watchful eyes of the regulators who will ensure that this is the case?

At present Cuadrilla are seeking to explore two Fylde sites, but the company has been granted licences by the Government in other areas, outside of Lancashire.

Can we not try to keep this economic advantage local and support this new enterprise – for other areas including Manchester and Liverpool would gladly welcome Cuadrilla and others?

Fylde resident, address supplied

It’s no place for ice cream venue

Re: Billy Bobs Ice Cream Parlour (LEP September 5), the Barn at North Planks Farm does have considerable value, but it did not meet the full criteria to be a listed building.

How can Mr Fry dismiss traffic problems? In busy periods they say they expect around 2,000 visitors per day.

When you add in staff and service vehicles, then we can expect 1,000 vehicle movements into the site and another 1,000 movements out of the site each day.

With the new housing developments in Garstang and Barton, the A6 is going to be overloaded.

There are no aids to crossing the A6 near to the two primary schools of St John in Bilsborrow or St Lawrence at Barton.

Mr Fry doesn’t mention the concerns expressed by nearby residents about the noise from such a development or the effect on wildlife.

Then there is his statement about “massive employment”. This is surely an exaggeration.

Where are the details of the jobs, the pay and how many of these jobs will be zero-hours contracts?

This development is not suited to a greenfield site.

Why not build it in an industrial zone?

The Giddy Kids indoor play area at the Roman Road industrial park has been very successful.

If the Billy Bobs development was built on an industrial park there would be no residents to be disturbed, Preston would get the employment generated and a greenfield site with its wildlife protected.

Max Fryer via email

Conkers are a deterrent

I write in response to the letter from “Queenie poos” (Web Words LEP Saturday August 29).

Dear Queenie poos, just bide your time till the start of the ‘conker season,’ then go round and pick up as many ripened chestnuts as you require and place them discreetly round your house.

I did this last October and gradually all the “Herberts” (huge spiders) vanished and I haven’t had any of them or their cobwebs anywhere in my house since.

I might just add that I am a male (not the best species for house cleaning!) living on my own in a seven-roomed bungalow, which includes an integral garage (a heaven for creepy crawlies!) Hope this sets your mind at ease.

M.H. Milnes, Penwortham